WAEC Marketing Questions and Answers 2024/2025 (Expo/Runs) Objectives/Essay Download PDF Now

Correct Live WAEC Marketing Questions and Answers 2024/2025 Objectives and Essay Download PDF for candidates to Score A1. It is obvious that with likely Marketing WAEC Questions and Answers 2024 theory and OBJ, candidates will be able to perform well in the ongoing Examination. Students who wish to do well in the WAEC Marketing SSCE Exams should study this page closely.

WAEC Marketing Questions and Answers to OBJ/ESSAY

Candidates should try as much as possible to go through the Past Questions and Answers on WAEC Marketing so as to have an idea of the WASSCE Standard. We will equally give you tips on how to answer the WAEC Objectives and theory Questions in Marketing. Read more on WAEC Marketing Questions and Answers below.

The West African Examination Council, WAEC is ensuring that all the required Examination Materials are Supplied on time to foster the smooth running of the ongoing exams. see details below on Likely Marketing Expo/runs for WAEC for Paper 1 and 2 OBJ & Essay). We have provided solutions to WAEC Marketing Questions here accordingly.

WAEC Marketing 2024 Objectives Questions and Answers Out online 

 Below are Objectives WAEC Marketing Past questions and Answers: 

1. Sales promotion is important because it enhables a business to

  • A.  locate customers in different areas
  • B. fix prices for its products and services
  • C. create competition between different products
  • D. stimulate demand for its products

Answer: D (stimulate demand for its products)

2. An organizational factor that influences a manager’s decision to but raw materials from a particular source is company’s

  • A. structure
  • B. procedure
  • C. reward system
  • D. image

Answer: D (image)

3. A product that is brought frequently on impulse at lower price is

  • A. convenience goods
  • B.  industrial goods
  • C. unsought goods
  • D. speciality goods

Answer: A (convenience goods)

4. Air transport is preferred to other modes because it is

  • A. faster in transporting goods for long distance
  • B. affected by weather conditions
  • C. suitable for door-to-door services
  • D. relatively cheaper than other modes 

Answer: A (faster in transporting goods for long distance)

5. A person who carries out point-of-sales promotion is

  • A. a merchandiser
  • B. a retailer
  • C. a wholesaler
  • D. an agent

Answer: A (a merchandiser)

6. The Consumer buying behaviors that requires the least effort is ……..

  • A Routine Buying
  • B High Buying
  • C Impulse Buying 
  • D New Buying

The Correct Answer = C ( Impulse Buying)

7.The differentiation of a firm’s product from other competing goods is__________

  • A. Coding
  • B. Labelling
  • C. Packaging
  • D. Branding

The Correct Answer = B (Labelling)

8. Which of the following element is for external marketing environment is_____________

  • A. Economic indices
  • B. Company procedures
  • C. Corporate culture
  • D. Organization Policy

The Correct Answer= A ( Economics indices)

9. One of the following is a short term tools used in boosting turnover:

  • A. Personal selling
  • B Sales Promotion
  • C. Mass media
  • E. E-mail marketing

The Correct Answer = B ( Sales Promotion)

10. ………. Is an advertising leaflet that introduces the message off the advertisement

  • A. Headline
  • B. Photograph
  • C. Margin
  • D. Cut-out

The Correct Answer= A ( Headline)

11. The Amount of money charged for…..

  • A. Fare
  • B. Price
  • C. Revenue
  • D. Cash

The Correct Answer= B (price)

12. Which of the following best explain the process of collecting and Analyzing information about the external marketing environment?

  • A. Market Segmentation
  • B. Environmental management
  • C. Marketing Research
  • D. Marketing Management

The Correct Answer= C ( Marketing Research)

13.  All are examples of institutional consumers excerpt?

  • A. Hotels
  • B. Schools
  • C. Hospitals
  • D. Households

The Correct Answer=D ( Households 

14. E-mail marketing is also Called…..?

  • A. E-mail Order
  • B. Direct purchase
  • C. Internet Business
  • D. Electronic banking

The Correct Answer= C ( internet Business)

15.The willingness and ability to identify business opportunity, establish and operate it successfully is________

  • A. Distribution
  • B. Wholesaling
  • C. Entrepreneurship
  • D. Purchasing

The Correct Answer = C ( Entrepreneurship)

Practice the following Past Questions:

1.The performance of business activities that direct the flow of goods and services from producer to consumer is

  • A. advertising.
  • B. marketing.
  • C. distribution.
  • D. promotion.

2.Goods produced for immediate consumption by a household is classified as

  • A. durable goods.
  • B. market goods.
  • C. industrial goods.
  • D. consumer goods.

3.One of the following is not a component of marketing mix.

  • A. Price
  • B. Product
  • C. Profit
  • D. Promotion

4.One of the following is not influenced by consumer behavior.

  • A. Life style
  • B. Culture
  • C. Religion
  • D. Distribution

5. The performance of business activities that direct the flow of goods and services from producer to consumer is

  • A. distribution.
  • B. marketing.
  • C. advertising.
  • D. promotion.

