How to start a blog | Complete Blogging Steps

Some are asking, How can a beginner start blogging? How do I start a blog with no money? How do bloggers get their money? Can I create a blog for free?

Blogging is the first step towards finally pursuing your dream job or favorite hobby, so you really can not go wrong. While starting a blog might seem difficult,

this article will help walk you through every step to make it smooth as possible. The process is actually easy with one who knows the relevant steps to take and you will learn how to get your website off the ground, write your first blog post and draw in local readers.

What is a blog?

While a blog can encompass an entire website or simply be his own section of the website, this is a place to Share content about a topic you are passionate about. A blog will typically include both written and visual elements published in an essay-to-read, article format so that visitors can easily browse and find what they are looking for.

You can literary find blogs about every subject out there, from building construction to catering to local business marketing strategies. Once you have established a community of readers, the possibilities are endless.

Bloggers often writes from a personal perspective that allows them connect directly with their readers. In addition, most bloggers also have a “comment” section where visitors can  correspond with the blogger.

Interacting with your visitors in the comment section helps to further the connection between the blogger and the reader. The direct connection to the reader is one of the main benefits of starting a blog.

The connection allow you to interact and share ideas with other people. It also opens up the doors of making money and build trust and loyalty of the readers.

Why should I start a blog?

People start a blog for many reasons some of which include:

1) To promote a product or service:

Small business owners will often use a blog as a form of content marketing.Written content can be a strategic way to engage potential customers to help them feel more connected to the product or service you are trying to sale.

2) Build an online community:

Thanks to the internet,we no longer need to live in the same city,state or even country to feel connected to others. A blog creates a space to share your story, ideas and start conversation with people all over the world with mutual interest. A blog typically has a comment section where your readers can speak with you directly, allowing you to engage in conversation and build relationships.

3) Earn Revenue:

Blogging can be lucrative with Time and continued effort. The best way to see the monetary fruits of your labor is by posting quality content regularly that draws in new readers and brings more traffic to your website. This will help your blog gain advitisers and can also boost your status as an online influencer, which can open up the door for Affiliates marketing.

4) Share your ideas with the world:

Sometimes you just want to be heard and get your ideas out into the world. This is where a blog can help. Its a form of communication and space that’s entirely your own.

You can use creativity and passion to create a space customized to exactly your liking , where you can share your ideas, expertise and experiences.

5) Share your stories:

A blog allows you have a voice and be can share your entire story with the entire world if you so of the most common ways blogs are used are as a dairy where the bloggers write about their dairy experiences, so that friends, family and others can all be part of their lives.

6) Recognition for yourself or your business:

A successful make your idea a reality, can gain you a ton of recognition in your respective field many bloggers are known as experts just because of their blogs and some have even gotten books in movie deals based on their blog.

7) Make money from home:

Blogging can be quite lucrative ifvdone correctly the top bloggers  in the world obviously earn quite a bit, but even but even a part time blogger can expect to make a nice profit if things are done correctly.

The best part about it is that blogging is  a form of passive income ; since you can opened open just a few hours a week a piece of content and the continue to profit from it  long after the writting  is finished.

Choose a blogging play form:

The first step on starting a blog is to select a blogging platform for publishing your content . A quick Google search will show u that suit bloggers several from all industries. In addition, it comes with features to analyse your blogs performance and monetise your content , which will come in handy as you build your readers.

Choose your preferred blogging platform, you will need to choose a hosting platform. A blog, like other types of websites,requires a host . This essentially stores websites on a server under a unique address so that visitors can easily reach them. On some blogging platforms hosting is already included,so you won’t need to find a separate web host. With website builders,such as WordPress, you will need to find and pay for a separate hosting platform, some popular options includes:

  • Bluehost
  • Dreamhost
  • GoDaddy
  • HostGator


Take a step back and think about the main element that will form the foundation of your blog, from it’s URL and domain name to it’s content and design your blog niche. What exactly do you want your blog to be about. There is virtually no limit when it comes to your choice of subjects. The most crucial thing is that you select a specific area that will be the central focus of your entire  blog. possible blog types range From fashion blogs,to marketing blogs as well as food blogs etc. Because there are a lot of other blog focusing on the same subjects, you will need a way to stand out while still writing about what you love.

Here are three simple steps for choosing the perfect blog niche, one that not only is in line with your passion, but one that you can also monetize and grow:

  • • Narrow down your interest
  • • Research your audience
  • • Check if its profitable


As we think about how to start a blog, the question of what to name it is probably lurking somewhere in the back of your mind. There are three main routine you can go with your blogs name these includes:

  • You first and last name
  • Name of your business
  • A great new name

You should also go ahead to choose your domain name once you have chosen your chosen your blog’s name also referred to as URL, a domain is a site address on the website (website domain name, for example, your blog domains name will be same as or at least influence by the name of your blog.

Set Up And Design Your BlOG

Choose a blog template decide which page to include

  • get index on research engines
  • create a blog logo

At this point, you have chosen a blogging and hosting platform, domains name and blogs niche, you are now equip with the basis for setting up your blog.

Brainstorm Blog Topics:

On the technical side, your blog is now ready to go. It’s time to start thinking about which topics you have to start with, Begin by thinking about your experiences,successes, failure or discoveries related to your niche. As you think of topics try to get into your readers head. Here are some of the questions to guide you through the brainstorming process:

  • what characteristics does my target audience posses?
  • What subject does my target audience get excited about?

You can also come up with ideas using the topic cluster model.


  • Start with keywords research
  • A blog post tittle is important
  • Outline your main points
  • Write engaging content

Now that you have come out with ideas you are ready to drive into the writtings.

✓  START With Keywords Research:

Finding the right keywords is crucial for getting people to read your post. By Targeting certain phrases with your article, you increased the chance of your blog appearing on search result pages for those searching.

✓ Outline your main points:

Keywords Research gives you an idea of the best format for your blog post as well as which section to include.

First, choose which type of blog post you will like to write. Then,use heading and sub_heading to Break up your content in organized,bit sized chunk. Beneath each heading make bulleted notes of the main points you will include in each section. This will be the section of your first blog post.

✓ come up with a blog post tittle:

The next part is coming up with a strong tittle. A title is a small but migty piece of content. Often ,it’s makes the difference between whether or not people click on your article. To make your blog title cachy and compelling put yourself in your readers shoe think about what might interest and excite them and try the following strategies:

  • •Be clear and direct
  • promise value
  • Appeal to your readers emotions
  • Humour

Write engaging content:

In the introduction, grab your audience attention with a captivating anecdote,a compelling quote or statistics or an interesting fact,then ,share a brief summary of what the article is all about. Make sure to grab the readers attention or interest.

Next, write the body text using your outline as a guide. This is where you share your knowledge and emphasis as a blogger, be sure you don’t write for the seek of writing, instead, make sure that each sentence is meaningful and drive straight into sharing your original insight and actionable tips.

Finally, wrap up the post with a concluding section, it’s a nice way to tie your ideas together and share your closing thoughts.


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