NECO English Language Questions and Answers 2023/2024 (Expo) Objectives/Essay PDF Download

2023 NECO English Language questions and Answers to OBJ, Essay & Oral test can be found here.  NECO English Answers to OBJ, Essay  & Oral test – This page is meant to give you all the likely NECO English language expo/runs for the 2023 SSCE exams today. neco gce english answers and questions

But you can only see the Solutions to NECO English Questions if you continue reading this page. Infushoutloud welcomes you to the one and only site that gives you all that you need on English Language Objectives, Essay, and Oral Test exam for NECO 2023/2024 June/July internal ( and private candidates) examination.

The National Examination Council (NECO) English Language Exams PAPER I and II are ready for all students, get ready to make an excellent grade.

NECO English 2023 Comprehension Questions and Answers PDF

If you are wondering how to pass this year’s  June/July internal exam, this page has got you covered as it will give you all that it takes to pass NECO English which is according to the timetable. In that case, you are required to read through this guide in order to obtain the best EXPO in English for NECO 2023. Do not forget that the National Examination Council, NECO, is the body vested with power and authority to conduct examinations to all external (private) candidates.

Our major concern here is to make the English questions very simple for you by providing you with correct answers to all the OBJ, Essay, Comprehension, lexis and structures, Oral Test and other parts of the subjects that will be set.

NECO English Answers and Questions – English Language Expo

This is exactly what brought you here. You want to see this year’s NECO English Answers to OBJ, Essay, Oral Test, comprehension, and others and that is exactly what we will give to you.

Download NECO English Language Objectives Questions 2023 PDF 

In each of the following sentences, there is one underlined word and one gap. From the list of words lettered A to D, choose the one that is most nearly opposite in meaning to the underlined word and that will, at the same time, correctly fill the gap in the sentence.
  1. Most African countries face poverty while few enjoy ………………
    A.  influence
    B.  money
    C.  affluence
    D.  power.
  2. Last year our farmers cultivated more crops than they……………
    A.  destroyed
    B.  uprooted
    C.  harvested
    D.  yielded
From the words lettered A to D, choose the word that best completes each of the following sentences.
  1. There would have been a riot in our school but for the timely ……….. of our staff.
    A.  intervention
    B.  interruption
    C.  interference
    D.  invasion.
  2.  The armed robbers …every room in the bank to look for money.
    A.   explored
    B.  ransacked
    C.  raked
    D.  swept.
After each of the following sentences, a list of possible interpretations is given.   Choose the interpretation that you consider most appropriate for each sentence.
  1.  Ade is too clever by half. This means that Ade is
    A.  far cleverer than others
    B.  actually very stupid in his behaviour
    C.  annoyingly clever
    D.  behaving to be clever but is not.
  2. Ameh is really being economical with the truth. This means that Ameh
    A.  is being praised for being honest
    B.  does not know enough
    C.  knows more than he is prepared to say
    D.  is not telling the truth.
From the words lettered A to D below each of the following sentences, chose the word or group of words that is nearest in meaning to the underlined word as it is used in the sentence.
  1. By failing to attend the interview, Idoko has lost a golden opportunity.
    A.  blessed
    B.  bright
    C.  good
    D.  delightful.
  2. I hope the principal would be gracious enough to forgive us.
    A.  cordial
    B.  polite
    C.  merciful
    D.  gentle.
From the words or group of words lettered A to D, choose the word or group of words that best completes each of the following sentences.
  1. A good citizen abides …..  the rules of the land.
    A.  with
    B.  in
    C.  at
    D.  by
  2. Since his swearing in, the governor ………..  his hometown.
    A.  had not been visiting
    B.  has not visited
    C.  did not visit
    D.  had not visited.
NECO English Language questions are always very simple. Most candidates think that this subject is hard. But I want to let you know that it is not hard. Below is the English NECO 2020 Answers…

NECO English Language Essay Answers PDF 2023

ENGLISH ESSAY QUESTIONS SECTION A: 50 Marks Answer 1 Only [Please Answer Correctly]
1)the literary and debating society of your school is organizing a debate on the topic: poverty,and not corruption is the bane of our society. Write your arguments for or against the motion
2)write an article suitable for publication in a national newspaper on the danger posed by the use of commercial motorcycles in our cities and suggest ways of curbing them
3)write a story that best illustrates the saying: A leopard cannot change its spots 4)write a letter to the honourable minister of agriculture on ways of bossing agriculture in your country

English Summary Writing

The updates on Summary writing is coming soon

English Language Expo/Runs 2023/2023 for NECO

Candidates can now access the likely English expo for NECO as the examination is ongoing. We will give you the necessary updates required to answer the questions successfully.

How to Pass 2023 English questions

Before we go into the topic above, note the questions, just like other past math questions will come in three papers, Paper II, III and IV.
Paper II is the Essay, III is the Objectives and IV is the test of oral.
Passing English Language is very simple. Just follow the guidelines below
  • Study past questions
  • While studying, use NECO GCE Syllabus
  • Pray to God
This is all we can take on NECO English Questions and Answers 2023. More real questions will be coming your way very soon.
  • Past Questions and Answers for NECO English language exams
  • Expo on NECO English today 

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