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Toyota Avalon Prices 2023 in Nigeria! Toyota manufactures the full-size sedan known as the Avalon. It is the largest front-wheel-drive sedan made by Toyota, and it represents the brand in the Middle East, China, the United States, and Canada. From April 2000 to June 2005, it was also made in Australia; the Aurion took its place there in November 2006.

In September 1994, the first production Avalon rolled off the TMMK assembly line in Georgetown, Kentucky, and all following generations have been produced there to this day. Along with its smooth ride and dependable performance, it is renowned for its roomy and comfortable cabin. The most recent Avalon model has a sleek, contemporary style as well as numerous cutting-edge safety and technological features.

Are you trying to find the 2023 Toyota Avalon Price in Nigeria? Which is faster—the Avalon or the Camry, you might be wondering? Or perhaps you’d want to discover the Toyota Avalon’s Versions & Fuel Economy? If so, this article is for you.

Toyota Avalon Prices 2023 in Nigeria

The price in Nigeria for the Toyota Avalon 2023 is NGN 19,325,100 (US$43,525).

For the Toyota Avalon XLE, the price in Nigeria is NGN 16,348,080 (about US$36,820). A 3.5L V6 Gasoline Engine powers the 2023 Toyota Avalon XLE. The Sedan produces 267 lb-ft of torque at 4700 rpm and 301 horsepower at 6600 rpm. 8-Speed automatic transmission is being worked on.

Avalon or Camry, which one is faster?

The Toyota Avalon may not be as swift or agile as the Toyota Camry because it is often a little heavier and bigger than the Camry. The performance of both vehicles can, however, differ based on the particular engine and transmission options that are selected because their powertrain lineups are identical.

The 2021 Toyota Camry has an optional 301-horsepower V6 engine that can accelerate the vehicle from 0 to 60 mph in roughly 5.5 seconds, while the 2021 Toyota Avalon can do the same in about 5.8 seconds. It’s crucial to keep in mind that these are only broad estimations and that real performance can change depending on a number of variables.

Tokunbo Toyota Avalon 2005–2019 cost in Nigeria.

See the price of Tokunbo Toyota Avalon 2005–2019 cost in Nigeria below:

  • Toyota Avalon 2005 tokunbo prices range from 1,800,000 to 2,200,000 Naira in Nigeria.
  • The price range for a Tokunbo 2006 Toyota Avalon in Nigeria is 2,000,000–2,300,000.
  • Toyota Avalon 2007 tokunbo costs between 2,100,000 and 2,400,000 Naira in Nigeria.
  • The price of the Tokunbo 2008 Toyota Avalon in Nigeria is between 2,300,000 and 2,800,000.
  • Toyota Avalon 2009 tokunbo prices range from 2,500,000 to 3,00,000 Naira in Nigeria.
  • The price of the Tokunbo 2010 Toyota Avalon in Nigeria is between 2,800,000 and 3,300,000.
  • Toyota Avalon 2011 tokunbo prices range from 3,500,000 to 4,00,000 Naira in Nigeria.
  • In Nigeria, a 2012 Toyota Avalon costs between 3,800,000 and 4,500,000 Naira.
  • Toyota Avalon 2013 tokunbo prices range from 6,000,000 to 6,800,000 Naira in Nigeria.
  • The price range for the Tokunbo 2014 Toyota Avalon in Nigeria is 6,500,000–7,200,000 Naira.
  • Toyota Avalon 2015 tokunbo prices range from 7,300,000 to 8,000,000 Naira in Nigeria.
  • The price range for the Tokunbo 2016 Toyota Avalon in Nigeria is 7,500,000–8,300,000.
  • Tokunbo Toyota Avalon 2017 costs between 8,000,000 and 9,000,000 Naira in Nigeria.
  • The Tokunbo 2018 Toyota Avalon costs between 10,000,000 and 12,000,000 Naira in Nigeria.
  • The 2019 Toyota Avalon costs between 12,000,000 and 14,000,000 Naira in Nigeria.

Is the Toyota Avalon a dependable vehicle?

The Avalon is a very dependable vehicle that is still a wise choice even for used models.

Versions & Fuel Economy of the Toyota Avalon

Details about the Toyota Avalon’s variation are shown in the table below.

Version NameFuel ConsumptionBrand new price
Toyota Avalon touring29-36MPG₦14,000,000-₦15,000,000
Toyota Avalon TRD29-36MPG₦14,000,000-₦15,000,000
Toyota Avalon XSE29-36MPG₦13,000,000-₦14,000,000
Toyota Avalon XLE29-36MPG₦12,500,000-₦14,000,000
Toyota Avalon Limited29-36MPG₦12,000,000-₦13,000,000

How long does the Toyota Avalon last?

A Toyota Avalon may travel for up to 150,000 to 200,000 miles, or 10 to 13 years, with good maintenance.


How much does it cost to maintain a Toyota Avalon?

The average annual maintenance cost for a Toyota Avalon is 176519 Naira, while the prices for a full-size automobile and all cars are 224938 Naira and 248575 Naira, respectively.

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