6. In Nigeria, the body that ensures that its members operate according to their professional ethics is the

  • A) MAN
  • B) NPF
  • C) SON

7. The current highest decision-making body on privatization and commercialization of public enterprises in Nigeria is the

  • A) Nigeria Investment Promotion Commission
  • B) Securities and Exchange Commission
  • C) National Council on Privatization
  • D) Bureau of Public Enterprises

8. The principle of indemnity is NOT applicable to

  • A) Marine insurance
  • B) Accident insurance
  • C) Fire insurance
  • D) Life assurance

9. The advertising medium which combines sight and sound is the

  • A) Print media
  • B) Television
  • C) Radio
  • D) posters

10.The selling of goods in small units is normally performed by

  • A, brokers,
  • B, wholesalers,
  • C, retailer’s.
  • D. distributors,

11. A storage facility that uses an advanced material handling system under the control of a central computer is

  • A. a public warehouse,
  • B. an automated warehouse.
  • C. a distribution warehouse.
  • D, a storage warehouse,

12. The way in which a product is delivered to meet the customers’ need is

  • A. new product concepts,
  • B. selling concepts.
  • C. advertising activities.
  • D, distribution activities.

13. The process of encouraging consumers to buy products at retail outlets is

  • A. advertising.
  • B. publicity.
  • C. merchandising.
  • D. distribution,

14. Another term for marketing is

  • A. direct marketing.
  • B. internet marketing,
  • C. electronic banking.
  • D. electronic purchasing,

15. A document that accompanies goods in transit is a

  • A.manifest.
  • B, waybill.
  • C, bill of sight.
  • D. credit note,

16. Marketing concept means

  • A. buying and selling to customers,
  • B. selling and distribution to customers.
  • C. satisfying customers’ needs and wants.
  • D. advertising and promotion to customers

17. Meeting customer expectation regarding the quality a product is

  • A. customer satisfaction.
  • B. customer excellent.
  • C. customer loyalty,
  • D. customer value.

18. Which of the following channels of distribution will be used by a company that wants to have control over its price?

  • A. Manufacturer — Consumer
  • B. Manufacturer — Agent — Consumer
  • C. Manufacturer — Wholesaler — Retailer—Consumer
  • D. Manufacturer —Agent —Retailer -—* Consumer

19. Which of the following is not an element of the marketing mix?

  • A. Place
  • B. Packaging
  • C. Price
  • D. Product

20. Competitive price in marketing is arrived at by

  • A. considering competitive demand for the product.
  • B. adding a mark-up to the cost price.
  • C. setting price in relation to competitors’ price.
  • D. adding a margin to the best price.

21. Marketing is defined as

  • A. buying and selling to customers.
  • B. selling and distribution to customers.
  • C. meeting customers need profitably.
  • D. Advertising and promotion to customers

22. A product by an organization for use in Carrying out a business is

  • A. an industrial product.
  • B. a specialty product.
  • C. a consumer product.
  • D. a convenience product.

23. Which of the following cannot be used to identify a product?

  • A. Trademark
  • B. Trade name
  • C. Pricing policy
  •  D. Package

Correct Today Marketing Objectives Questions and Answers for WAEC Loading.

Latest 2024 Marketing WAEC Theory Question and Answers PDF

Past Questions are given below:

1.(a) JK Ltd, a Nigerian company decides to expand its operational to the South African Market.

State four reason that would have necessitated the company’s decision

(b) JK Ltd, a Nigerian company decides to expand its operational to the South African Market.
List and explain four entry modes the company could use to enter the South African market

2. (a) List two components each of the 4P’s of marketing

(b) List and explain four external factors affecting the marketing environment

3. (a) Jo – Bo, a young graduate established a retail outlet in his neighbourhood instead of seeking for a paid employment.

State five activities Jo-Bo would carry out to ensure continuous patronage by customers.

(b) Jo – Bo, a young graduate established a retail outlet in his neighbourhood instead of seeking for a paid employment.
State five benefits Jo -Bo would derive from his decision.

4.(a). State five functions of a wholesaler

(b). Outline five factors that would influence the choice of a distribution channel by a producer

5.(a) State five factors that a manufacturer would consider before setting prices for his products.

(b) Explain five advantages of television over electronic billboard as a medium of advertising.

Latest Free Objectives and Essay Marketing Questions and Answers for WAEC Loading…

How to Answer WAEC Marketing Questions

The following steps are very important for candidates that wish to make good grades:

1. Read all the Instructions provided in the Question paper: This is a very important thing to do as soon as the Question paper is given to you. The essence of this is to help you know what you are required to do. Try as much as possible to adhere to the exams instructions.

2. Fill in Your details where required on the Answer booklets. One of the greatest mistakes candidates make is failure to write their details on the Answers booklet. Filling Your exams details before attempting questions is important because you may forget or may cut off with time.

3. Start with the Questions you know best: This is a smart approach. When you start answering the questions you know very well, you will not only have the confidence to answer the difficult ones but give the marker/examiner a good impression about your knowledge of the subject.

4. Read the Questions at least Thrice before providing solutions: Don not be in a haste to answer questions. Try and read them over and over again to gain full understanding of the questions.

5. Make your handwriting are readable: Take your time to write very well, a good handwriting will make your answers clear understandable.

6. Cross Check your work before submission: I’m all your doing, don’t fail go through your work before submitting your answer booklet. This will enable you to correct mistakes made.

Essay/Objectives WAEC Expo/Runs

It’s important to know that there’s nothing like WAEC Expo or Runs. Many platforms may be promising you Expo on WAEC Marketing, you have to be wise in order not to be scammed.

All we do is to ensure that we provide you with all the necessary steps and updates on how to pass your exams without Stress. Stay tuned for more Related Updates.


How To Pass Marketing SSCE Exams

The Following ways are to be used while getting ready for the WASEC SSCE Exams:

  •  Determined to pass
  •  Have self-confidence
  • Start Studying Early
  • Use the WAEC  Syllabus
  • Pray to God Your creator
  •  Adhere to The exams instructions.
  • Use your Time Wisely.
  •  Be punctual to the examination venue

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