Refrigerator prices in Nigeria 2023 – Latest Prices

Refrigerator prices in Nigeria 2023! In the home and even outside the home, refrigerators have many uses. Among other things, it is used to serve, and preserve food, and cool drinks and water. You have come to the right site if you’re interested in learning more about refrigerator prices in Nigeria. 

There are currently an infinite number of refrigerators available on the market. Is there anything out there that compares to the greatest refrigerators, though? There is nothing like that at all! Whichever is best for you will depend on the function you need it to do. As a result, if your goal is to preserve items, you should choose the option that best meets your requirements.

If you carefully examine Nigeria’s electrical supply, you wouldn’t anticipate significant demand for freezers. But Nigerians continue to buy. Thus, we made the decision to provide you with the cost of the top refrigerators available in Nigeria. You will get to know what to take into account when purchasing a Refrigerator in Nigeria.

Current refrigerator costs in Nigeria (2023)

A refrigerator, often known as a freezer, is crucial household equipment that aids in food preservation. The brands, sizes, designs, and features of these appliances vary. In Nigeria, some of the most well-known refrigerator brands include Thermocool, Hisense, Polystar, Scanfrost, LG, Beeko, and Samsung. Refrigerators differ in price just as much as they do in classification. The complete list of refrigerator brands and their associated pricing throughout the nation for 2023 is provided below;

LG refrigerator costs in Nigeria (2023)

With the best refrigerator in the house, life is pretty nice. Having refrigerated water and preserved food will make you feel at home. LG is a well-known manufacturer of dependable and high-quality electronics for use in homes, workplaces, and other settings. Their refrigerators have incredible features, a freezing unit, a lovely style, and the appropriate doors. The costs of LG refrigerators in Nigeria as of right now are shown in the list below;

  • Bedside Single Door Fridge: N40, 000 – N50, 000
  • 130 Litres Refrigerator: N50, 000 – N65, 000
  • 108 Litres Refrigerator: N105, 000 – N135, 000
  • 190 Litres Single Door Refrigerator: N115, 000 – N118, 000
  • 199 Litres Refrigerator: N120, 000- N125, 000
  • Refrigerator GC 269 VL: N122, 000 – N175, 000
  • 407 Litres Crystal frost with Free Inverter Refrigerator; N220, 000 – N260, 000
  • 687 Litres Refrigerator: N330, 000 – N420, 000

Samsung refrigerator costs in Nigeria (2023)

Samsung, one of the well-known brands in the electronics sector, makes refrigerators with stunning looks, excellent operation, and unique features. The size of these electrical devices varies based on the model you may want. Here are all of the current Samsung refrigerator prices in your country.

  • 200 Litres Refrigerator: N110, 000 – N135, 000
  • 210 Litres Refrigerator sells: N115, 000 -N140, 000
  • 260 Litres Refrigerator: N200, 000 – N220, 000
  • 280 Litres Refrigerator: N220, 000 – N250, 000
  • Side by Side with Twin Cooling (571L): N850, 000 – N1,000,000

Scanfrost refrigerator costs in Nigeria (2023)

Another top-tier refrigerator manufacturer in the nation is Scanfrost. They have an amazing selection of small appliances, including toasters, kettles, blenders, air conditioners, refrigerators, and irons, all of which are intended to improve the home environment. There is no exception for their refrigerators. This product is available in a broad variety and at fantastic pricing.

  • Refrigerator with 50 liters: N35, 000–N39, 000.
  • Refrigerator with 170 liters: N100,000 to N127,000
  • Refrigerator with 200 liters: N90,000–N100,000.
  • Refrigerator with 220 liters: N100,000 to N110,000.
  • Refrigerator with 250 liters: N120, 000–N125, 000.
  • Refrigerator with 300 liters: N148, 000–N150,000.
  • Refrigerator with 450 liters: 220,000–260,000.
  • Refrigerator with 550 liters: N245 000–N260 000.
  • Refrigerator with 650 liters: N320, 000-N390, 000.

Polystar refrigerator costs in Nigeria (2023)

An indigenous manufacturer of high-quality electronics and household appliances is called Polystar. Their offerings include naming a few, refrigerators, blenders, gas cookers, and air conditioners. The price of Polystar refrigerators is determined by their many features and styles. The price list for their refrigerators is provided below.

  • 80 Litres Double Door Refrigerator: N40,000 – N65,000
  • 202 Litres Double Door Refrigerator: N45,000 – N85,000
  • 302 Litres Double Door Refrigerator: N90,000 – N30,000
  • Commercial showcase fridge: N160,000 – 180,000

The cost of Hisense refrigerators in Nigeria (2023)

Another well-known brand in the refrigerator industry is Hisense. Being a manufacturer of high-quality electronics in the nation, its products include refrigerators, air conditioners, and televisions. Hisense refrigerators are high-quality and have appealing features that will encourage you to continue with the company.

