NECO Mathematics Questions and Answers 2023/2024 (Expo/Runs) Objectives/Essay | Verified PDF Download Today

NECO Mathematics Questions and Answers 2023/2024 to Objectives and Theory: free SSCE Mathematics Expo/runs Obj & theory available for all. You can also download the latest Mathematics NECO 2023 Questions and Answers PDF.

Candidates who wish to have access to the current NECO general Mathematics objectives and theory Answers for (PAPER 1 & 2) online. All you have to do is to read carefully and adhere strictly to all instructions guiding the NECO 2023 Mathematics Exams Questions.

likely NECO Expo for Maths, NECO Questions and Answers for Mathematics Exams, and other related details on how to answer the Objectives and theory Questions are provided below.

Solutions to NECO Mathematics exams Questions, free Mathematics NECO objectives and Theory Questions, today’s NECO expo on general mathematics exams.

In addition to the National Examination Council, Current updates on Mathematics answers for NECO SSCE, the team has made available some NECO Maths past Questions and Answers to help you.

If you need the verified likely Mathematics Runs and randomly repeated NECO Questions and answers for Mathematics without Subscription a night before the exams, you are not alone.

NECO Mathematics 2023 Objectives Questions and Answers PDF

NECO Maths Objectives for Practice before the exams. Below are NECO 2023 Sample Past Mathematics Questions that may be repeated, make good use of them.


1. The median of a distribution can be estimated from

  • A. Barchart
  • B. Cumulative frequency curve
  • C. Frequency polygon
  • D. Pictorial
  • E. Pie chart

ANSWER: B (Cumulative frequency curve)

Explanation: It is important to know that there are many charts in Statistics. Do not mix up the interpretation as the cumulative frequency curve stands as the best answer.

2. If A = 1/2h (a + b), make ‘a’ the subject of the formula

  • A. (2A – 2bh) ÷ b
  • B. (2A – bh) ÷ h
  • C. (2A – bh) ÷ b
  • D. (A – 2bh) ÷ h
  • E. (2A – h) ÷ bh

ANSWER: B ((2A – bh) ÷ h)

Explanation: Ensures that the cross multiplication is done first before opening the bracket and division.

3. The graph of cumulative frequency distribution is known as

  • A. an ogive
  • B. a histogram
  • C. a frequency polygon
  • D. relative frequency
  • E. none

ANSWER: A (an ogive)

4. The sum of the interior angles of a regular polygon with k sides is (3k-10) right angles. Find the size of the exterior angle?

  • A. 90°
  • B. 40°
  • C. 60°
  • D. 120°

Correct Answer: C (60°)

5. The height of an equilateral triangle of side is 10 3√ cm. calculate its perimeter.

  • A. 40cm
  • B. 60cm
  • C. 20cm
  • D. 30cm

Correct Answer: B (60cm)

Mathematics Practice Questions

1. Correct 241.34 (3 x 10-3)2 to 4 significant figures

  • A. 0.0014
  • B. 0.001448
  • C. 0.0022
  • D. 0.002172

SEE: NECO Timetable

General Mathematics Essay NECO Questions and Answers 2023 PDF

In this section of the exams, candidates are required to answer the questions they know best from the questions provided. they should also ensure that the answers are up to the numbers expected to avoid loss of marks.

We are here to tell you that the National Examinations Council (NECO) is not in any way in support of any  NECO mathematics expo.

Anybody assuring you of any expo might scam you, beware of such people The only Questions are NECO mathematics past questions and Sample Questions and answers.

Mathematics Expo/Runs for NECO SSCE 2023/2024

All Updates concerning the Likely NECO Mathes expo/runs will be done as soon as possible, we expect students to keep checking back to have access to the Questions and Answers tips once available on our website.

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How to Pass NECO SSCE Maths Questions

Student Looking for NECO Mathematics answers are advised to key into the following guide.

  • Proper Preparation
  • Use Good Mathematics Textbooks
  • Prayer.
  • Time Management
  • Adhere to instructions

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