Facebook’s follow me – a new hoax

Facebook’s follow me – a new hoax

The new hoax on Facebook which has fast gained popularity this week is scaring some people into thinking they are being stalked by unknown people.
Facebook users are being bamboozled and deceived into spreading the myth that a hidden list could expose who your stalkers are.

Facebook's follow me

It further goes ahead to claim that those followers would be secretly stalking you, your statuses and updates.
The rumor says that Facebook will give you the list if you go to your ”Settings” – to ”blocking and privacy”, and type in ”following me”

Realistically, when you type into the search bar, Facebook will give you a list of friends, places, etc. So, what you are seeing is actually just a list of people who share some letters with the words ”following” and ”me”.

We are glad to say, the myth is just that – a myth.

Facebook follow me hoax making rounds again


Another day, another Facebook Hoax. 

This time you may have seen people warning you on your Facebook feed that there’s a secret list of people following your posts. They’re supposedly not your friends, but complete strangers. 

The posts then direct you to search “Following Me” in your Facebook account and there will be a list of names you won’t recognize, The Times Union reported.

The problem is, it is all a hoax that your Facebook friends are unknowingly perpetuating.

This isn’t the first time a following hoax took root on social media. Snopes investigated a similar claim in January that people from “Facebook security” were paid to watch people on the platform. 

Both are untrue, according to Scopes.

So how can you find out how who really is following you?

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