How to open Spotify Account (sign up Spotify account

Have you been using Spotify before and just wondering how the unlimited version would be like. I can say even myself have not tried Spotify unlimited but from the sound of it, it would be so much fun. Spotify unlimited is very much the same as the Spotify premium. The main function is that it allows you to stream music on Spotify without ad interruptions. With the Spotify unlimited you could skip any song you like without limits. To use Spotify unlimited you need to sign up for a Spotify account. 

How to Sign Up For Spotify 

Like every other streaming platform, to enjoy the benefits, you need to sign up for an account. To sign up for Spotify you need a good data connection and a Spotify supported device. To sign up for Spotify, 

Advance to This would take you to the official Spotify website. This site is a much-secured site. Look up to see https to confirm you are on the right page.
On this page, hit the sign up option at the upper right corner of the page.
Fill the form on the new page with all necessary details. Verify you are not a robot and check your gender box.
To finish your sign up, click on the green sing up button. 

Wait for a maximum of fifteen seconds to be logged in to your new Spotify account. Note that this would require you to download the Spotify app that is supported for your device. Kindly download the app if you want to start using Spotify instantly. You can also skip this process if you have a Spotify account before. 


How to Log In To Spotify 

If you have a Spotify account, log in following the instructions below. 
Progress to the well-recognized spotify website at
Click the log in link at the top corner of the page.
Fill in your account login details and click on sign in. 

Wait to be redirected to your Spotify account. 
How to Upgrade to Spotify Premium and Enjoy Spotify Unlimited 

To upgrade, log in to your Spotify account. After logging in, 
Click the “upgrade” or “Spotify premium” button on the page.
Choose your Spotify premium plan by hitting the “get premium” link.
Choose your payment option; this could be through PayPal or through a card. 

Key in details about your payment option to finish your order. If your transaction was approved, you would be directed to your Spotify premium account homepage.

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