NECO Marketing Questions and Answers 2023/2024 (Expo/Runs) Objectives/Essay | Free/Correct PDF Download Here

Correct NECO Marketing Questions and Answers 2023/2024 to objectives and Theory is available For free. Are you ready to perform well in your Marketing Exams in NECO SSCE? You are not alone, download the likely NECO Marketing Expo/runs here without “SUBSCRIPTION” Paper 1 & 2. Solutions to NECO Marketing Questions are provided below.

Free Marketing NECO objectives and theory Questions and Answers pdf. We also make available NECO past Questions to show you the standard. All information provided here is only for educational purposes, students should Practice the NECO Marketing exams Sample questions.

likely NECO Expo for Marketing exams, NECO Questions and Answers for Marking Objectives and theory (Paper 1& 2) are provided hereunder. read and follow the Marketing exams instructions provided.

The National Examinations Council (NECO) has the duty of Conducting of NECO Examination and has provided everything needed to help candidates without expo in NECO SSCE. Here we are going to guide and provide you with NECO Marketing OBJ & Theory Past Answers to questions for practice mad latest news on the exams.

NECO Marketing 2023 Objectives Questions and Answers PDF


ATTENTION! Marketing Objectives is another section of the exams whereby you will be required to choose the correct options. The options may range from A to D or you may be required to take True or False.

To answer these questions correctly, kindly read the questions at least 3 times. These will help you to pass the NECO questions very well.

SEE: NECO Timetable PDF

NECO Marketing Past Questions and Answers:

1. Consumer buying behaviors are least required by one of the following efforts.

  • A. New buying
  • B. Routine buying
  • C. Impulse buying
  • D. High buying

The Correct Answer: C (Impulse buying)

2. E-marketing is also known as________

  • A. Internet business
  • B. Electronic banking
  • C. E- mail order
  • D. Direct purchasing

Correct Answer: A (Internet business)

3. Which of the following is an example of a transportation document that is used for local trade.

  • A. Consular invoice
  • B. Certificate of origin
  • C. Waybill
  • D. Bill of lading

Correct Answer: C (Waybill)

4……… is the differentiation of a firm’s product from other competing goods.

  • A. Branding
  • B. Labelling
  • C. Coding
  • D. Packaging

Correct Answer: B (Labelling)

5. Which of the following is an element of the external marketing environment?

  • A. Economic indices
  • B. Company procedures
  • C. Corporate culture
  • D. Organizational policy

Correct Answer: A (Economic indices)

6. One of the following clearly defines the willingness and ability to identify business opportunity, establish and operate it successfully.

  • A. Entrepreneurship
  • B. Wholesaling
  • C. Distribution
  • D. Purchasing

The Correct Answer: A (Entrepreneurship)

7. One of the following is an example of long-term source of fund for an entrepreneur.

  • A. Customer advances
  • B. Trade credits
  • C. Overdraft
  • D. Debenture

Correct Answer: D (Debenture)

The following are practice questions:

1.The performance of business activities that direct the flow of goods and services from producer to consumer is

  • A. distribution.
  • B. marketing.
  • C. advertising.
  • D. promotion.

2.Goods produced for immediate use by a household is classified as

  • A. industrial goods.
  • B. market goods.
  • C. durable goods.
  • D. consumer goods.

3.Which of the following is not a component of marketing mix?

  • A. Price
  • B. Product
  • C. Profit
  • D. Promotion

The Latest/Today’s Marketing 2023 Objectives Questions and Answers for NECO Loading….

NECO 2023 Marketing Essay Questions and Answers PDF

NECO Marketing theory Answers are also known as Essay answers. This section requires that the candidate chose the questions and answer. The number of questions required Will be mentioned in the exam questions paper.


The following are prepared sample past questions and answers for you:


(i)Production concept: Loading

(ii)Consumer Orientation approach:- Loading

(iii)Advantages of Radio Advertising
-Cost efficiency
-Mental Imagery

(iv)Disadvantages of Radio Advertising
-Lack of a Visual Element
-Audience Fragmentation
-Limited Listener Attention
-Limited Research Data

(v)Advantages of television Advertising
-Convenient and Flexible
-Strong Impact
-Mass Coverage


Marketing Expo/Runs for NECO 2023 SSCE Exams

The Likely NECO Marketing expo/runs will soon be out, we expect students to keep checking back to have access to the Questions and Answers tips once available on our website.

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Before you Answer Marketing NECO questions make sure you:

  •  Pray to God your Creator and the giver of success
  • Carefully read and follow the instructions in the exam questions paper
  • Start With the questions you know very well
  • Avoid unnecessary distraction from others
  •  Make sure you are conscious to the time allowed
  • Fill in all your details where it is required.

The Above questions are NECO Marketing Sample Past questions answers. I hope this article is very useful. Kindly leave your questions box.

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