The youngest Instagram influencer 2023 – Top young influencers

With the growing waves of social media, kids are not left out. They’re notable young teens that have achieved great feet in becoming famous on social media, most especially on Instagram. Who is the youngest Instagram influencer? Do kids make money on Instagram? Who is the most famous kid on Instagram?

All kids are not just wasting their time on social media. Many are creating engaging content and using different platforms to express themselves. From unboxing videos to family vlogs. Not only are they keeping audiences around the world entertained, but in many instances, their talents and voices have also bridged the gap between generations and helped to create real change

In this article we’re going to talk about the youngest Instagram influencer;  we’ve also compiled a list of top kid influencers

Do kids make money on Instagram?

On Instagram, A growing demographic is the kid influencer, who can appeal both to young parents millennials who frequent Instagram, and kids who have grown up scrolling through Instagram. These kid influencers, who can be as young as 2 years old, can reportedly earn at least $100 per 1,000 followers for a sponsored post. If their audience is in the millions, they could earn up to $15,000 or more for a single post. With this new influencer economy comes a generation of kids who, from an early age, are earning thousands of dollars and showered with free gifts from brands. As the architects of these mini influencers, parents are tasked with both managing their money and keeping their kids grounded.

Who is the youngest kid influencer?

1 years-old Briggs Darrington, has become the youngest travel influencer in the world and earns a whopping USD 1,000 per month from sponsorships by just traveling through the United States (US). Along with his sponsorships, he also gets his diapers and wipes for free.

Born on October 14, 2020, Briggs went on his first trip when he was just three weeks old and has taken more than 45 more flights. The toddler has visited 16 US states and seen bears in Alaska, wolves in Yellowstone National Park, the Delicate Arch in Utah, and beaches in California. His account @whereisbriggs is being run by his mother Jess Darrington, who has regularly posted since he was born in October 2020. Briggs lives in Idaho Falls with his travel blogger parents Steve and Jess. He currently has 226k Instagram followers.

The most famous kid on Instagram

Imagine being in Born and you already have a verified Instagram Account? with thousands of followers!!!. many celebrity kids have Instagram accounts within their 9months of being in the Womb. well here is a list of the most followed kids below the ages of 10

1. Scarlet Snow Belo

She is 6 years old Filipino, she currently has about a 5.1million followers on Instagram.

2. Lara Alana

with 4.0Million Instagram followers, Lara Alana is the second most followed kid below the Age of 10, Lara turned 8 years old on 22 July. this young Malaysian knows how to keep her fans entertained on her page.

3. Princess Latiffah Dangote 

She’s the only African kid that made it to the list of top 5 kids influencers. She’s the daughter of famous Tanzanian musicians, Diamond platnumz and zari Hassan. She has over a 2.5million followers on Instagram.

4.kaavia James

with 1.9 million followers and counting! Kaavia is the super Fine daughter of Gabrielle Union and Dwyane Wade. she is known for her Shady looks, when facing the camera kaavia just knows how to give the camera attitude and tell you what’s on her mind, even without saying a word.

5. Asahd Tuck Khaled

with 1.5Million followers, the 5year old son of Major key, DJ Khaled,  knows How to live life. this toddler has been known to go almost everywhere with his super famous Dad. the young ambassador was recently on the cover of his dad’s new album called ” Father of Asahd”.


Top kids influencers

With the growing internet space, teenagers are not being left out. Here we’ve compiled the table of the top most followed teens on Instagram

NameInstagram handle AgeNumber of followers
1. Niana Guerrero@nianaguerrero 15 13.6 million
2. Scarlet Snow Belo 8 5.1 million
3. Fateh Halilintar@fatehhalilintar15 5million
4. Everleigh Rose Soutas@everleighrose 94.9 million
5. Elle Lively McBroom@Elle6 4.4million
Lara Alana@laraalanaa8 4 million
Thalia Putri Onsu@thaliaputrionsu73.6million

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