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Welcome to 2020/2021 NECO French Written comprehension Answers to Questions OBJ/Essay. Latest NECO French expo today.

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2019 NECO french Answers to Questions

The National Examinations Council is Responsible for the Setting and marking of NECO Examination and has informed members of the general public that the National Examinations Council has neither authorized nor permitted any person/agent or institution to register candidates on behalf of the Council, on a parallel or different website other than

Due to this fact, We are here to tell you that the National Examinations Council had provided all you needed to pass.

The only Questions are Practical Physics past questions and 2020 French Sample Questions and answers.

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How to Answer NECO 2020 French Written comprehension Questions

Student Looking for NECO Physics Practical Answers are advised to adopt the following

Proper Preparation

Preparation is the key to Success, anybody looking for any other way to pass NECO 2020 French apart from good preparation is looking for a way to fail. Perform some experiment in the laboratory and study your Results and passing NECO French can never be a problem for you. Do constant experiment with supervision.

Use Good French textbook

There is nothing good as sound French textbook. The textbookl are your companion. Make good use of mathematics textbooks in addition to your class note and you will see yourself solving complex French questions. One textbook is not enough, some textbooks make topics that seems to be hard in others simple. You are advised to make Practical Physics manual your companion.


Pray is the key is the master key, never rely solely on your own effort, God is there to help you. Your prayer to the Almighty God will open the door of Success in your Exams. Believe in God your creator and all your problems is over.

Time Management

Time management is very important as long as NECO 2020 French is concerned. Make sure you don’t waste time when attempting any question. Answer Questions You Know better before proceeding to try others. Be mindful of the time given and the number of questions you are to answer before the time elapses.

Adhere to instructions

Any candidate they refuse to adhere to the Examination Instructions is planning to fail. The instructions there are for you not for the invigilators. Adherence to instructions gives you a better chance of passing NECO French 2020.

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