How to Visit Facebook Login Homepage – Steps

Facebook Login Homepage 

Have you ever been to the Facebook login homepage before? If no, then I can say you are not conversant with facebook, therefore has no facebook account. In other words, then I can successfully say you have never logged in a facebook account before. 

There are so many benefits and features of a facebook account and you can only access and use them after you have gone through the facebook login home page.

On a facebook account, you can easily chat and relate with friends and family members, no matter how far they are. With this simple feature, facebook can be said to have tightened the bonds of so many relationships. 
How to Visit the Facebook Login Homepage 

Now, there are two ways in which you can access and use the facebook login home page. It is either you use it from your mobile device or from your Pc.


However the two steps are the same procedures but there is a change of URL. To access and use the Facebook Login homepage; 

Boot your device and make sure that there is an active data connection together with an active data subscription.
Now launch your device web browser and search for the official facebook website at or launch the facebook app and wait for the app to load. 

Now that page that loads is what we call the facebook login homepage. However you must note that if you already have a facebook account signed in, you must sign out first.

Again in place of the URL, you might want to change that while using your mobile device. Incase you want to change that; you can change it by using the URL 
How to Create a Facebook Account 

Like I tried to mention earlier, there are so many things you can do with the Facebook login homepage and using it to create a facebook account is one out of so many. To create a facebook account; 

  1. Visit the facebook login homepage as illustrated in the steps above.
  2. Click on the button or link indicating you to create a new facebook account and =enter the details you are required of.
  3. Now confirm your details and you will be successfully logged in to your new facebook account. 

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