Do you need to know how much their refrigerators cost? The price lists for Hisense refrigerators in Nigeria as of right now are listed below;

  • 48 Litres Refrigerator: N30,000 – N45,000.
  • 77 Litres 2.7 CU. FT Refrigerator: N45,000 – N48,000.
  • 91 Litres 3.2 CU. FT Refrigerators: N55,000 – N75,000.
  • 100 Litres Single Door Refrigerator: N40,000 – N72,000.
  • 176 Litres Refrigerator: N74,000 – N95,000.
  • 212 Litres Refrigerator: N78,000 – N95,000.
  • 215 Litres Refrigerator : N86, 000 – N104, 000.
  • 260 Litres Refrigerator: N87,000 – N110,000.
  • 302 Litres Refrigerator: N110,000 – N125,000.
  • 490 Litres Double Door Refrigerator: N170,000 – N220,000.

Other Famous Brands

There are a few other well-known refrigerator brands than the ones mentioned above in the nation. These brands also provide high-quality goods in a range of sizes, styles, and costs.

Here is a breakdown of what they sell for on the national market;

  • Nexus 65 Litres Refrigerator: N28,000 – N40,000.
  • Nexus 125 Litres Refrigerator: N45,000 – N70,000.
  • Nexus 145 Litres Refrigerator: N50,000 – N75,000.
  • Midea 320 Litres Refrigerator: N110,000 – N140,000.
  • Midea 320 Litres Refrigerator: N145,000 – N170,000.
  • Midea 350 Litres Refrigerator: N160,000 – N185,000.
  • Midea501 Litres Refrigerator: N280,000 H350,000.
  • Beeko Top Mount 113 Litres Fridge: N105,000 – N115,000.
  • Beeko Single Door 129L Fridge HS129: N80,000 – N87,000.
  • Beeko Top Mount (TMF SERIES)-207LFridge Freezer:  N87,000 – N95,000

What to Take into Account When Purchasing a Refrigerator in Nigeria

When purchasing a fridge in Nigeria, there are a variety of factors to consider, including:

  • Durability: This is crucial because the fridge you choose should last you a long time.
  • Fund: The specific one you desire depends on the amount of money you have.
  • Try to choose a refrigerator with a guarantee because it will provide you some peace of mind about the appliance.
  • Price: When purchasing a refrigerator, choose one whose functionality matches your needs rather than the most expensive models.
  • Efficiency: Choose a refrigerator with the proper freezing unit, storage compartments, and good operation.
  • Toxicity: When choosing a refrigerator, make sure to stay away from models that contain HFC (hydrofluorocarbons) and other hazardous substances because they are bad for people.
  • To avoid needless problems, try to choose a product that has received outstanding reviews.
  • Try to purchase from reputable retailers as well to prevent purchasing fake goods.
  • Purchase your refrigerators from the company’s major dealers whenever possible because they provide after-sale services.

Prices of Refrigerators by Style

Let’s now examine these refrigerators in more detail.

1. Showcase Style Refrigerators

These are frequently used at cafeterias, restaurants, and bars. Other names for them are Industrial chillers, Refrigerated display cabinets, and Industrial open refrigerators. The glass doors allow you to observe the goods chilling within without difficulty. Price ranges for showcase design refrigerators in Nigeria are 90,000 to 4,500,000 Naira.

2. French Refrigerators

These types have three to four doors, with one or two drawer-style doors at the bottom for the freezer portion and two side-by-side doors on top for the refrigeration compartment. They are available with capacities ranging from 509 to 910 liters. The cost of a French door refrigerator in Nigeria can range from 570,000 to 1,500,000 Naira.

3. Bottom Freezer Refrigerators (a.k.a. Bottom Mount Fridges)

The freezer is located on the bottom of these 2-door refrigerators, though. They are available with capacities ranging from 200 to 710 liters. Bottom Mount Refrigerators cost between 110,000 and 450,000 Naira in Nigeria.

4. Compact Refrigerators

These refrigerators are available in single-door and double-door designs, with capacities ranging from 40 liters for the smallest models (also known as tiny refrigerators) to 340 liters. The cost of a compact refrigerator in Nigeria can range from 24,000 to 200,000 Naira.

5. Top Freezer Refrigerators (a.k.a. Top Mount Fridges)

The freezer door on top of the two-door Top Freezer Refrigerators. Although some of them can also be categorized as compact refrigerators, full-size top-mount refrigerators have capacities ranging from 410 to 680 liters. Prices for top-mount refrigerators in Nigeria range from 35,000 to 450,000.

6. Freezers

Food that has been frozen works well in freezers. They are available in upright and deep freezer designs. Great for establishments like restaurants, hotels, big houses, schools, and supermarkets. They are available with capacities ranging from 66 to 600 liters. French door refrigerators cost between 53,000 and 500,000 nairas in Nigeria.

7. Side by Side Refrigerators

There are two doors available on these. The freezer is on one side, and fresh food cooling and beverage chilling are on the other. They are available with capacities ranging from 560 to 830 liters. Price ranges for side-by-side refrigerators in Nigeria are between 250,000 and 1,200,000 Naira.


After reading this article, choosing a nice refrigerator that has great features, top functionality, a standard freezing unit, and is affordable shouldn’t be stressful anymore.

The only thing left to figure out is where to get these freezers. They are available for purchase in Nigeria at their shops and showrooms. You should also check with their principal distributors, Nigerian electronics shops, and online malls like Konga, Jumia, Jiji, and others.

Do well to leave your comments in the comment box below. Keep in mind to bookmark our website and be sure to share this article with your friends.

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