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Sukam is a leading global brand for backup power solutions for homes and businesses. Sukam Inverters are pure sine wave inverters with built-in UPS for homes and small businesses with output power ranging from 800VA to 50KVA (50,000VA). Sukam Inverter Price in Nigeria ranges from 52,000 Naira to 5.6 million Naira depending on the rated power output, level of sophistication, whether or not battery and/or installation is included, your location, and bundled accessories.

Where to Buy a SuKam Inverter

Jumia Nigeria – See Offers | Konga – See Offers

Inverters draw energy from a battery, so you need to buy the recommended number of battery for your Sukam inverter. We recommend SMF (Sealed Maintenance Free) batteries because they are safer and maintenance-free.

A 12V 200AH SMF battery (which we recommend) costs around 50,000 Naira, but a 12V 100 AH SMF battery can be managed at 30,000 Naira per unit.


Sukam Inverter Prices

  • 900VA / 12V – 52,500 Naira
  • 1.6KVA / 24V – 96,500 NGN
  • 2.5VA / 48V – 200,000 NGN
  • 3.5KVA / 48V – 240,000 NGN
  • 5.0KVA / 96V – 415,000 NGN
  • 7.5KVA / 120V – 540,000 NGN
  • 10KVA / 180V – 661,500 NGN
  • 15KVA / 360V (3 Phase) – 1,438,000 NGN
  • 20KVA / 360V (3 Phase) – 1,713,000 NGN
  • 25KVA / 360V (3 Phase) – 2,173,500 NGN
  • 30KVA / 360V (3 Phase) – 2,633,000 NGN
  • 40KVA / 360V (3 Phase) – 3,438,000 NGN
  • 50KVA / 360V (3 Phase) – 5,640,500 NGN
  • For Latest Prices,

Sukam Inverter Battery Price

  • 12V / 200 AH Inverter Battery – 116,000 Naira to 170,000 Naira

Sukam Inverters recommended for your home and business are the pure sine wave models that deliver clean power free of harmonics.Shop Related Products

A Sukam Inverter will also come with built-in UPS so that once there is a failure in power supply, they kick-in without disruptions. Some series of Sukam inverters are Solar also ready.

Brainy Inverter series is one of Sukam’s line of Solar Inverter. With the Sukam Solar-ready inverters, you can charge your inverter batteries with Solar panel(s).

You will have to buy the solar panel separately. However, you can also charge your Brainy inverter batteries with public power supply or your power generator.

Sukam also has a solar charge controller line for your regular inverters, when you want to upgrade them for solar energy.

Sukam is a leading name when it comes to Power inverters. I have been using a Sukam Inverter for about 2 years now with no complaint.

So, I will advice you to consider a Sukam Inverter is you are looking for a reliable backup power system for your home or office.

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