Best Messaging App For Android: Android Messaging App

Have you ever wondered what the best messaging app for Android device is?

First off, I can say there are thousands of messaging app available for android device nowadays. To be sincere, there is a list of apps that stand out because of their unique abilities and features. These apps are rated the best among all messaging apps on Android devices. All of these apps are available on the Google play store as it is a must use for all android users. 

In this article, we would be talking about the top four best messaging apps for android users. The list I would be giving is a random list. Wherever the numbers fall does not matter. Some of these apps might already be loaded into your phones operating system if you use the latest version of your device.

Most of these apps are just like the facebook messenger but some do more and others does less. To begin with the list the first one I can think of here is the android messages app. 
Google Android messages – Best Messaging App for Android 

Google android messages are one of the best apps you can use when it comes to text messaging. Now the good news is that this app might already be loaded into your device. This app always comes preloaded on all pixel devices if you know what I mean.

Google android messages allow users to customize their chat by adding GIFs, Emoji, stickers, and even real-life pictures. This app is very lean and simple to use it may also interest you to know that the app is RCS complaint.


It has been decided that this app would soon be rebranded and some new feature would be added to it to make it so much fun for all users. This app can be downloaded from the Google play store if you want to install it manually. 

Google Chomp SMS – Best Messaging App for Android 

The Google chomp SMS is another great messaging app. although this app remains one of the oldest messaging apps it has evolved with every of the new android devices to retain its freshness.

Some of the features you can find on this app include pop-up for quick replies, SMS blocking, and also a feature called Wear OS support. I must admit I don’t really know what this feature does but from the sound of it, it is going to be great.

To get this app, you can search for “chomp SMS” on the Google play store and click the green install button on the page to install the app. 
Evolve SMS – Best Messaging App for Android 

This app is a beautiful piece of nature that is well designed to suit every user’s taste. This app was designed by the same person who created Talon for Twitter. This app brings a lot of customization options when it comes to setting up notifications.

This feature might as well be the most important feature for a messaging app of this manner. The quick reply version is basically the full version of the app and can pop-up on whatever it is you are doing.

There are also customization themes for the app to help you get the best messaging experience you want. This app along with all of its themes can be downloaded from the Google play store because this is an android app. 
Best Messaging App for android – Facebook Messenger 

This is one of my favorites. My long-awaited app. now; most people do not like the Facebook platform and have refused to see the potential behind the Facebook messenger. The Facebook messenger has an instant internet messaging platform integrated with and SMS messaging platform.

This basically means that if you are a Facebook user you can have all of your text messages in one app. If you do not like Facebook, this app might not bring out all your expectations but if you love facebook than you should probably try this app out. 

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