Prices of water heater in Nigeria today 2023 – Types, latest Prices

Prices of water heater in Nigeria today 2023! In Nigeria, water heaters are a necessity for delivering hot water for washing, baths, and showers. As a result, depending on the type, manufacturer, and size of the machine, water heater prices might vary significantly.

Nigeria’s need for water heaters has increased recently as more and more home owners purchase these fixtures to raise their standard of living. The increasing competition among producers as a result of the rise in demand has given consumers more choices and more inexpensive prices.

Prices for water heaters in Nigeria can still be rather high despite greater competition and a variety of options. However, consumers may get the best discounts on water heaters that suit their needs and budget by conducting adequate research and comparison shopping. The unit’s energy efficiency and lifetime should also be taken into account because they may have a long-term impact on the cost.

This article will cover a variety of topics like Nigerian water heater types, the most recent prices for water heaters in Nigeria today 2023, tips for buying water heaters, the most popular forms of water heaters, and much more.

Water heater types in Nigeria

Electric tankless, electric storage, gas storage, and solar water heaters are the most popular models in Nigeria. Without a storage tank, electric tankless heaters deliver hot water on demand. With an electric element as the heat source, hot water is heated and stored in a tank with an electric storage heater. Natural gas is used by gas storage heaters to warm the water in a storage tank. Due to their energy efficiency and cost savings, solar water heaters are growing in popularity. They use the sun’s energy to heat water, usually in a storage tank.

Latest Prices of water heater in Nigeria today 2023

The costs of the well-known water heaters available in the Nigerian market are mentioned below.

  • Ariston water heater – 80l : 134,000 NGN – 158,000 NGN
  • Ariston water heater – 30l : 44,800 NGN – 50,000 NGN
  • Ariston water heater – 230V -15l : 36,450 NGN
  • Ariston water heater – 15l : 38,000 NGN – 60,000 NGN
  • Ariston water heater – 10l : 36,000 NGN
  • Ariston 50l electric water heater : 75,000 NGN
  • 5PCS 220V D 500W electric water heater liquids immersion : 9,469 NGN – 18,938 NGN
  • 5PCS 220V 500W electric water heater S immersion Trav : 2,229 NGN – 4,457 NGN
  • 5400W 110V/220V electric shower head instant hot water 220V : 14,279 NGN – 28,558 NGN
  • 3KW 220V electric faucet tap hot water heater instant : 16,889 NGN – 33,777 NGN
  • 3300W electric D instant heating faucet LED screen temperature : 21,829 NGN – 43,658 NGN
  • 300W 220V hot portable electric water heater immersion rod : 9,409 NGN – 18,817 NGN
  • 300W 110V home electric water heater instant ther multicolor : 38,039 NGN – 76,077 NGN
  • 3000W portable electric water heater shower instant kitchen : 19,359 NGN – 38,717 NGN
  • 3000W 220V electric water heater instant tankless red stand : 18,049 NGN – 36,098 NGN
  • 2500W 220V water heater portable electric immersion boiler : 9,409 NGN – 18,818 NGN
  • 2500W 220V water heater portable electric immersion boiler : 8,429 NGN – 16,837 NGN
  • 220V electric shower head instant water heater Wi 220V Blue : 14,279 NGN – 28,558 NGN
  • 220V electric bathroom E shower hot water instant heater pur : 119,079 NGN – 238,158 NGN
  • 220V electric bathroom E shower hot water instant heater pur : 105,019 NGN – 210,038 NGN
  • 2000W/2500W electric heater boiler immersion water B hot pink : 9,169 NGN – 18,338 NGN
  • Warmer Ceramic Mug Smart Intelligent Electric Coffee Cup Warmer : 8,999 NGN – 15,000 NGN
  • Sweet Home Water Heater-15l-200WATTS : 37,000 NGN – 42,000 NGN
  • Sweet Home Water Heater-230V : 38,000 NGN
  • Sweet Home Water Heater-10l-200WATTS : 34,000 NGN
  • Stainless Steel Water Heating 240V 2400w Electric Heater : 21,269 NGN – 42,538 NGN
  • Portable Electric Stove Hotplate Heater for cooking 220V : 12,159 NGN – 24,318 NGN
  • 5400W 110V/220V electric shower head instant hot water 110V : 14,579 NGN – 29,158 NGN
  • 5400W 110V/220V electric instant hot water heater bath white : 14,079 NGN – 28,158 NGN
  • 5400W 110V/220V electric instant hot water heater bath beige : 14,179 NGN – 28,358 NGN

Tip for purchasing water heater

When purchasing a water heater, it’s important to consider the following:

  • Take into account how much hot water you will require based on the size of your home. A larger water heater will be needed for a larger home or one with more bathrooms.
  • Do some research on various water heater models, such as tankless, electric, and gas-powered ones. Each style has advantages and disadvantages, so you should think about which will be most suitable for your home.
  • Choose vehicles with a high Energy Star rating to save energy. Long-term savings on your energy bill are provided by these models.
  • Request suggestions from friends and family and read reviews. This can help you gauge the dependability and effectiveness of various models.
  • Compare the costs and guarantees offered by various stores and manufacturers. Verify that you are getting the greatest bargain and that the warranty includes any necessary repairs or replacements.
  • Take into account the installation price and the accessibility of a qualified plumber in your neighborhood. This will assist you in setting a budget for the water heater’s entire price.

Which water heater lasts the longest?

V-Guard Victo 10 Litre Water Heater .

Due to its sturdy mild steel construction and excellent powder coating on the outside, this water heater will last you for a very long time. Due to its thick gauge superior-quality steel and glass-lined anti-corrosive coating inner tank, it also delivers durability.

What size water heater do I require for a four-person family?

For one to three persons, a small (50- to 60-gallon) storage tank is typically adequate. For three to four individuals, a medium (80-gallon) storage tank works nicely.

Your water heater should be replaced when.

Rarely do water heaters work perfectly one day and then break down the next. When a water heater is close to failure, there are typically warning indications. Here are a few of the most typical warning signs that something is approaching the end of its useful life.

No hot water A chilly shower is one of the few things that makes a homeowner pay attention. Lukewarm water is a dead giveaway that the hot water heater is beyond its prime.

Rust-colored or cloudy water Your water heater’s anode rod is in charge of keeping the interior from rusting. The water heater’s interior will corrode after that anode wears out, signaling the end is indeed drawing nigh.

Popping or rumbling No, a ghost hiding in the shadows isn’t making those sounds coming from the basement. It’s an indication of a failing water heater, which is considerably worse. When a hot water heater gets older, minerals from hard water start to accumulate inside the tank, causing air pockets to form in the hot water that pop when they are released.

Leaking. A strange pool of water nearby the hot water heater is an obvious indication that the tank has developed fractures and fissures and has begun to leak. Plan to replace the hot water heater right away because a leaky one could flood the basement.

Which kind of water heater is most widely used?

Standard storage tank water heaters continue to be the most widely used form of water heater on the market, despite the growing popularity of other kinds of hot water heating systems. Large capacity and dependable functioning are delivered by them.


Which two basic types of water heaters are there?

Storage tank and tankless hot water heaters are the two primary varieties. The great majority of water heaters in houses nowadays are these.

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