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Facebook notifications are updates about activities that occur on Facebook, it can be status updates, photo updates, events updates, etc. Facebook notification settings are well explained here.

It is very necessary for every Facebook user to turn on his or her Facebook notification because it helps to keep Facebook users updated with the latest trends. It also helps to notify Facebook users of their events, time, date, and location of the event.

How to Check Out Your Facebook Notifications

At the top right of your Facebook homepage, you are going to see three major icons which are:

  • Friend Request Icon
  • Facebook Messenger Icon
  • Facebook Notification Icon

Anytime you get notified about anything, you are going to see a red bubble appearing on any of these icons. The red bubble will include the number of notifications you received.

The Facebook Notification icon particular can appear differently depending on whether you are using the Facebook App for mobile or you visit Facebook on your desktop. On a desktop, the icon appears as a globe while on mobile it appears as a bell.

The Message Notification icon shows users messages sent to them from friends and groups while the Notification icon in form of a human shadow is to notify you on recent friend requests sent to you from other Facebook users.

Hovering your cursor around any of these icons tells you what it is before you even click on it. Clicking on it unveils all the notifications in detail.

How to View Your Facebook Notifications

Facebook sends every notifications of activity that involves them directly such as comments involving or concerning you, group activity, liked pages or even tags.

And you can only view your Facebook notifications by being an active Facebook user. Firstly you have to create a Facebook account. To create a Facebook account, visit the official Facebook website at www.facebook.com.


After creating a Facebook account you will therefore have to log in to your Facebook account, opening the notifications menu, and selecting individual notifications or viewing the entire archive. Follow these steps in order to view your Facebook notifications regardless of any platform you are using being it mobile or desktop.
On Mobile
After successfully creating a Facebook account, download and open the Facebook app.

  • Log into your account on the Facebook app by entering your email or phone number and password.
  • Tap the log in tab to continue.
  • Tap the globe icon located at the top of the Facebook page close to the human icon representing friend request.
  • Your notifications history will show, tap on anyone you would love to view.
  • Log in to your Facebook account via your desktops web browser
  • Fill in your email address or phone number and password into the corresponding fields. Click on log in to complete the process.
  • on your Facebook page click on the globe icon which will open a drop down list of recent notifications.
  • Click see all found at the bottom of the notifications drop down, and by clicking this it will bring you to a list of notifications that Facebook has saved for you.

Adjusting Facebook notification settings | Turn on notifications

Here are the few steps you need to adjust your Facebook notification settings, make sure you follow them step by step without making a mistake.

  • Log into your Facebook account with your details.
  • Click the Account menu at the top of the page.
  • Select Account settings.
  • Click on the notifications bar at the top of the account settings page.
  • You will see a large page of notifications with two boxes beside them. The first box signifies “turn on”
  • notifications while the other denotes “turn off” notifications.
  • Choose the option you want.
  • Click the button labeled “save changes”.

When you click on save changes, your notifications has been changed automatically.

Remember turning on your notifications setting means you will get a notification about an update anytime. While turning off notifications means you won’t get a notification concerning any updates.

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