How to Get loan from Union Bank 2024/2025 | Complete Guide

Union Bank has several types of loan options to fit your needs. You can get a loan from Union Bank be it, personal loan, business loan, Pay advance loan, Union Bank mortgage loan, Cash flow loan, or Union bank School loan.

Union bank Loan

All you need to know is the requirements for getting a Union Bank loan, interest rate, types of Union Bank loan and the features and eligibility of a loan option from the Bank

So if you are a start-up business,  a small and medium business enterprise, and an entrepreneur with a great business plan. These Bank loan options is just right for you. You can choose from the Union Bank loan options below.


Types of Union Bank Loan

Whatever it is that you need a loan for, Union Bank has  made provisions for different loan options, be it for personal use, business, school, e.t.c

  • Personal Loan
  • Salary Advance
  • School loan
  • Mortgage loan
  • Auto loan

Other Union Bank loan includes:

  • UnionFlexi Loan
  • Senior Citizen loan
  • Cash Backed loan

Personal Loan

Do you have a personal need? Whatever that need be, Union bank has provided you a personal loan option for easy access.

How to Apply

  • Check if you are eligible for Personal loan
  • Choose the loan amount you desire and the repayment plan option
  • Upload your documents and personal details
  • Get the loan disbursed into your account

Quick loan

You can get Union Bank quick loan without stress

How to apply

  • Dial *826*41# on your mobile phone
  • Select your desired loan option
  • Select the loan amount
  • Provide necessary documents and details
  • Click submit

Note: You can also visit the nearest Union Bank branch to apply for a Union bank loan.

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