Toyota Highlander Prices 2023 in Nigeria today | Foreign, local, and brand-new car prices

Toyota Highlander Prices 2023 in Nigeria! Are you trying to find accurate information on Toyota Highlander costs in Nigeria? You may stop your search right here because we have the most recent Toyota Highlander price and review information.

The Japanese automaker Toyota created the Toyota Highlander for the first time in 2000. A medium-sized cross-over sport utility vehicle, the vehicle is (SUV). Since then, it has been produced, and Nigerians have grown very fond of it.

In this article, we’ll talk about the price of a 2023 Toyota Highlander in Nigeria, its safety features, factors influencing its price in Nigeria, and the prices of new, foreign, and local used Toyota Highlanders.

Price of a 2023 Toyota Highlander in Nigeria

How much does a 2023 Toyota Highlander cost in Nigeria or what is the cost of a 2023 Toyota Highlander in Nigeria is a frequently asked question.

The cost of clearing must be taken into account after we have transported the automobile to Nigeria in order to determine a price.

In Nigeria, a 2023 Toyota Highlander costs between 45,000,000 and 50,000,000 Naira.

The 2023 Toyota Highlander’s safety features

The most recent Toyota Safety Sense 2.5+ systems, which include the following: are standard on the 2023 Toyota Highlander.

  • PCS w/ PD: Pre-Collision System with Pedestrian Detection
  • a dynamic radar cruise control with a full speed range (DRCC)
  • LDA w/ SA stands for Lane Departure Alert with Steering Assist.
  • Support for Lane Tracing (LTA)
  • Road Sign Support (RSA)
  • Auxiliary High Beams (AHB)

Nigerian Used Toyota Highlander prices in Nigeria

Below are the prices for Nigerian used Toyota Highlanders.

  • 2003 Model: ₦1,500,000 – ₦2,000,000
  • 2004 Model: ₦1,500,000 – ₦2,000,000
  • 2005 Model: ₦1,500,000 – ₦2,500,000
  • 2006 Model: ₦1,500,000 – ₦2,500,000
  • 2007 Model: ₦2,000,000 – ₦3,000,000
  •  2008 Model: ₦2,000,000 – ₦3,000,000
  •  2009 Model: ₦3,000,000 –₦4,000,000
  • 2010 Model: ₦3,500,000 – ₦4,500,000
  •  2011 Model: ₦5,000,000 – ₦7,000,000
  •  2012 Model: ₦6,000,000 – ₦8,000,000
  •  2013 Model: ₦7,000,000 – ₦9,000,000
  •  2014 Model: ₦9,000,000 – ₦11,000,000
  •  2015 Model: ₦10,000,000 – ₦12,000,000
  •  2016 Model: ₦10,000,000 – ₦12,000,000
  • 2017 Model: ₦12,000,000 – ₦14,000,000
  •  2018 Model: ₦14,000,000 – ₦16,000,000

Toyota Highlander Tokunbo (Foreign Used) Price in Nigeria

Below are prices for the Toyota Highlander Tokunbo (Foreign Used) in Nigeria.

  •  2003 Model ₦2,400,000 – ₦2,700,000
  •  2004 Model ₦2,400,000 – ₦2,700,000
  •  2005 Model ₦2,400,000 –₦3,000,000
  • 2006 Model ₦2,500,000 – ₦3,000,000
  • 2007 Model ₦2,500,000 – ₦3,000,000
  •  2008 Model ₦2,500,000 – ₦4,000,000
  •  2009 Model ₦4,000,000 – ₦5,000,000
  •  2010 Model ₦5,000,000 – ₦6,000,000
  •  2011 Model ₦5,000,000 – ₦7,000,000
  • 2012 Model ₦7,000,000 – ₦9,000,000
  • 2013 Model ₦7,000,000 – ₦9,000,000
  • 2014 Model ₦8,000,000 – ₦10,000,000
  • 2015 Model ₦10,000,000 – ₦12,000,000
  • 2016 Model ₦11,000,000 – ₦13,000,000
  • 2017 Model ₦13,000,000 – ₦15,000,000
  • 2018 Model ₦15,000,000 –₦17,000,000

Nigerian costs for a brand-new Toyota Highlander

The following are the brand-new Toyota Highlander prices in Nigeria:

  •  2009 Model ₦6,000,000 – ₦8,000,000
  •  2010 Model ₦6,000,000 – ₦8,000,000
  • 2011 Model ₦7,000,000 – ₦9,000,000
  •  2012 Model ₦7,000,000 – ₦9,000,000
  • 2013 Model ₦9,000,000 –₦11,000,000
  • 2014 Model ₦11,000,000 – ₦13,000,000
  • 2015 Model ₦13,000,000 – ₦15,000,000
  •  2016 Model ₦15,000,000 – ₦18,000,000
  •  2017 Model ₦18,000,000 – ₦20,000,000
  • 2018 Model ₦18,000,000 – ₦21,000,000
  •  2020 Model ₦20,000,000 – ₦24,000,000

