JAMB Chemistry Questions and Answers 2023/2024 Expo/Runs PDF Download CBT Objectives Exams

JAMB Chemistry Questions and Answers 2023/2024 PDF To CBT Exams. Download likely JAMB Chemistry Expo/runs for all batches, keypoints and learn how to answer Chemistry JAMB Questions without stress and get a high aggregate score when the JAMB Result is out.

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The updates made available here are for interested candidates searching for the current expected JAMB Chemistry CBT Questions for 2023. We equally make available other necessary information concerning the exams with JAMB Chemistry Past Questions and Answers.

JAMB Chemistry Answers

If you’re still confused about the right JAMB Chemistry Runs, this page contains everything on JAMB 2023 Chemistry and other JAMB subjects needed to Score over 300 after the CBT examination.

JAMB Chemistry 2023 Objectives Questions and Answers PDF

The following are JAMB Chemistry past Questions and Answers:

1. The separation method used to separate a mixture of liquid and denser solid particles which seperate into two distinct layers in standing is known as…

  • A. Sieving
  • B. Decantation
  • C. Distillation
  • D. Filtration

ANSWER: B (Decantation)

2. The method of separating solid particles of different sizes is known as……

  • A. Sublimation
  • B. Distillation
  • C. Sieving
  • D. Evaporation

ANSWER: C ( Sieving)

3. A chemical reaction in which heat is given off to the surrounding area is known as…

  • A. Endothermic reaction
  • B. Exothermic reaction
  • C. Chemical Reaction
  • D. Envothermic Reaction

ANSWER: B (Exothermic reaction)

4. A buffer Solution is the one which undergoes…

A. negligible change in pH on addition of moderate quantities of acid or alkali 

B. Nonnegligible change in pH on addition of moderate quantities of acid or alkali 

C. negligible change in pN on addition of moderate quantities of acid or alkali 

D. negligible change in bH on addition of moderate quantities of acid or alkali 

ANSWER: A (negligible change in pH on addition of moderate quantities of acid or alkali )

How to get Free JAMB Chemistry Expo/Runs 2023/2024

If you want to have access to JAMB Chemistry Answers, all you have to do is to stay glued to this page.

The JAMB Questions are not very far from the previous question. candidates who made use of their past questions and equally practice with the CBT Application will not have anything to worry about.

Hints To Answer Chemistry Questions in JAMB

To Make the best out of the exams, we encourage candidates to read the questions carefully before taking any option. The idea is that you will understand the questions very well.


Hot topics for JAMB Chemistry 2023

There are many topics in chemistry that need not to be taken lightly while preparing for the chemistry exam.

Some of the topics are:

  • Periodic table
  • Organic chemistry
  • Stochiometry
  • Acid, Salt, and base
  • Chemical Reaction
  • Etc

The time required to answer chemistry questions may not be more than 50 minutes.

Remember that you will have three subjects to tackle, do not waste your time in one subject. The total time for the three subjects will be within 2 hours 30 minutes.

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