Correct 2021/2022 WAEC Biology Practical Specimens Questions and Answers (Expo) PDF Download

WAEC Biology Practical Specimens Questions and Answers 2021/2022. Candidates writing Practical Biology and you are in need of the Correct Biology 2021 WAEC Practical Specimens Questions and Answers can now download likely Biology Practical Expo Runs for WAEC?

You are on the right page. with this opportunity, you should be able to perform well in your WASSCE Biology practical exams. 

You are welcome to our sure solutions to WAEC Biology Practical Specimens answers. Biology 3 (Practical) (Alternative A). (1st Set). Biology 3 (Practical) (Alternative A).

The WAEC SSCE Questions and Answers tips on Alternative to biology Practical Exams are equally provided.

2019 WAEC Biology Questions and Answers

Correct WAEC Biology Practical Specimens Questions and Answers, WAEC Practical Biology Answerspdf,  2021 WAEC Biology Practical Expo/runs, Download WAEC biology Practical

Download WAEC Biology Practical 2021 Questions and Answers PDF

The specimens are usually labeled. The labels may range from A to Z. To tackle these questions correctly, kindly read the questions at least 3 times. These really guide you to pass the WAEC 2021 Alternative to Biology Practical Specimens questions very well.


WAEC Biology Practical Specimens

The Following are Past Specimens Use for WAEC Biology Exams:

Today’s Specimens for biology Practical loading…

Past Specimens:

  • Specimen A
  • Specimen B
  • Specimen C
  • Specimen D
  • Specimen E
  • Specimen F
  • Specimen H
  • Specimen K
  • Specimen L
  • Specimen M

(ai) Cut a piece of Specimen A place it on the white tile. Add a few drops of iodine solution Record the Observation and Result in Tabular Form.

(ii)  Squeeze a few drops of specimen B on another clean white tie provided, add a few drops of iodine record the observation and result in tabular form.

(bi) State to observation differences between Specimen A and E

(ii) Suggest two factors that are likely to be responsible for the state of the specimen B

(iii) with the aid of a hand lens/magnifying lens, observe Specimen B and name the organism on it

(iv) State the mode of feeding of organism on Specimen B

(c) Make a drawing 6cm-8cm long of Specimen C and label fully. one function each of any three part lebelled

2. Study Specimen HKL and M


Biology Practical Expo/Runs 2021 for WAEC

The WAEC Like biology expo is coming your way, practice the above sample questions while waiting for the latest updates as the exams is ongoing.

The following are very useful in planning to make WAEC  huge success:

  • Make adequate Preparation for the Biology Practical Exams
  • Use Biology Practical Manual and Recommended textbooks
  • Have self-confidence
  • Pray to God your Creator concerning your exams
  • Be at the Biology Practical exams venue early
  • Follow strictly the instructions on  the exam paper
  •  Make good Use of WAEC syllabus

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