NECO Computer Studies Questions and Answers 2023/2024 Expo/Runs Objectives/Essay: PDF Download

Free NECO Computer Studies Questions Answers 2023/2024 to objectives and Essay For free. Get the latest likely Computer studies/science Expo runs here and pass your SSCE exams successfully. Candidates can now download Computer studies NECO Questions and Answers without subscribtion.

In this article, we are providing Candidates taking the ongoing Examination updates on NECO Computer Studies Answers Paper1 & 2 OBJ & Theory) to help them do well during the Exams. We also make available Past Computer Studies Questions to show you the NECO standard. 

All information provided here is only for educational purposes, students should Practice the NECO Computer Studies Sample test Questions and follow all the instructions provided here on the current updates. The Solutions to NECO Questions and Answers for Computer studies Objectives and theory papers.

2019 NECO Computer Studies Answers to Questions .The National Examination Council, NECO Computer studies objectives, theory, and Practical should be presented in such a way to meet the NECO marking Scheme. The Schedule for the exams is indicated in the Timetable.

NECO 2023 Computer Studies Objectives Questions and Answers PDF

The National Examinations Council is Responsible for the Setting and marking of NECO Examination and has informed members of the general public that the National Examinations Council has neither authorized nor permitted any person/agent or institution to register candidates on behalf of the Council, on a parallel or different website other than The only Questions are Computer Studies past Sample Questions and answers

The Following Are Sample NECO Objective Questions. They are likely Computer studies questions for Neco 2020.

1. Computer is an

  • A. electrical device
  • B. mechanical device
  • C. electronic device
  • D. chemical device

2023 Computer Studies/Science NECO Essay Questions and Answers PDF

  The following are areas/hot topics you should be very good at to get an A in Neco computer studies:  

  1. Computer fundamentals and evolution
  2. Computer hardware
  3. Computer Software
  4. Basic Computer Operations
  5. Computer Applications
  6. Managing Computer files
  7. Developing Problem-solving skills
  8. Information and Communication Technology
  9. Computer ethics and human issues


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How to Get NECO Computer Studies Expo/Runs 2023/2024

The likely current expo/runz for the computer studies for NECO exams is coming your way.

Student Looking for NECO Computer Science Answers are advised to adopt the following

  • Adequate Preparation
  • Use Good Computer Studies Textbooks
  • Prayer
  • Time Management
  • Following the Exams instructions

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