Meet the New Facebook Login

Meet the New Facebook Login 

Are you ready to Meet the New Facebook Login? I bet you never knew there are now new ways for you to log in to the Facebook site, of course, new ways have been designed for Facebook users. In order for them to easily log in and access their Facebook account, even without going through the normal login process. Now, there are a lot of users out there who think that logging in to Facebook requires going through the site or the main app on their smart mobile phones. Well, the great news is that there is a new Facebook login app that allows its users to access their Facebook app, without having to go through the main login process. 

Well, in this article, I will be showing you a list of ways through which you can get connected to your Facebook account right from your PC, your web-based device and any other device that supports the use of the app. 
Meet the New Facebook Login and How it Works 

Getting started with Meet the New Facebook Login has got not stress at all. all you have to do is gain access to the web-based site or the app for the login and you are set to get started. Now the New app used for the purpose of Facebook login is called Rdio. 

Rdio is mainly known for its use as a music streaming site, but this site has now been embedded with the feature of Facebook login. Once you have access to the site of Rdio, you are able to access your Facebook account directly from here. This Rdio site charges its users about 4.99 dollars per month for its desktop music streaming services and 9.99 dollars for mobile and web. But it has been announced that the Facebook users who make use of this site are able to stream free music right on their Facebook account. 

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You might still wonder what the Rdio is. But with the little explanation listed above, I guess you should have a clue to what it is. Rdio is a downloader that generates the easiest and fastest way through which a whole lot of users can get and download their favorite music, right on your desktop/PC. 

However, I said earlier, this music streaming site has embedded the new Facebook login feature. And this enables Facebook users to quickly access their accounts, even without the normal logging process through the app. 
How to log in Using Rdio – Meet the New Facebook Login 

Hey friends, I know you just can’t wait to Meet the New Facebook Login! I bet you will definitely not believe how easy and fast it is to access this feature. Well, without much ado, let us quickly get started. Now, this is how the New Facebook Login with Rdio works. 
For Android Devices 

This Rdio service is just known as an app. And this app allows its users to get and listen to all of their favorite songs. But one of the amazing features of this app is that it supports the feature of Facebook login. That is, it allows users to login to their Facebook accounts via the app. So, the question is how do I get this Rdio app? It is definitely simple! 
Get on to your Google Play store on
At the top of the store page, use the search box to find Rdio.
On the next page, the app will be displayed to you, click on it and hit the Install button.
Once the download process is complete, you can open the app and get started. 
For IOS And Tablet Devices 

Of all the web-based apps and mobile apps engaged in Facebook login, I can say that Rdio is just the perfect one suitable for your use. So, here’s how to get started. 
you have to visit your Apple app store.
At the top of the page, click on the search icon.
Type in Rdio and the app will be displayed to you.
Once found, hit the Get button.
After you are done, open the app and get started. 
For Desktops and PCs 

If you make use of the Windows version of a PC, then you can get started. 
Get on your web browser and search for
Right on the next page, you will find Rdio.
By the side of the app, you will find the Download button
Hit the Download button
Once you are done, launch your installed app.

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