Factor affecting the cost of the Toyota Highlander in Nigeria

Other factors, in addition to the general rule that new cars cost more than used cars, can have a direct impact on the cost of the Toyota Highlander you want to purchase. Which are:

The Model/Year of Production: Whether you choose to purchase a brand-new or pre-owned Toyota Highlander, the cost will mostly rely on the model, the year of production, and the particular variant you choose. The Limited Edition, Limited Edition Plus, Limited Platinum, Limited, Xtreme Limited Edition, and Sport Edition are the six available trim levels for the Toyota Highlander.

Exchange rate as of today: When purchasing a new Toyota Highlander or a Tokunbo, the exchange rate can have a significant impact on the price you spend.

Customs duties: These are fees that must be paid for imported cars. They have a direct impact on how much the Toyota Highlander you want costs.

The Toyota Highlander’s quick specs for 2023

  • Make – Toyota
  • Model – Highlander
  • Model year –  2023
  • Engine – 2.4-liter engine
  • Power – 265 hp
  • Torque–  309 lb-ft
  • Wheels – 20-inch wheel
  • Tires – 235/55R20
  • MSRP – $38,000
  • Price in Nigeria – 45,000,000 Naira

What Differs Between the Toyota Highlander Models of 2022 and 2023?

Two significant improvements are made to the Highlander for the upcoming model year. The 2022 model’s base V6 engine has been swapped out for a turbo-four, and the new Highlander receives an improved infotainment system with better software and a larger digital gauge cluster. For 2023, Toyota also switches around a few of the standard features across the various models.

How many passengers can the 2023 Highlander accommodate?

Depending on configuration, the Highlander, a three-row SUV, may accommodate seven or eight passengers. The second-row bench seat is standard on the L and LE versions whereas second-row captain’s chairs are standard on all other trims (you can add a second-row bench to the XLE and Limited trims).

There is plenty of head- and legroom in the first and second rows, as well as supportive, comfortable seating. However, some reviewers have complained that the third row is uncomfortable and that the seats back there are thinly padded and sit too upright.

Where Is the Toyota Highlander Built in 2023?

Indiana is where Toyota produces the 2023 Highlander.

What Toyota Highlander model from 2023 is best for me?

Six model levels of the Toyota Highlander are available for 2023: L, LE, XLE, XSE, Limited, and Platinum. Each model has a front-wheel drive system, an eight-speed automatic transmission, and a 265 horsepower turbo-four engine as standard equipment. Depending on the grade, all vehicles may be had with all-wheel drive for between $1,175 and $1,950. The XLE and Limited trims can accommodate seven or eight passengers, depending on configuration, whilst the L and LE trims seat eight passengers. Other trims all have seven seats.

For the majority of buyers, the base L model is a fantastic choice. It offers typical seating for eight passengers and is jam-packed with technological and driving aid capabilities. You must select the XLE trim or higher to enable additional features, such as second-row captain’s chairs.


Competition for the 2023 Toyota Highlander

Hyundai Palisade vs. Toyota Highlander

One of the top midsize SUVs in its class is the Hyundai Palisade. The Palisade outperforms the Highlander in almost every way: It boasts a more opulent and contemporary interior, more space for passengers and baggage, more engaging handling, and a comprehensive list of standard equipment. The Palisade’s average fuel efficiency is its only drawback.

How Much Does a Toyota Highlander Cost to Insure?

Your deductible, the amount of coverage you desire, and the kind of insurance you select will all affect how much it will cost to insure a Toyota Highlander. Your insurance premiums may also be impacted by factors like as your age, gender, region, credit score, and driving history.

Reasons to Choose the Toyota Highlander

Unquestionably, the Toyota Highlander is a great vehicle for both individuals and families. The features listed below make the car stand out among its competitors.

  • Powerful engine
  • 3-row Seats
  • Fuel efficient
  • Lots of Safety features
  • Excellent Interior
  • Sound Navigation and Entertainment System:

The Toyota Highlander is a strong SUV all around that you can depend on. Through websites that occasionally provide automobile sales and car swaps, you can purchase it in Nigeria online. Additionally, you can purchase it from any nearby auto dealer in your city.

Why then are you still holding out? Oh, well, you can start saving money now to purchase your dream car even if you don’t have the money yet. I hope this information is helpful to you. Gratitude for reading.

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