JAMB Syllabus for Biology 2021/2022 PDF Download: www.jamb.org.ng

JAMB Syllabus for Biology 2021 pdf download can be found here as provided by JAMB at www.jamb.org.ng 2021/2022 portal. JAMB 2021 is here again, see the JAMB syllabus for Biology and all subject as contained in the JAMB 2021 Brochure. Do not worry, your problem concerning the biology syllabus is solved.

If you really want to Score High in your JAMB CBT Biology exam, Biology Syllabus is the answer. The Joint Admission and Matriculation Board, JAMB has really done well by showing Candidates area of concentration while preparing for the CBT Examination the the Syllabus.

JAMB Syllabus for Biology

The Syllabus contains JAMB  Biology Scheme of work that all the JAMB Questions will be set from. Do not sit for the exams without making good use of the Syllabus and the JAMB Recommended textbooks.

JAMB Biology Syllabus 2021

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JAMB Syllabus for Biology 2021 PDF

JAMB 2021 Syllabus for Biology is right here for your PDF Download as provided by JAMB in its official website at www.jamb.org.ng for all JAMB 2021/2022 Candidates who have purchased their JAMB Form and Make Registration.
Read this before you move on:

The Joint Admission and Matriculation Board (JAMB) has given out the JAMB syllabus for 2021 and you can download it here in its pdf form.

This post on JAMB Biology Syllabus 2021 will list all the topics needed for Physics in its pdf form. This will help all the candidates to have a pre-knowledge of the area they should concentrate in order to ease their study time for JAMB 2021 .

Need for JAMB 2021 Syllabus for Biology

Most candidates at times do not understand the benefit of having JAMB 2021 Syllabus in their electronic devices. Here, we are going to list all the benefit of knowing the Biology syllabus for JAMB 2021 obtainable at www.jamb.org.ng portal.

  • Having JAMB Syllabus for Biology 2021 will help you to prepare for JAMB 2021
  • JAMB 2021 Syllabus for Biology will enable you to pass JAMB 2021/2022 Successfully at one sitting.
  • Knowing the Biology syllabus for JAMB 2021 will ease your study because you will easily know the areas to concentrate.
  • JAMB Biology syllabus for 2021 is actually what every candidate needs in order to be successful and pass it only at first sitting.

www.jamb.org.ng for Biology JAMB Syllabus 2021

The official JAMB website to get the JAMB syllabus for all subject is www.jamb.org.ng. But we have made it very easy for you by extracting it and made it available for you in a PDF Download form.   So, all you have to do is to get a device that can access the below JAMB 2021 Biology syllabus given in a PDF Download form.


Once you have successfully downloaded the syllabus for JAMB 2021, use it as your study guide and you will surely succeed.

Download PDF of JAMB Syllabus for Biology 2021/2022

Just as I have said earlier, the Downloadable pdf form of JAMB 2021 Syllabus for Biology is given here.


  1. Living organisms:


  1. Characteristics
  2. Cell structure and functions of cell Components
  3. Level of organization
  4. Evolution among the following:


  1. Monera (prokaryotes), e.g. bacteria and blue green algae.
  2. Protista (protozoans and protophyta),

e.g. Amoeba, Euglena and Paramecium

  1. Fungi, e.g. mushroom and Rhizopus.
  2. Plantae (plants)
  3. Animalia (animals)

3.a Structural/functional and behavioural adaptations of organisms.



  1. adaptive colouration and its functions
  2. Behavioural adaptations in social animals
  3. Structural adaptations in organisms.


  1. Internal structure of a flowering plant


  1. Root
  2. Stem

iii. Leaf

  1. Internal structure of a mammal


  1. Nutrition


  1. Modes of nutrition
  2. Types of Nutrition
  3. Plant nutrition
  4. Animal nutrition
  5. Transport


  1. Need for transportation
  2. Materials for transportation. (Excretory products, gases, manufactured food, digested food, nutrient, water and hormones)
  3. Channels for transportation
  4. Media and processes of mechanism for transportation.
  5. Respiration


  1. Respiratory organs and surfaces
  2. The mechanism of gaseous exchange in:
  3. Aerobic respiration
  4. Anaerobic respiration
  5. Excretion


  1. Types of excretory structures: contractile vacuole, flamecell, nephridium, Malpighian tubule, kidney, stoma and lenticel.
  2. Excretory mechanisms:
  3. Kidneys
  4. lungs
  5. skin
  6. Excretory products of plants
  7. Support and movement



  1. Tropic, tactic, nastic and sleep movements in plants
  2. supporting tissues in animals
  3. Types and functions of the skeleton
  4. Reproduction


  1. A sexual reproduction.
  2. sexual reproduction in flowering plants
  3. Reproduction in mammals
  4. Growth


  1. meaning of growth
  2. Germination of seeds and condition necessary for germination of seeds.
  3. Co-ordination and control


  1. Nervous coordination:
  2. The sense organs
  3. Hormonal control
  4. Homeostasis
  6. Factors affecting the distribution of Organisms


  1. Abiotic
  2. Biotic


  1. Symbiotic interactions of plants and animals


(a) Energy flow in the ecosystem: food chains, food webs and trophic levels

(b) Nutrient cycling in nature

  1. Natural Habitats


(a) Aquatic (e.g. ponds, streams, lakes seashores and mangrove swamps)

(b) Terrestrial/arboreal (e.g. tree-tops of oil palm, abandoned farmland or a dry grassy (savanna) field, and burrow or hole.

