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How to Upgrade JAMB Score 2021/2022. Get the latest updates on JAMB Result Upgrade here.

Did you score below your expectation in the just concluded 2020/2021 UTME examination and want to upgrade that score? Are you asking how your JAMB score can be upgraded? Are you worried that your poor UTME performance might hinder you to proceed further in your career?

How to Upgrade Jamb Score

Upgrading a Jamb score comes in when you fall below what you had expected. This means having a low Jamb score. The good news is that performing poorly in your JAMB is not always the end of the road. It can only be a temporary set back which, if properly utilized, can be a stepping stone to greater heights

If you want to upgrade your Jamb score, this post will guide you on what needs to be done in order to achieve maximum result

Reasons For Upgrading JAMB Score 2021

There are quite a number of reasons students will want to upgrade their score in Jamb. One could be as a result of having a Jamb score below 180, another could be that the student had scored above 180 but the school they applied for or the course of study they had chosen is a competitive one and would require a very good score in Jamb


Upgrading your JAMB Score 2021

A lot of you have heard that a low Jamb score can be upgraded and this has caused a lot of disagreement on whether a Jamb score can be upgraded or not.  We wish to inform you that the Joint Admission and Matriculation Board has not yet provided any Jamb score upgrading system

What to do with a Low JAMB Score

There is a solution to every problem. If you had a Low score for a competitive course, the only way to avoid being disappointment is to change your course.

For instance, if you scored 178  for a science score, you can switch to any other science course that doesn’t require a high Jamb score. but if you feel another university will accept you with that score, you can go for a change of institution.

For some universities, it is the higher your Jamb score, the higher your chances of gaining admission. You might be lucky but that is not guaranteed

Note: The Jamb Upgrading system has not been provided yet, know this to avoid getting scammed

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