Prices of electric cooker – 2023 current prices, types

Prices of Electric Cooker! For many households, electric cookers are a well-liked and practical device. They offer precise temperature control and an energy-efficient alternative to gas cookers, making it simple to prepare a variety of foods. Electric ranges are available in a number of shapes and sizes, including freestanding, built-in, and double oven models.

Electric cooker prices might vary significantly based on the features and size of the device. High-end devices can cost over $1000, while entry-level models can cost as little as $300. The quantity of burners, the size of the oven, and any extra features like convection cooking or self-cleaning can all have an impact on how much an electric cooker costs.

Electric cookers provide a dependable and effective cooking experience for any budget despite the vast range of pricing. You may pick an electric cooker that suits your cooking preferences and your budget by taking into account your needs and the features you want. An electric cooker is a terrific purchase for any kitchen, regardless of whether you’re a novice cook or an experienced chef.

The types of electric cooker, 2023 Current Prices of electric cooker, What you should consider while purchasing an electric cooker, Which electric cooker is the most affordable, and a whole lot more will be provided in this post.

Types of electric cooker

There are several types of electric cookers available, including:

  • Electric stove: This is a traditional electric cooker that is powered by electricity and has burners for cooking.
  • Electric hot plate: This is a portable electric cooker that is powered by electricity and has a flat heating surface for cooking.
  • Electric cooker with oven: This is an electric cooker that has a built-in oven for baking and roasting.
  • Electric pressure cooker: This is a type of electric cooker that cooks food quickly under pressure.
  • Electric rice cooker: This is a specialized electric cooker that is designed specifically for cooking rice.
  • Electric induction cooker: this cooker is designed to use electromagnetic energy to heat the pan directly.
  • Electric multi-cooker: This is an all-in-one electric cooker that can be used for various cooking methods, such as pressure cooking, slow cooking, steaming, and more.

2023 Current Prices of electric cooker

Appliances exist that help us accomplish this goal in the kitchen, where we all prefer to simplify our tasks. One of them is the gas cookers we use today. Here is our list of the top electric cooker together with their prices, to help you choose the best option available and be your dependable kitchen partner for a long time:

  • Electric Cooker Hot Plate-Double Face -₦ 13,500
  • JD SMP Single Electric Hotplate – Ring / Spiral – ₦ 6,200
  • Single Electric Hot Plate – ₦ 7,499
  • 2 Plate Electric Cooker Stove Hot Plate – ₦ 15,500
  • 31%
  • Electric Cooker Hot Plate-Double Ring Face-White – ₦ 12,000
  • Saisho Electric Cooker Double-white – ₦ 13,500
  • Crown Star Infrared Induction Electric Stove Cooker Hotplate – ₦ 36,500
  • Sokany Electric Stove Hot Plate – ₦ 23,000
  • Pyramid Hot Plate Double Burner – Grey – ₦ 14,500
  • Master Chef Double Hot Plate -Black – ₦ 22,000
  • Pyramid Double Burner Electric Ring Hotplate – ₦ 16,000
  • 1.8L Double-Layer Stainless Steel Mini Electric Pot Pan Cooker Cooking Fry Stew – ₦ 11,999
  • Century Electric Oven With Toaster, Baker And Grill – 11Litres – ₦ 19,900

What should I consider while purchasing an electric cooker?

There are a few things to think about when purchasing an electric cooker:

  • Capacity: Take into account the number of people you regularly feed when selecting a stove with the right number of burners and oven size.
  • Type of burners: Some cookers include radiant burners, which heat up quickly and give off heat more steadily. Others feature coil burners, which might not be as reliable and may take longer to heat up.
  • Features: Look for cookware that has features like self-cleaning ovens, digital controls, and timers.
  • Safety features: Cookers with safety features like automatic shutoff or overheat protection should be taken into consideration.
  • Energy efficiency: Look for cooktops with the Energy Star logo, which signifies that the appliance satisfies US government energy efficiency guidelines.
  • Brand reputation: Check the brand’s reputation for quality and customer service by doing some research on it and reading client testimonials.
  • Price: To guarantee that you are receiving a decent bargain, compare prices offered by various stores.

What is the best cooker? Electricity vs. Gas

Your particular preferences and cooking requirements will determine which cooker is ideal for you. Professional cooks frequently like gas cookers because of their quick heat adjustments and steady flame. On the other hand, electric cookers are renowned for their consistent heating and simple temperature management, making them perfect for beginners. Additionally, electric cookers often use less energy and are simpler to clean. The choice between a gas and an electric cooker ultimately depends on your personal requirements and preferences.

Which electric cooker is the most affordable?

The most affordable electric cooker will rely on your spending limit, your cooking requirements, and the features you desire. Basic electric ranges, which often combine a cooktop and an oven into one unit, and countertop electric cookers, such as slow cookers or electric pressure cookers, can be more cost-effective choices if you’re searching for a smaller appliance, are two examples of economical possibilities. Frigidaire, GE, Whirlpool, Amana, and Samsung are some particular manufacturers that are well-known for their reasonably priced versions. To choose the product that best suits your needs and budget, it would be best to compare models and pricing from several brands.

Why Is an Electric Pressure Cooker Necessary?

Even though you can accomplish all of the functions of a pressure cooker using conventional cooking techniques, having one will undoubtedly make life simpler. With electric pressure cookers, you can substantially shorten the cooking process, turning dry beans into bubbling, hot chili in less than an hour.

Electric pressure cookers of today provide more than just pressure cooking. Popular models of today often have features such as slow cooking, rice cooking, air frying, sautéing, steaming, and searing. Some even produce yogurt or bread.

We believe you’ll like owning an electric pressure cooker if you’re trying to cut down on the amount of time you spend in the kitchen preparing time-consuming meals like stews, soups, and more.

What distinguishes an electric stove from a hot plate?

A kitchen equipment known as an electric cooker typically consists of a stovetop with burners and an oven. It is powered by electricity and is used for baking and cooking. On the other hand, a hot plate is a portable cooking device that has a flat surface and one or more burners. It is powered by electricity and is used to heat or prepare meals. In conclusion, a hot plate is a smaller, portable appliance used for cooking or heating food on a single surface, whereas an electric cooker is a more flexible, larger equipment that includes an oven and stovetop.

Is an electric cooktop safer than a gas one?

Because they don’t create open flames or release dangerous gases into the air, electric cookers are usually thought to be safer than gas cookers. However, in order to prevent potential risks like electrical shock or fire, it’s crucial to use them correctly and adhere to the manufacturer’s recommendations.

Is electric cooking healthy?

Because an electric burner provides for exact temperature control and can be used with a variety of cookware, including non-stick pans that are simple to clean and don’t require additional oils for cooking, it can be a healthful way to make food. To prevent the release of dangerous substances from overheated oil or other components, it is crucial to select cookware that is safe for cooking. In order to have a healthy diet overall, it is also usually advised to eat a variety of foods and maintain a balanced diet.


Electricity or gas, which is more expensive?

Depending on local gas and electricity prices, how much energy you consume, and other factors, using gas or electricity to cook can cost more or less. As a general rule, gas is less expensive than electricity to use for cooking. However, compared to an electric stove, the expense of installing and maintaining a gas stove can be higher.

Additionally, you should think about costs like the cost of installation, the cost of maintenance, and the cost of operation over time when deciding between a new gas or electric stove. It’s also important to find out if your area offers any rebates or incentives for energy-efficient appliances.


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