NECO Commerce Questions and Answers 2023/2024 Expo/Runs PDF Objectives/Essay: Download

Live NECO Commerce Questions and Answers 2023/2024 Objectives/Essay.  Download NECO Commerce Answers for free if you want to make a good grade in your NECO Commerce Exams. likely NECO Questions and Answers for Commerce Objectives and theory papers.

In this article, We are going to show you Commerce expo tips for NECO SSCE and also provide you with past and Randomly repeated NECO Commerce Questions and Answers.

To make proper use of this page, we advise candidates to study the practice sample past and current NECO Commerce 2023 Questions provided so as to perform excellently in the NECO Commerce Exams.

2019 NECO Commerce Answers to Questions

The National Examinations Council (NECO) is Responsible for the Setting and marking of the NECO Examination and has informed members of the general public that the National Examinations Council has instructed and provided everything needed for the smooth running of the exams. Free NECO Commerce 2023 expo…

NECO Commerce Objectives 2023 Questions and Answers

Anybody assuring you of any NECO Commerce runs may scam you, beware of such people. The only Questions are Commerce past questions and 2020 Commerce Sample Questions and answers.

The Following Are Sample Neco Objective Questions. They are likely NECO Commerce answers 2020.

SEE: NECO TImetable

1. Income distribution, nature of natural resources, investment etc. forms part of —–business environment.

A. cultural
B. economic
C. political
D. social
E. technological

  2. The fee for sending a telegram depends on the

Live updates on NECO Commerce 2023 answers…

Commerce Theory 2023 NECO Questions and Answers PDF

The NECO Essay part will required you to choose from the questions given.

Below are likely NECO theory questions

  1. Distinguish between commerce and Industry
  2. Explain three activities involved in industry
  3. Explain five activities involved in commerce
  4. State five features of public corporation
  5. What is mail order business
  6. State 5 importance of personal selling to a business
  7. Explain the meaning of market segmentation
  8. Define Nationalism and Indigenization
  9. Define Commercialization and Privatization
  10. State four reasons why government should participate in business


How to Get 2023 Commerce Expo/Runs

Student Looking for NECO Commerce Answers are advised to adopt the following

Proper Preparation

Preparation is the key to Success, anybody looking for any other way to pass Commerce apart from good preparation is looking for a way to fail. seat tight and study your books and pass NECO Commerce can never be a problem to you.

Use Good Commerce Textbooks

There is nothing good as sound textbooks. The textbooks are your companion. Make good use of Commerce textbooks in addition to your class note and you will see yourself solving complex Commerce questions. One textbook is not enough, some textbooks make topics that seems to be hard in others simple. You are advised to make textbooks your companion.

Adhere to instructions

Any candidate they refuse to adhere to the Examination Instructions is planning to fail. The instructions there are for you not for the invigilators. Adherence to instructions gives you a better chance of passing NECO 2020 Commerce .

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