  1. Local (Nigerian Biomes)


  1. Tropical rainforest
  2. Guinea savanna (southern and northern)
  3. Sudan Savanna
  4. Desert
  5. Highlands of montane forests and grasslands of the Obudu, Jos, Mambilla Plateau.
  6. The Ecology of Populations:



(a) Population density and overcrowding.

(b) Adaptation for survival

(c) Factors affecting population sizes:

 (d) Ecological succession

  1. SOIL


  1. a) (i) characteristics of different types of soil (sandy, loamy, clayey)
  2. Renewal and maintenance of soil fertility
  3. Humans and Environment


(a) Diseases:

  1. Pollution and its control

(c) Conservation of Natural Resources

(d) Game reserves and National parks



(I) Variation In Population


  1. Morphological variations in the physical appearance of individuals.
  2. Physiological variation
  3. Application of discontinuous
  4. ii) use discontinuous variation in crime detection.
  5. Heredity


  1. a) Inheritance of characters in organisms;
  2. i) Heritable and non-heritable characters.
  3. b) Chromosomes – the basis of heredity;

(i) Structure

(ii) Process of transmission of hereditary characters from parents to offspring.

  1. c) Probability in genetics and sex determination.
  2. a) Application of the principles of heredity in:
  3. i) Agriculture

(ii) Medicine

  1. Sex – linked characters e.g. baldness, haemophilia, colour blindness, etc.


  1. Theories of evolution


  1. a) Lamarck’s theory
  2. b) Darwin’s theory
  3. c) organic theory
  4. Evidence of evolution



A lot of candidates you see failing out there also prepared for the examination. However, they have failed to prepare the right way or did not prepare enough. If you want to pass JAMB 2021 with ease, you must prepare with the right strategies that work!


If your goal is to score above 300 in JAMB 2021, set your target at above 350. Shoot for the moon and you might end up landing among the starts. If your goal is to score 300 and you set a target of 300,you will end up scoring less than 300.

Tell yourself, I want to score above 350 in JAMB, work towards scoring above 350 and you might end up with 320. Relatively high score, isn’t it? Yes, it is.

It works so well, I aimed up for 320+ last year but I end up having 303. Still great right? That’s the real talk man! So, stick your head up! Aim high!!!


Don’t just aim high without a direction. Map it out, start thinking how you can make it work out. Get textbooks, you can watch online tutorials if you can’t go for a UTME coaching. Get past questions, your persistence matters alot. Work that goal out! You can do it.


When JAMB 2021 registration commences, different pieces of information will start spreading around. You’ll start hearing this and that. There is nothing more confusing that listening to everything,yet you need valid information to pass JAMB 2021.


There is no alternative to reading if you really want to pass JAMB in 2021.

Not every student that failed UTME didn’t study for it. However, only those that study for JAMB effectively pass it.

How to Succeed in JAMB 2021

Hard work:

in life, hard work is a Pathway to success, in other words, if you are lazy then you are a candidate of failure. The hard work here can never be what you can not do, definitely it just what is within your ability. To avoid Failure in JAMB 2021, you need to study well. How do you study in JAMB?

First of all, know your subjects combination in JAMB Examination, it is always four subjects in any program you choose.

Make sure you get JAMB syllabus, JAMB recommended textbooks in each of these subjects alongside with JAMB past questions, after this, just start on time to prepare.

Let me get you to understand one thing in JAMB Examination, they set questions in each of the subjects across Senior Secondary one (SS1) to Senior Secondary three (SS3). What do you understand from there?

It means you are writing Exam of three work of four subjects in just one day, you have a whole lot to prepare and this can not just be a week or two weeks work like some candidate would do, they do always wait till the Exam day is at the corner be the start preparation, this is not the way you should go, rather I advice you to start on time to prepare. It is not simple enough to do in order to avoid failure in JAMB Exam 2021?

Seek for information:

First of all, seek for adequate information about the forthcoming JAMB Examination. What do I mean by seeking adequate information about the coming Examination?

You need to do inquiry about the Examination whether there are any changes in the System for this year, for instance, check back years of existence of this Examination, you will notice upgrade from time to time( that is year to year).

Notice there was a time a candidate would not need to go online for either to register or check his or her  result, but until recently, this has become the usual and the needful, with the world of development today who knows what may come up in your own time, if you do not seek adequate information, how would you know and be informed?.

Furthermore, to Read and Pass JAMB 2021, Reading is another factor to pass this Jamb Examination 2021, it is not just to read, ask yourself how do I read to pass this coming Jamb Examination 2021?.

You notice some students do fell Examination not because they didn’t read but just that they didn’t do the needful or what is demanded of. When you read, make sure you are  reading what is needed in the syllabus, from the necessary or from recommended material, do justice to all the subjects you will write in Examination, discover a particular time of yours which you read to understand because it different from individuals, practice Jamb pass questions, work on your speed and accuracy, also make sure you practice to the peak of your ability in which you cannot be confused or found wanting in the Examination hall. Do not read when you are hungry, make sure u feed well.

Due to changes in the  Examination body, you can notice that there is online Examination which is referred to as computer-based test (CBT), you would agree with me that not all students who have just finished Secondary can operate or handle computer which I call the simple use of a computer.

While hoping to write this coming Jamb Examination, you need to undergo computer training which will help you in the Examination. Get to know how the Examination time is calculated, just before the Examination.

Conclusively, I recommend Jamb classes preparation, a student who needs a high score success in the Jamb Examination 2021, must attend a standard Jamb preparatory classes, there, he/she will be taught the technics of passing Jamb Examination.

In there preparatory, you will discover other good students which will motivate you to read and prepare well, you also meet challenges and Solutions. You also meet competition, that is someone you feel he is better than you in a particular subject from there you build your understanding from the fellow.

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