WAEC GCE Literature in English Questions and Answers 2022/2023 Expo to OBJ / Essay: Sure Answers

 WAEC GCE Literature in English Questions and Answers 2022/2023 to Objectives and Essay questions with all the 2022 Literature in English WAEC GCE questions that are constantly asked in the WAEC GCE Literature Exams. Get the Latest Correct WAEC GCE Literature Prose, Drama, and poetry Expo/runs now.

WAEC GCE Literature

The West African Examination Council, WAEC GCE Literature in English objectives and theory Questions and Answers should be presented in such a way that it is in accordance with the WAEC Marking scheme. Do not rush to answer, take your time. 

GCE Literature-In-English 2(Prose) . We will equally share with you a little Likely  WAEC GCE E Literature Answers for (Paper 1 & 2) as you keep reading. Follow the Examination instructions provided here accordingly.

WAEC GCE Literature in English Objectives Questions and Answers 2022


The Objectives section will show you multiple options, please try and read to your understanding before attempting them.

1. In literature, repetition is used essentially for
A. rhyme
B. suspense
C. allusion
D. emphasis.

2. A Poem that celebrates an object, person or event is

A. a sonnet
B. a dirge
C. an ode
D. a balled.

3. _______ In literature is the sequential arrangement of events in a creative work.
A. Cast
B. Summary
C. Flaw
D. Plot.

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Literature in English Theory WAEC GCE 2022 Questions and Answers PDF

WAEC GCE English Language essay questions are always the types of questions pertaining to how you can use literary terms. It will test your English skills.  

1. What do you learn about the culture of mando land in the play
2. Examine Wara’s role in the development of the plot
Frank Ogbodo ogbeche: harvest of corruption
3. Justify the title of the play
4. Assess the character of Ogeyi in the play


Lorrade Hansberry a raisin in the sun

5. Examine the younger as a close knit family

6. How are mama, Ruth and beneatha portrayed in the in the play
Oliver Goldsmith : she stoop to conquer

7. Compare the relationship between Tony and Constance with that between young Marlow and kate

8. How does Mr. Hardcastle feel about his stepson 

SECTION C African poetry

9. Relate the tittle of the poem ambush to the theme of frustrated dreams10. Discuss the use of symbolism in okara’s piano and drum

SECTION D Non African poetry

11. Comment on the use of a pun in Herbert’s the pulley
12. Examine the theme of endurance in birches

WACE Literature in English exams is always very simple and candidates to pass it with flying colors, so you have nothing to worry about as we shall provide you with some tips to use in order to pass this exam.

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Simple ways to pass WAEC GCE Literature in English Examination 2022

  • WAEC 2022 GCE Literature in English syllabus is the very first thing you should think of. If you know the syllabus for English Language, then you can easily know which area to concentrate on. So I recommend that you should get this WAEC GCE Syllabus for Literature in English.
  • WAEC GCE Past questions on Literature in English should come into your mind. Having the past question for any subject helps you to know the manner and the likes of questions you should expect from that subject so as to be able to answer them accordingly.
  • After getting all these items, then the next step is for you to sit down and study this subject (Literature in English) effectively and all the WAEC GCE Literature in English Questions will be very simple for you.
  • Lastly, I will recommend that you should have good Literature in English Skills because this is what will be required of you.

Literature Expo/Runs for WAEC GCE  2022

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