How you can Delete Facebook Photo

How to Delete Facebook Photo: Previous post featured how to delete Facebook photo so we thought you might wish to entirely remove photo album from your Facebook profile. In this article, we shall see what it takes to get rid of full Facebook photo album you created on Facebook.

When I’m done showing you how to delete your Facebook album photo, you will wish to buy me a coffee or sponsor my lunch. But that won’t matter right now, since you are too eager to erase everything about this particular Facebook album. So I suggest we get started.

Please note that you may not be allowed to delete certain Facebook album. For instance,  album tagged as Profile Pictures. I guess the reason is quite clear – it’s a system generated album but keep in mind that you can delete photos contained in it.


Also keep in mind that as soon as you hit on delete photo album, you will never be able to gain access to that album for eternity. So it’s highly advisable to make sure you really want to delete an album.
Another thing you should know is this – whenever you delete an album, it automatically delete every single image in the album. Be sure you are not deleting the unintended album.

How to Completely Delete Facebook Photo Album

To do the deletion, follow the steps below:

  • Go to the album you want to delete
  • Click on the gear icon at the top right and select Delete Album
  • Click to confirm

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