WAEC GCE Mathematics Questions and Answers 2022/2023 Objectives/ Essay (Expo) – PDF Download

Free and Correct WAEC GCE Mathematics Questions and Answers 2022/2023 Theory/Objectives. Likely Expo/runs on WAEC maths exams for GCE Objectives and essay. Get correct and free Verified Mathematics WAEC GCE Questions and Answers PDF here.

The past objectives and theory questions and answers for Mathematics you study for WAEC or GCE will go a long way to determine how well you will succeed in the  2022/2023 West African Examination Council exams. See More on WAEC GCE Questions and Answers for Mathematics below.

The WAEC GCE maths questions ( Paper 1& 2) found here are a great source of assurance that many  GCE students are unaware of that good Result. Follow the Examination instructions provided here accordingly.

With this mathematics GCE theory and objective questions and answers PDF download, you can sit for the 2022/2023 WAEC GCE exam, and be rest assured that you will come out with flying colors.

WAEC GCE Mathematics Questions and Answers

Included in this article on GCE questions in mathematics are the West African Examination Council mathematics syllabus and some guides you will be needing to successfully pass your Mathematics GCE WAEC examination.

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WAEC GCE 2022 Mathematics Objectives Questions and Answers

The objectives section of the exams is normally simple. you will be required to take just an option from multiple choices. Ensures that you go through the question over and over again before making your choice.


1. Given that​​ y​​ varies inversely as the square of​​ x.​​ if​​ x=3 when​​ y=100, find the equation connecting ​​ x​​ and​​ y

  • (a) yx2=300
  • (b).​​ yx2=900
  • (c)​​ yx2=100x9100x9​​
  • (d) y = 900x2 ​​​​

2. Find the value of​​ x for which 32four​​ = 22 base x

  • (a). three
  • (b) five
  • (c) Six
  • (d) seven

3. Simplify:​​ 2 whole number1/4 x 3 whole number1/2 ÷4 whole number3/8

  • (a).​​ 5/9
  •  ​​ (b)​​ 1 whole number1/5​​
  • (c)​​ 1 whole number 1/4​​
  • (d)​​ 1 whole number 4/5

Mathematics WAEC GCE Essay Questions and answers 2022 PDF

We have taken time to compile a comprehensive and commonly asked GCE West African Examination Council theory and objects Maths past questions with answers for your consumption.

The WAEC Mathematics theory Questions and Answers are loading. make good use of the Past Questions Provided here.

WAEC GCE Mathematics Expo/Runs for 2022

The likely Expo for mathematics will soon be provided here. Check the following questions below and do well to engage yourself by solving them.

Today’s Mathematics Questions and Answers for WAEC GCE.

Simple ways to Pass WAEC GCE Mathematics Questions 

As a matter of fact, there are some simple steps you can take in order to pass your Mathematics exam very easily. These are the tips we shall give below so as to guide you in passing this 2020 WAEC Mathematics questions and provide your self with correct answers.

  • WAEC 2022 Mathematics syllabus is the very first thing you should think of. If you know the syllabus for Mathematics, then you can easily know which area to concentrate on. So I recommend that you should get this WAEC GCE Syllabus for Mathematics.
  • WAEC GCE Past questions on Mathematics should come into your mind. Having the past question for any subject helps you to know the manner and the likes of questions you should expect from that subject so as to be able to answer them accordingly.
  • After getting all these items, then the next step is for you to sit down and study this subject (Mathematics) effectively and all the WAEC GCE Mathematics Questions will be very simple for you.
  • Lastly, I will recommend that you should have good Mathematics Skills because this is what will be required of you.

If there is any Questions on WAEC GCE Mathematics Questions and Answers, use the comment section below.


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