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WAEC GCE Physics Questions and Answers 2020/2021 to OBJ/Essay is now available here with all WAEC GCE 2020 Physics questions that are usually asked in the WAEC GCE Exams. Keep yourself updated on the current WAEC GCE Physics answers. We shall share with you a little WAEC GCE 2020 likely Physics expo.

WAEC GCE Physics 2020 is controlled, set, and marked by the West African Examination Council. This WAEC GCE Exam is only for Private Candidates who are currently not in the school system.   WAEC GCE Physics Answers and questions involve questions that will test the candidate’s ability in the Physics aspect. So it is pertinent to understand it and write the correct answers in the exams hall.  

WAEC GCE Physics

WAEC GCE  Physics Objective Questions and Answers

WAEC GCE Physics questions are always the types of questions pertaining to how you can understand physical phenomena.   WAEC Physics exams are always very simple and candidates should pass it with flying colors, so you have nothing to worry about as we shall provide you with some tips to use in order to pass this exam.

How to use waec gce syllabus and prepare for gce exams.

I don’t know how to use syllabus effectively? I feel stuck when using syllabus. I don’t know how to structure my syllabus. I can’t work with a syllabus. That’s the most common complain i hear from students. In truth, excuses like those hide the real reason they are stuck.

There is this joy that comes with knowing what you are to study ahead of your teachers. Having those topics at your fingertips makes you a step ahead of your colleagues. Studying those topics back to back will cause a dramatic change in your performance.

The reverse is the case where you have these syllabus but you do not know what to do with them or how to use them effectively and making the most out of those syllabus.

Here in this article are some of the ways you can use syllabus effectively.

1. Don’t get your self overwhelmed with a lot of syllabus: Some students get worked up on the sight of so many topics. You don’t have to be, just take them one at a time.

2. Get the necessary textbooks: I will advise that you use only standard and recommended text books. These textbooks will help you to form notes which you will always refer to

3. Get some notebooks: You can write down notes in the books after reading from the textbooks

4. Set up a calender or a reading timetable for each subject or topics just the way it suits you

5. Choose a study method: You alone knows the reading method that works for you. I will advise that you stick to it and concentrate

6. Choose a reading environment: The environment where you read will determine if you will stay to us. Get a place with no distraction so as to achieve maximum success

7. Allocate time for each subject during your study hour.

8. Practice and provide answers to difficult questions using your textbooks as guide

9. Be consistent: Do well to follow up with the timetable you had prepare.

10. Do well to revise and read the note formed

There is no better time to invest in yourself academically and take your learning journey up a notch. If you need extra motivation to continue studying that syllabus or more tips on how to stay focused, don’t hesitate to let us know using the comment section.

The objectives section of the exams is normally simple. you will be required to take just an option from multiple choices. Ensures that you go through the question over and over again before making your choice.

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WAEC GCE Physics Essay Questions and Answers 2020

(i) Satelite is used in communication.
(i) Rockets are used for research of the planetary bodies.
(ii) They are also used in making adventures. They are used in launching
of satelites.


(5) Applications of permanent magnet:
(i) in telephone earpiece
(ii) in electrical bell
(iii) in generators
(iv) in electrical motors
(v) in induction coil systems


9 )Boyle’s law state that a law stating that the pressure of a given mass
of an ideal gas is inversely proportional to its
volume at a constant temperature.

9 bi) Renewable energy is energy generated from
natural resources—such as sunlight, wind, rain,
tides and geothermal.They are energy sources that can be replaced as
they are used.They are continually replenished

WAEC GCE 2020 Physics Expo

For those of you looking for WAEC GCE Physics Answers and expo, this is the right time for you to get it. All you have to do is to stay on this page and refresh it timely in order to see when any new information about this subject will be posted.

See below for WAEC GCE 2020 Physics Answers.  All Questions are set and controlled by the West African Examination Council. As such, no one is entitled to have the questions before the exam, so beware of fraudsters.

Do you have any questions to ask concerning WAEC GCE Physics Questions and Answers 2020? Then do so through our comment section below and we shall respond immediately.

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