JAMB Use of English Questions and Answers 2021/2022 Expo PDF CBT Exams (Updated)

JAMB Use of English Questions and Answers 2021/2022 PDF for CBT Exams: Download Free likely JAMB Use of English Expo/runs for all batches as you are Studying effectively to pass your JAMB English Language at ease. JAMB keypoint, hints and hot topics are provided below.

Candidates sitting for the Joint Admission and Matriculation Board Exams 2021 should note that this JAMB Use of English is not difficult. If you are equally looking for the correct JAMB English CBT Answers 2021, stay tuned.

JAMB Use of English Answers

We will, as well, show you how to answer the English Language JAMB Questions and make available other necessary information to guide candidates during the exams for first batch, second batch and third batch, read and follow them accordingly.

Expected JAMB Use of English 2021 Questions and Answers PDF 

The following are JAMB Use of English Sample Past Questions and Answers:

Make sure you read the passage carefully before attempting the questions. You are expected to take only one option.


My good people: I come before you this evening as a man whose honesty and integrity have been questioned. Now, the usual political thing when charges are leveled against you is either; to ignore them or to deny them without giving details.

But before I answer any of your questions, let me state categorically that I have not touched of the 500, thousand naira we contributed. Every kobo of it has been used in defraying political campaign expenses.

As a matter of fact, during one of my meetings with the press conference, Mr. James Ukpong accosted me and said, “Honourable Senator, what about this fund we hear about?”

I told him there was no secret about the fund and that he should meet Ken Kamalu to get detail of the fund.

I told him “you will find that the purpose of the fund was primarily to defray political expenses”. In answer to another one of his questions, I said that neither contributor would not have received as an ordinary constituent.

And I can say that never since I became a senator, have I made a phone call for them to an agency or have I gone to an agency on their behalf?

Records will show that, and these records are in the hands of the administrator.

1. The author is

A. Exonerating himself from the allegation of embezzlement

B. Ignoring the allegations of embezzlement

C. Demonstrating that he is a senator

D. Trying to implicate Ken Kamalu, a fellow politician

ANSWER: A (Exonerating himself from the allegation of embezzlement)

2. Constituent in the passage means

A. A section of his constituency

B. His entire constituency

C.His Campaigner

D. A person having voting rights where he is living.

ANSWER: D (A person having voting rights where he is living.)

How to get Free JAMB Use of English Expo 2021

If you want to get JAMB English Language Answers, all you have to do is to follow every update on this page.

The JAMB Questions are not very far from the previous question. candidates who made use of their past questions and equally practice with the CBT Application will not have anything to worry about.

SEE: JAMB Registration Form

Hints To Answer English Language JAMB Questions 2021

To Make the best out of the exams, we encourage candidates to read the questions carefully before taking any option. The idea is that you will understand the questions very well. There are some questions that demand less time while others do not. Calculate your time very well


Hot Topics for JAMB  Use of English

The following topics should be given more attention to while studying your English textbook for Jamb English questions;

  1. Comprehension
  2. Lexis and structure
  3. English Concords
  4. Stress Pattern
  5. Antonyms and Synonyms

Duration for JAMB English language:

For candidates searching for JAMB Use of English time Duration. The time expected to answer English questions may not be more than 50 minutes.

Keep in mind that you will have three subjects to tackle, do not waste your time in one subject. The total time for the three subjects will be within 2 hours 30 minutes.

 The novel for English in JAMB 2021

The comprehension passage will be from the Recommended Novel released during the Registration. Make sure you have a summary of the passage at your fingertips before the examination.

The novel for the exams should be summarized before the exams day. this is to help candidates to have answer related questions during the exams. The Novel used for 2020 Exams was Sweet Sixteen.

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