NECO Literature in English Questions and Answers 2023/2024 (Expo) Objectives/Essay PDF Download

Free NECO Literature in English 2023/2024 Questions and Answers to Objectives and Essay Page. Candidates that registered for the exams and need Literature in English expo/runs in drama, poetry, prose, etc are to stay glued to this Likely Literature in English NECO Questions and Answers page. 

The National Examination Council, NECO Literature in English Objectives & Theory Questions and Answers for Paper 1 & 2 PDF for the Ongoing examination has been dealt with here, take time and make the best out of it. Literature SSCE Exams tips ( OBJ & Theory) are provided below for all candidates.

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This post covers all you need about the NECO Literature answers, tips, and marking scheme. We also provide Verified Literature in English Past Questions in NECO SSCE for practice.

NECO 2023 Literature in English Objectives Questions and Answers PDF

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Read the objective questions not less than twice before chosing your preferred option.

SEE: NECO Timetable PDF

Correct Literature Essay Questions and Answers for NECO 2023

The Neco Literature in English Essay Questions has to do with Letter, Article, or Story Writing with Essay for candidates to answer and Summarize a given passage.

Literature in English Questions and Answers Scheme

NECO and WAEC Scheme of work are almost the same. We recommend that you use the waec scheme below for maximum prepareation.

  • Paper 1 will be a multiple-choice objective test. It will contain fifty questions distributed as follows:

(a) Twenty questions on General Knowledge of Literature;

(b) Five questions on an unseen prose passage;

(c) Five questions on an unseen poem;

(d) Twenty context questions on the prescribed Shakespearean text.

Candidates will be expected to answer all the questions within 1 hour for 50 marks.

  • Paper 2 will be an essay test with two sections, Sections A and B.

Section A will be on African Prose and Section B on Non-African Prose.

Two essay questions will be set on each of the novels recommended for study.

Candidates shall be required to answer one question only from each section within 1 hour 15 minutes for 50 marks.

Paper 3 is going be on the Drama and Poetry components of the syllabus.

It will be put into four sections, Sections A, B. C and D as follows:

  • Section A: African Drama
  • Section B: Non-African Drama
  • Section C: African Poetry
  • Section D: Non-African Poetry

There shall be two questions on each of the prescribed drama texts for Sections A and B. There shall also be two questions for each of the poetry sections ie Sections C and D.

Candidates shall be required to answer one question from each of the sections, making a total of four questions. The paper will take 2 hours 30 minutes to complete and will carry 100 marks.


2023 Literature in English Expo/Runs for NECO SSCE

Student Looking for NECO Literature Answers are advised to adopt the following

  • Use The Recommended Novels
  • Use Good Literature in English Textbooks
  • Prayer
  • Time Management
  • Adhere to instructions

Any candidate who refuses to adhere to the Examination Instructions is planning to fail. The instructions there are for you not for the invigilators. Adherence to instructions gives you a better chance of passing Literature in English in NECO.

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