Youngest Instagram influencer in Nigeria 2023

The advancement of technology has made social media a platform to connect with favorite public figures. However, Instagram is the most popular among these social media platforms. with this advancement, teenagers are not left out, which brings the following questions; Who is an influencer? Can a teenager become an influencer? who is the youngest Instagram influencer in Nigeria?

In this article we’re going to talk about the youngest Instagram influencer in Nigeria; we’ll also provide a list of top teen Instagram influencers in Nigeria. Before going to talk about the youngest Instagram influencer in Nigeria, let’s get to know first; who is an influencer?

Who is an influencer?

Influencers are social media personalities with a large number of engaged followers. They entertain, educate, and sometimes influence their loyal fan base.

They are people who have built a reputation in their niche and regularly post about the topic on their social platforms. They add their unique, authentic voices to the content they create, earning the loyalty and trust of their followers. That’s why brands love them– they can create and encourage their followers to promote their offerings.

Can a teenager become an influencer in Nigeria?

Even though many parents still restrict their children from using smartphones in Nigeria, the good news is that there are still tons of teenage social media influencers out there, which means that you have multiple references to look at and get an answer to your question on how to become a teen influencer.

The efforts and hard work of all these teenage influencers can be a great lesson for you. Retaining and consistently engaging with your fan base demands a lot of hard work.

You will also be glad to know that becoming a teen influencer is a scientific approach. You need to present your content in creative ways to stand out from the crowd. When done authentically, you can steer your career as a teenage social media influencer in the right direction.


Top teen Instagram influencers in Nigeria 2022

Below are top Nigerian teenagers making a name for themselves as some of the country’s top social media influencers:

1. Diana Eneje

Diana Eneje is a popular Nigerian teenage influencer who played the role of Dumebi in Rema’s hit song titled ‘Dumebi’. Diana Eneje recently turned 18. She’s not only a brand influencer; she is an entrepreneur and a model. She has a total following of 496k on Instagram.

2. Stephanie

Stephanie is a face model, brand influencer, and beauty queen. She has modeled for a lot of clothing brands and has collaborated with top-notch makeup artists and makeup brands in Nigeria. The light-skinned beauty is making waves on Instagram.

3. Priscilla Ajoke Ojo

Priscilla Ajoke Ojo is an influencer and brand ambassador for hair, clothing, and cosmetic brands. She also owns her own clothing line. Top Nigerian singers like Lil Kesh and Korede Bello have featured her in their music videos. She has a following of 1.2 million on Instagram, and her account is verified.

4. Michelle Gentry

Michelle Gentry is one of the top Nigerian influencers on Instagram and she’s the daughter of the popular actress and filmmaker Mercy Aigbe. Michelle is the teenage CEO of Michelle Beauty; her own cosmetics line. She’s a brand influencer and a teen model with a following of 965k on Instagram.

5. Spirine Chevonne

Spirine is a brand influencer, naturalist, beauty, and fashion model. With a following of 177k on Instagram. This young teenager is also a vlogger; she has a YouTube channel where she posts tips on how to grow and maintain natural hair.

6. Queen Udeh Precious Chidera

Queen is signed to Beth Model Africa and has graced so many runways, she’s also a multi-award-winning model and brand influencer. She is a brand ambassador for countless brands and has made a name for herself. Queen has a total of 236k Instagram followers.

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