NECO Economics Questions and Answers 2023/2024 Expo/Runs for Objectives/Essay | Free/Correct

Free NECO Economics Questions and answers Objectives/Essay for 2023/2024 Exams available. NECO Economics Objectives and Theory Questions and answers PDF download (Paper 1&2), Economics NECO Questions and Answers. Get correct Likely NECO Economics Expo/Runs below.

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Economics NECO Questions and answers, Economics Questions and answers for NECO SSCE Exams, and how to Answer NECO Economics exams Questions without stress are provided here. see more on NECO Econs questions and answers.

We also have NECO Economics Past Questions and answers for practice for interested Read more on the NECO Economics Questions and answers for objectives and Theory below.

The National Examination Council, NECO Economics exams questions papers and other related materials are adequately provided for candidates on Time.The Solutions to Questions and Answers for NECO Economics Objectives and theory papers.

2023 NECO Economics Objectives Questions and answers PDF

The Likely NECO SSCE Economics Objectives Exams Questions and answers are not yet updated. We are working hard to ensure that the latest updates on NECO Economics exams are provided here.

Practice Past Questions and Answers:

1. Entrepreneur is associated more with

  • A. profit sharing
  • B. production of beverage
  • C. profit making
  • D.  capital management
  • E. risk bearing

Correct Answer = E (Risk bearing)

2. These are the objectives of industrial strategies in Nigeria EXCEPT
  • A. industrial financing
  • B. maximization of local value added
  • C. promotion of export oriented industries
  • D. promotion of import oriented industries
  • E. provision of economic and social infrastructures

Correct Answer: B (maximization of local value added)

3. Which of the following is a determinant of elasticity of supply?

  • A. Consumer’s income
  • B. Degree of necessities
  • C. Durability of the product
  • D. Number of uses of the commodity
  • E. Proportion of income spent on the product

Correct Answer= C ( Durability of the product)

4. When the demand for foreign exchange exceeds its supply, the value of the domestic currency
  • A. appreciates
  • B. depreciates
  • C. expands
  • D. Increases
  • E. inflates

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NECO Economics theory 2023 Questions and answers PDF

The likely Essay Questions and answers for NECO Economics exams is not yet Available for candidates. We will equally provide some available updates on the Economics theory paper.

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Economics Expo/Runs for NECO SSCE Exams 2023

The National Examination Council, NECO exams is for candidates that are fully prepared. The likely NECO objectives and Theory Expo are to guide you on how to answer the NECO exams Questions.

How to Answer NECO Economics exams Questions 2023

The following hints are very useful while attempting questions in the exams hall:

  1. Pray before the commencement of the NECO Economics exams
  2. Avoid every disturbance before and during the exams
  3. Read the instructions provided on the questions paper accordingly
  4. Call the attention of the invigilators where there’s confusion
  5. Read the objectives questions at least three times before chosing your answer
  6. Start with the Questions you know best on the theory section.
  7. Make sure your handwriting are readable
  8. Cross-check your work before submitting them.

Thanks, that all concerning NECO Economics Questions and answers Objectives/Essay. Use the comments section below for your Questions.

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