JAMB Economics Questions and Answers 2021/2022 Expo PDF CBT Exams (Available)

JAMB Economics Questions and Answers 2021/2022 To CBT Exams for all batches: Download likely Economics Expo/runs Exposed for Candidates seeking for 2021 Economics JAMB Questions and Answers online.

Here we have equally provided JAMB Economics Past Questions and Answers, keypoints and hot topics for JAMB Econs to help candidates to make a good score when the JAMB result is released. Read more for expected and randomly repeated JAMB economics questions.

This article is out to updates all candidates writing the Joint Admission and Matriculation Board, JAMB Economics Exams 2021, and are equally looking for the current JAMB Economics CBT Questions and Answers. 

JAMB Economics Answers

We will make available JAMB Economics guidelines for you, other necessary information to guide candidates while the Economics  first batch, second batch, and third batch exams is going on, read and follow instructions given.

Possible JAMB Economics 2021 Questions and Answers PDF

Below are JAMB Economics Sample Questions and Answers: Make sure you read the passage carefully before attempting the questions. You are expected to take only one option.  

  • 1. what happen to factors of production in a long run?
    A. fixed
    B. semi-fixed
    C. variable
    D. All of the above

ANSWER: C (variable)

  • 2. The advantage which firms obtain directly from expanding their operations are referred to as

A. internal economies of scale

B. external economies of scale

C. economics of localization

D. Non of the above

ANSWER: A ( internal economies of scale)

  • 3. The effect of changes in the condition of demand on a demand schedule with the price constant is a
    A. movement along the demand curve
    B. deflation of the demand curve
    C. hyperbola formation by the demand curve
    D. shift of the demand curve

ANSWER: D (shift of the demand curve)

  • 4. what will happen to a demand curve that intersects a perfectly inelastic supply shifts rightward?
    A. the equilibrium price and quantity will increase
    B. only the price will increase
    C. only quantity will increase
    D. the price will remain constant

How to get Free JAMB Economics Expo 2021

If you want to get JAMB Economics Answers, all you have to do is to follow every update on this page.

The JAMB Questions are not very far from the previous question. candidates who made use of their past questions and equally practice with the CBT Application will not have anything to worry about.

SEE: JAMB CBT Centres in Nigeria (all States)

Hints To Answer Economics JAMB Questions 2021

To Make the best out of the exams, we encourage candidates to read the questions carefully before taking any option.

The fact here is that you will understand the questions very well. There are some questions that demand less time while others do not. Calculate your time very well.

Hot Topics for JAMB Economics

The following Subjects will not fail to appear:

  1. Economics as a science
  2. Economic Systems.
  3. Methods and Tools of Economic Analysis
  4. The Theory of Demand
  5. The Theory of Consumer Behaviour
  6. The Theory of Supply
  7. The Theory of Price Determination
  8. The Theory of Production
  9. Theory of Costs and Revenue
  10. Market Structures
  11. National Income
  12. Money and Inflation
  13. Financial Institutions
  14. Public Finance
  15. Economic Growth and Development
  16. Agriculture in Nigeria
  17. Industry and Industrialization
  18. Business Organizations
  19. Population
  20. International Trade
  21. International Economic Organizations
  22. Factors of Production and their Theories



Time Duration for Economics Exams:

The time expected to answer Economics questions may not be more than 50 minutes.

Do not forget that you will have three subjects to tackle, do not waste your time in one subject. The total time for the three subjects will be within 2 hours 30 minutes.

JAMB Economics Frequently Repeated questions”

There are many Questions candidates may not fail to see in Every Year JAMB Exams.

These Questions are there for candidates who make good use of their Past Questions and The CBT Practice Softwares.

Other things to consider During Economics JAMB Questions

  1. Read All Questions Carefully. The stress of the exam situation can make you misread a question, think about your answer before you pick one, start writing your choices of answer down. …
  2. Manage Your Time. …
  3. Structure Your Answer. …
  4. Explore Both Sides of an Argument. …
  5. Review Your Answers Thoroughly.

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