How to Reset/Retrieve JAMB Email Address 2023/2024 | Steps to Recover Email/Password

Do you wish to reset your JAMB email address via SMS? Have issues with your JAMB profile password and you seek ways on how your JAMB email can be retrieved/recovered and JAMB profile? Well, you are on the track as we will help through how to reset or 2 your JAMB email Address.

How to Reset/Retrieve JAMB email Address

Some People are asking, How do I recover my JAMB email address? Applicants of JAMB/UTME having issues with their JAMB profile password and wish to reset or retrieve their JAMB email can do that easily with certain information.

In this article, we will be guiding you through the procedure of how to reset/retrieve your JAMB email and reset your JAMB profile password from the comfort of your home using SMS or the JAMB login portal.

How to Reset/ Retrieve your JAMB email and JAMB Profile password using SMS messaging 2023

JAMB Email address Reset/Recovery can be done in Different ways.

When trying to recover and reset your JAMB email and password, there is certain information you should have that makes the resetting /retrieval process easy

  • The email you used for your JAMB/UTME registration.
  • The number you used in registering that is linked with your NIN

When retrieving your JAMB email password Via SMS, you kindly follow through with these steps.

  • Using the phone number you used to register for the JAMB(linked to your NIN), send “password, email(the one used for the JAMB registration)” to 55019. Example. “Password [email protected]
  • Wait, for 5minutes, and a reply with be sent back to you with the password of the email. All messages cost 50naira

However, if you want your JAMB email password to be reset, you can send “Reset password, email” to 55019. Example “Reset password [email protected].”


Resetting/retrieving your JAMB email or Profile password using the JAMB portal 2023

You can also reset or retrieve your JAMB email or Profile Password via the JAMB login portal at

A page requesting your email will be opened. Input the email you used in registering, then click on the “link to reset password” option on the page.  You will be requested to input the new password you need.

These are simple steps you can use to reset and retrieve your JAMB email. If you can’t still retrieve or reset your JAMB email or profile password, kindly drop your comment and we will be glad to help you.


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  1. ,pls I want to retrieve my email for jamb 2021 , pls I need as soon as possible

  2. please I want to retrieve my email for jamb 2021 please I need it as soon as possible

  3. Incorrect email and I did not receive any password because of the in correct email,am having the number and the correct email with me ,I have been try to correct it but and I keeps on telling me wrong email or password, dear ma /sir I will be glad if you can help me with it .

  4. please I want to change my old email I used for jamb registration 2017 to my new email because I don’t have access to the old one now

  5. Pls I need to change my email, the one I used in 2018 is not valid anymore and no access to it, I’ve tried the methods but it’s not working,

  6. I have tried all possible methods to retrieve both my email and password but it isn’t working please help me please

  7. Please I want to change my email please I forgot both email and password am going to lose my admission

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