JAMB Literature in English Questions and Answers 2021/2022 To CBT Exams {Updated}

JAMB Literature in English Questions and Answers 2021/2022 To CBT Exams: This page is made to updates all candidates sitting for the Joint Admission and Matriculation Board Exams 2021 and are equally looking for the current JAMB Literature in English CBT Questions and Answers for 20221. We will, as well, make available other necessary information to guide candidates during the exams, read and follow them accordingly. JAMB Literature in English Answers

JAMB Literature in English Objectives Questions and Answers

The following are JAMB Literature in English Sample Questions and Answers:

1. …….. is known to be a type of poem that may be sung and which embodies a tale.

  • A. sentimental poem
  • B. sonorous poetry
  • C. musical interlude
  • D. a ballad E. satire 

ANSWER: D (a Ballard)

2. Poetry is actually distinguished from prose fiction in that it uses …

  • A. puns and persona
  • Binjects emotion and sentiment
  • C. does not have a hero
  • D. rhyme and meter
  • E. stanza 

ANSWER: D (rhyme and meter)

3. When a story is told at one level but has its true meaning at another level it is called

  • A. a horror story
  • B. a confusing story
  • C. an epic
  • D. an allegorical story
  • E. theme 

ANSWER: D (allegorical story)

4. When an unrelated incident is inserted in a work of literature it is known as…

  • A. a dream sequence
  • B. a flashback
  • B. a digression
  • D. a masque
  • E. a prologue 

ANSWER: C (digression)

5. The first eight lines of a sonnet are called……

  • A. a couplet
  • B. an octave
  • C. a quatrain
  • D. a sestet
  • E. a set 

5. But from this earth, this grave, this dust, my God shall raise me up, ‘I trust!. The underlined are examples of

  • A. assonance
  • B. paradox
  • C. repetition
  • D. rhyme
  • E. sarcasm

How to get JAMB Literature in English Answers

If you want to get JAMB Literature Answers, all you have to do is to follow every update on this page. The JAMB Questions are not very far from the previous question. candidates who made use of their past questions and equally practice with the CBT Application will not have anything to worry about. SEE: JAMB Form

How To Answer JAMB Literature in English Questions

To Make the best out of the exams, we encourage candidates to read the questions carefully before taking any option. The idea is that you will understand the questions very well. There are some questions that demand less time while others do not. Calculate your time very well SEEL: JAMB Chemistry Answers 


How long Will JAMB Literature Take?

The time expected to answer Literature in English questions may not be more than 50 minutes. Remember that you will have three subjects to tackle, do not waste your time in one subject. The total time for the three subjects will be within 2 hours 30 minutes.

JAMB Literature in English Novel

The novel for the exams should be summarized before the exams day. this is to help candidates to have answer related questions during the exams. The Novel used for 2020 Exams was Sweet Sixteen.  

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