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UBA Internet banking! Do you need details about UBA internet banking? Would you want to learn how to sign up for UBA online banking? Are the conditions for using UBA online banking? Then you are in a good place.

UBA Internet banking is a new method of banking that allows UBA customers to carry out their transactions electronically through the internet. This is a departure from the traditional method of banking whereby customers need to appear physically at the bank before they can carry out their financial transactions.

This post will cover how to register for UBA internet banking, the features of UBA internet banking, the prerequisites for UBA online banking, the benefits of UBA internet banking, and much more.

How to Register for UBA Internet Banking

Customers of UBA can sign up for online banking in three ways, depending on what works best for them.

Instant Self Registration: Through the UBA Internet Banking login portal https://ibank.ubagroup.com, UBA clients can begin and complete registration with their debit card. To register, go to the website and click the Instant Self-Registration option. For an individual account, select the retail option. If you have a corporate account, select the Corporate option.

Enrolment Through Account Creating: If you are just opening a new bank account with UBA, you can select the option to be automatically enrolled in the online banking platform. This will happen concurrently with the account opening procedure. Some clients are unaware of this. That is why, after the account has been opened, they are unable to use the internet banking option.

Enrollment through UBA Business Offices: If you currently have a UBA bank account but do not have the online banking option activated, you can still enroll. All you have to do is go to any of the UBA business offices and fill out an Internet Banking Enrolment Form.

Requirements for UBA Online Banking

The following are the essential criteria for running a UBA Online Banking:

Active Account : You must be a UBA client, and the account you wish to use for online banking must be active. If you currently have an account but it is dormant, you must first reactivate it before you may enroll in online banking.

Internet-Enabled Devices: This is critical. To conduct internet banking transactions, you must have internet-enabled devices such as PCs, laptops, tablets, and mobile phones with active subscriptions.

Completed Enrollment Form: If you have a UBA bank account, you are not automatically enrolled in UBA Internet Banking. You must fill out the internet banking enrollment form. This can be done in print or online. If you have several UBA bank accounts, you will specify which ones you want to access via the internet banking interface. If you wish to access all of your accounts through the internet, you may do so with a single user ID.

Executed Indemnity: This applies to greater transaction limitations of up to 5 million Naira for individuals and 100 million Naira for business customers.


Features of UBA Internet Banking

  • Multiple Payments
  • Access to Payment Trails
  • Recurring Transactions
  • Pick Up Instruction
  • Account Monitoring
  • Purchase of Airtime
  • Transfer money
  • Pay Bills
  • Book Flights
  • Personalization
  • Issuance of Receipt
  • Statement Download
  • Security

UBA Internet Banking Enrolment for Corporate Customers

If you have a corporate account, you can ask the bank to enroll a specific number of users. This will give them access to the account. Such instructions, however, must be printed on your company’s letterhead paper. You are free to add as many corporate users as you like.

Multilevel approvals are supported by the online banking system. This means you may specify the amount of approvals needed for a transaction to be completed. The transaction will not be executed until the final approver has authorized it. When a transaction requires approval, a mail notification is sent to the verifier and the authorizer so that the appropriate approval may be made.

Advantages of UBA Internet Banking

  • Simplicity: Enrolling in internet banking takes less than two minutes. It is simple to open and run, and any literate individual may do so.
  • Convenience: Because consumers may conduct transactions 24 hours a day, seven days a week, online banking is handy.
  • Availability: Internet banking is available at any time of day or night, on holidays, weekends, at home, or abroad, as long as your device has an active internet connection.
  • Accessibility : Customers are able to quickly monitor their transactions. Before making any payments, they may easily check the balance of their accounts. So, the issue of writing a check that later bounces for lack of cash is completely gone.
  • Low Overhead: UBA online banking lowers the overhead costs for clients. Customers might not need to request the printing of their bank statements from the bank, for example. Additionally, you save money on transportation expenses because you don’t have to travel or commute to the branch location. Check use is also kept to a minimum.
  • Speed: Transactions may be completed in a timely and efficient way. Furthermore, the risk of carrying currency about is completely gone. People do not need to keep cash on hand at home.
  • It protects you: In this time of epidemic, when social isolation is the new norm, UBA online banking keeps you secure since you don’t need to socialize with anybody or exchange cheques, tellers, or cash to accomplish your financial activities.

Customers can bank safely and securely from any geographical location using their computer, laptop, or mobile device using UBA online banking.

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