WAEC GCE Economics Questions and Answers 2022/2023 Expo Objectives/Essay

WAEC GCE Economics Questions and Answers 2022/2023 Objectives/Theory – Download Likely WAEC GCE Economics Expo, free live WAEC GCE Econs Questions to make good grades in the ongoing exam. The Updates on Economics WAEC GCE Questions and Answers PDF for Paper 1 & 2 are shown here

WAEC GCE Economics Questions

The latest WAEC GCE Economics Answers? In this article, you will be shown how to answer WAEC Economics objectives and theory Questions and the questions that usually look difficult in GCE Economics will never be a problem to you.

The West African Examination Council, WAEC has provided all the necessary information and materials including the Economic Scheme of work to help candidates perform excellently in the exams. Follow the Examination instructions provided here accordingly.

ATTENTION! All Private candidates should make sure that all the answers provided are presented in such a way that it corresponds with the current WAEC GCE Economics marking scheme.

If you make good use of this WAEC GCE Economics runs tips, there will be be testimony after the examination. You don’t have to subscribe to the Econs Answers.

WAEC GCE 2022 Economics Objectives Questions and Answers

The Economics Questions will come in two parts the Objectives and Essay. The details are dealt with here.


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The following are WAEC GCE Economics past questions for candidates to practice:

1. The following factors can cause a change in demand except?
  • A. Income
  • B. Taste and fashion
  • C. Population
  • D. Price of other commodities
  • E. Price of the commodity concerned

ANSWER: E (Price of other commodities)

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2. When the demand for a commodity becomes inelastic, total revenue will fall if…
  • A. Price is increased
  • B. Price is reduced
  • C. Price remains constant
  • D. Price is not given
  • E. The commodity is a luxury

ANSWER: B (Price is reduced)

Economics 2022 Essay WAEC GCE Questions and Answers PDF

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Before the Econs Questions and Answers comes your way make sure you adopt the following:

There is no greater heartbreak than knowing an answer to a question in an examination and failing to put those answers on paper. It is really sad that a whole lot of students do not know how to answer waec/GCE questions effectively, they do less of what is needful ana more of what is not required.

This article will explicitly guide you on how to answer waec/GCE questions without leaving out any bit of information. If you want to perform well in your WAEC or GCE and come out with an amazing result do well to stick to the information on this article and you won’t regret it.

Procedures to answering WAEC/ GCE questions.

Follow this list and you will be glad you did

1. Relax: Whenever you find yourself in any examination hall, the first thing you should do is to let go of aniexty. Don’t let fear crip into your mind, whether be it fear of failure or the fear of the unknown.

2. Read the instructions first and carefully: I have meet students who at the sight of a question they know the answers to, leap for joy and rush into answering them without first reading the instructions on the exam paper. This will only results to regrets

3. Read each question carefully and thoroughly: I will advise students to read each question at least twice with care. This will help them understand the question

4. Understand the question: You can’t give an answer to something you don’t understand. It is only with understanding that you can do justice to the question.

5. Allocate time to each question: Do not spend all day on one question. The examiner is not your friend and won’t wait until you are done. For instance, you can allocate 5 minutes each to theory questions

6. Don’t write on the margin of your exam booklet: This warning is clearly stated in the instructions given at the front page of the booklet. Many students ignore this and in the end face the consequences.

7. Draw two lines on any mistake: Nobody examiner wants to read a rough work that they cannot even see the answers correctly.

8. Don’t change the question: Funny enough, a lot of students change their exam questions when they cannot answer the original question. This is why you have to read and understand before providing your answers

9. Follow the rules of the question: please don’t break the rules. If you are required to answer only 5 questions, follow the rules and don’t exceed that.

10. When answering objective questions, please shade your answer in the box provide in the answer booklet with your HD pencil. Do not tick

11. When answering easy questions, don’t start a question you cannot finish. Always go for the questions you are best familiar with. Always pick the question you are going to answer. Don’t answer then randomly.

12. In easy questions, just go straight to the point when providing your answer. Don’t beat about the bush.

13. Dot your i(s) and cross your t(s)

14. Go through your answers: When you feel that you have exhausted all possible answers and you are ready to submit, please revise your work again to pick out corrections

15. Lastly, don’t forget to say a word of prayer over your booklet. Many student’s booklet do fall into the wrong hands. You don’t know who is going to mark your booklet.

Knowing the terms of words in any question:

Economics Expo/ Runs for WAEC GCE 2022

The following are terms you should get yourself familiar with

  • Define: Give a familiar and universal definition of the subject.
  •  List, Mention, Enumerate: You are required to only list. Don’t be tempted to jump into explaination here
  •  Explain: What you know about the subject in your own words, it includes defining and interpreting
  • Differentiate: The differences between the subjects. Always do this in a tabular form, placing the differences side by side.
  • Similarities: What the subjects have in common. You can do this by listing the similarities
  • With the aid of a diagram: You are required to include a well labelled and neat diagram to your work

I will advise that you go over this information again and don’t forget to share them to your friends. See you on the platform of success!!!


I believe the guide on WAEC GCE Economics Questions and Answers are very useful to all Private candidates? Use the comments section below for your questions.

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