How to Directly Share Post on Instagram

What is Instagram direct? Instagram Direct is a private messaging feature for the popularly known mobile photo and video sharing app Instagram. It enables you to share photos and videos even messages with one user or multiple users on the Instagram platform

Since Instagram was founded in 2010, there was nothing like private messaging available on the Instagram platform. When you want to chat with someone or a user on Instagram, you can do so only by commenting on their photos or tag them in a comment. Not until Instagram direct was now launched in December 2013. 

This instagram feature allows you to send messages to those you are following and those you are not following. And when you send messages to friends with this feature on instagram, the message will appear in their inbox as a message request that they must approve first. When approved you are allowed to send messages to them, even if you are not following them on the instagram platform. 


Instagram direct is very important and useful, especially when you have a lot of followers. At times not everything needs to be shared with everything on the instagram platform, when you have large audience.


Instagram direct can also be very helpful, when you want to connect with a user privately on the instagram platform. Instagram directs makes you more targeted and personal with groups on instagram so that you won’t be spamming anyone news feed with video and photos that are not relevant to them. 
Share posts via Instagram direct 

Under every instagram post you will see several buttons you can use to interact with the post. One of the buttons is marked by the iarrow icon, which you can use to share the post via private message. A lot of users on the instagram platform usually shared instagram posts with their friends by always tagging them in comments.

But since this comes up as notifications, they can be easily not seen or missed if the tagged users receive a lot of tags. This is why this is the better option for you, because when you share post using instagram direct posts can be seen easily. This is one of the benefits of instagram direct. 

The instagram direct has a lot of amazing and incredible features that the users enjoy. Below are some unique features you enjoy using instagram direct. 
It gets you more fans if you are a celebrity.
Makes communication very easy.
Allows you to message people you do not follow. 

These are some features enjoyed when you use this feature.

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