How to Make Money by Re-Selling Gift Cards on CoinCola

Welcome friends! Today, I am going to guide you on How to Make Money by Re-Selling Gift Cards on CoinCola.

It’s no news that the border closure by the Nigerian government is really hitting hard on a lot of businesses. Although the intention behind the closure is good, several companies are experiencing a cash crunch because Nigeria is primarily an import-dependent country.

When businesses are not making a profit, they would not seek to hire but would rather downsize. Nigeria is already battling with increasing unemployment, and now the situation is only about to get worse.

To survive in the present economy, several people have started searching for an alternative source of income that can supplement their lifestyle.

While some have been languishing, several informed Nigerians have already made the most out of the quiet technological revolution that’s been going.

The cryptocurrency industry in Nigeria is gradually growing with a number of young people jumping on board.Shop Related Products

With little capital and nothing more than a mobile phone, a laptop, and a stable internet connection, several Nigerians are already earning a steady income. To these set of people, they are not even aware of the cash crunch most businesses are suffering.

You may be wondering how they are able to achieve this. It’s not rocket science, and anybody can master the trade. All these people have to do is resell different gift cards like Amazon gift card, iTunes gift card, Steam gift card, etc. gotten from several sources to others in need of it. These gift cards are resold at a higher rate to a waiting market.

There are several Chinese buyers who are in need of gift cards but cannot lay their hands on them. Just as it’s stated in Economics, when demand outweighs supply, the price would increase.

Hence, the reason these Chinese buyers are willing to pay a higher price for these gift cards. Luckily for most Nigerians, they have these gift cards in abundance and they are eager to sell.  


After terms are agreed, the seller can be paid in Bitcoin or USD. If the seller chooses to be paid in Bitcoin, they can either keep it or resell when the price of Bitcoin rises. Either way, it’s a win-win situation for all parties involved.  

One problem most gift card traders experience is choosing a platform that would secure their assets and data. There have been several instances of hackers carting away customer’s assets worth millions of dollars.

Sometimes, personal details like passwords, biodata, and credit card information are at risk if the platform is not secure enough.

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All these worries and more have been addressed by a peer to peer exchange called CoinCola that came all the way from Hong Kong, China, to Nigeria. Since the moment they launched their services in Nigeria, it’s apparent that CoinCola means business. They are one of the few customer-centered P2P exchanges in the region.

CoinCola gift card market where you can sell gift cards for BTC fast & easy

For several years, CoinCola has been the number one crypto exchange in Asia. Over time, they set sights to dominate other parts of the world, which brought them to the most populous country in Africa, Nigeria.

Knowing fully well that security is a major challenge that plagues a lot of exchanges worldwide. CoinCola did not spare any expense in setting up their security. They did not leave anything to chance as they employed the best brains in the security industry to monitor and protect the platform.

Not only that, their website is protected by top of the line SSL, all assets are backed up and stored in a cold storage should all systems go down. Transactions on the platform are secure thanks to the escrow service in place and many more.

The aim from the onset was to deliver top-notch service to both buyers and sellers on the platform, at the same time, providing a seamless experience when using the exchange. Another reason most crypto enthusiasts will choose CoinCola over any other platform in Nigeria is because of their fast trading speed and high conversion rate.

A trade can be completed in five minutes or less. You can sell gift cards for bitcoin within minutes with trusted sellers, and there’s a variety of payment options you can choose from. That means you don’t have to wait all day to get your funds if you wish to convert your gift card or crypto to cash.

The Buy Bitcoin in Nigeria page on CoinCola

To buy Bitcoin in Nigeria has become so easy and straightforward with CoinCola. You can monitor your transactions and assets on the go as you can access the platform on several devices. The platform can be accessed via Android, IoS, and Desktop.

The user interface of the exchange is easy to use by all and sundry, and for those who have questions, there are easy to follow guides they can make use of on the website. Also, the customer care representatives of Coincola are available to answer any question or inquiry and are available all year round.  

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