Prices of Zinc (roofing sheets) in Nigeria 2023 Today – Types, current prices

Zinc (roofing sheets) prices in Nigeria 2023! In Nigeria, zinc, commonly referred to as galvanized steel, is a common substance for roofing sheets. It is frequently utilized in both residential and commercial buildings due to its tenacity and resistance to corrosion. The thickness of the sheets and the state of the market are two variables that can affect the cost of zinc roofing sheets in Nigeria today.

Nigeria has seen a growth in demand for zinc roofing sheets recently as a result of the nation’s expanding population and developing urbanization. Construction activity has increased as a result, which has raised the need for roofing materials. As a result, zinc roofing sheets are becoming more expensive in the market.

It is important to keep in mind, nevertheless, that additional factors, such as import taxes, currency fluctuations, and the availability of raw materials, might have an impact on zinc roofing sheet costs in Nigeria. Additionally, pricing may differ by region, with urban costs possibly being greater than rural prices. Generally, the cost of zinc roofing sheets in Nigeria can be fairly unstable, therefore it’s critical for customers to keep up to date on the state of the market before making a purchase.

This article will cover the cost of an aluminum roofing sheet in Nigeria currently, the price of a bundle of Ghanaian zinc in Nigeria in 2023, the quantity of zinc sheets in each bundle, different types of roofing sheets and their prices in Nigeria in 2023, and more.

What is the current price of an aluminum roofing sheet in Nigeria today?

Depending on the kind, size, and location, the price of aluminum zinc sheet in Nigeria in 2023 ranges from Two Thousand Nine Hundred Naira (N2,900) to Three Thousand Nine Hundred Naira (N3,900) per sheet. See additional details down below.

The table below includes prices for all different kinds of aluminum roofing sheets in Nigeria.

Types and Costs of Aluminium Roofing Sheets in Nigeria

TypeSize/thicknessPrice per meter
Step-tile Aluminium price0.55 mm thicknessTwo Thousand Eight Hundred Naira (₦3,550)
0.45mm price0.45 mm thicknessTwo Thousand Four Hundred Naira  (₦2,850)
Metcoppo Aluminium sheet price0.55 mm thicknessTwo Thousand Nine Hundred Naira (₦3,550)
0.45mm price0.45 mm thicknessTwo Thousand Five Hundred Naira (₦3,000)
Long span aluminum sheet price0.55 mm thicknessTwo Thousand Seven Hundred Naira (₦3,550)
0.45mm price0.45 mm thicknessTwo Thousand One Hundred Naira (₦2,700)

Cost of a bundle of Ghanaian zinc in Nigeria in 2023?

Although Ghana zinc is not particularly well known in Nigeria, we are confident that it is still worth mentioning for anyone who would be interested in learning how much Ghana zinc costs there.

In Nigeria, a bundle of Ghana zinc costs roughly 18,000 Naira (N18,000). In Nigeria, the cost of Ghana roofing sheets in 2023 will be between N900 and N1000 per sheet.

How much does Cameroon zinc cost per bundle in Nigeria?

In 2023, the cost of a bundle of Cameroon zinc in Nigeria starts at thirty-seven thousand naira (N37, 000), and it ranges from thirty-seven thousand naira (N37,000) to forty thousand naira (N40,000), depending on the type, size, and store where you purchase it.

Is aluminum a good roofing material?

Metal roofing made of aluminum is typically highly recommended for coastal areas. This is primarily because aluminum is less susceptible than other types of metal roofing materials to rust from salt.

What to know in 2023 before buying zinc (roofing sheets) in Nigeria

There are a few things to take into account before acquiring zinc (roofing sheets) in Nigeria:

  • Quality: Make certain to get from a dependable supplier and to check the zinc’s quality.
  • Zinc should have the proper thickness for the desired function, depending on its thickness.
  • Cost: To obtain the greatest bargain, compare prices from various sources.
  • Availability: Confirm that the supplier has an adequate supply of zinc on hand and is capable of making a prompt delivery to your area.
  • Check the product’s warranty status to see if it is still valid.
  • Check the zinc’s brand to be sure you are obtaining a high-quality item.
  • Check the supplier’s compliance with Nigerian standards and laws pertaining to zinc roofing sheet.
  • Check the price and timeline for delivery, especially if you’re purchasing in quantity.

Does aluminum roofing cost more than steel does?

If you prefer a more expensive metal roofing alternative for your home, we suggest going with aluminum. Although it isn’t as expensive as copper, a non-ferrous material like this one costs a little more than a standard steel roof.

How many zinc sheets are there in each bundle?

The quantity of zinc sheets in a bundle can change based on the product and the manufacturer. Depending on the thickness of the sheets, a bundle of zinc roofing sheets typically contains 25 to 50 sheets.

The precise number of sheets per bundle should be confirmed with the producer or supplier because it varies depending on the product. Depending on the number you require, some vendors may also give you the choice to buy a half-bundle or a full-bundle.


Other varieties of roofing sheets and their costs in Nigeria in 2023.

The list of current roofing sheet prices in Nigeria as of 2023 is shown below.

Types of and costs for fiber reinforced roofing sheets in Nigeria.

The pricing and sizes of all sorts of roofing sheets made of fiber Britment in Nigeria are listed below.

TypesSize/ThicknessPrice per square meter
Fibre britmen sheets priceSquare meterThree Thousand Five Hundred Naira ( ₦3,500)
Fibre britment step-tile sheets priceSquare meterFour Thousand Nine Hundred Naira (₦4,900).


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