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Are you an aspiring educator looking to make a significant impact in Ekiti State? The year 2024 brings a plethora of teaching opportunities across various educational institutions in the region. Whether you specialize in primary or secondary education, vocational training, or special needs education, there is a position tailored to your expertise.

This article delves into the available teaching positions, required qualifications, salary ranges, and the application process to help you navigate your career path in Ekiti State’s educational sector.

Ekiti State’s education industry is growing, driven by the state’s increasing focus on quality education. Major employers in the industry, such as public and private schools, are looking for skilled teaching professionals like you.

Available teaching job positions in Ekiti State

Here are some available teaching job positions in Ekiti State for 2024:

  1. Primary School Teacher
  2. Secondary School Teacher
  3. Subject Teacher (Subjects include Mathematics, English Language, Basic Science, Government, and more)
  4. Special Needs Teacher (For students with disabilities)
  5. Technical/Vocational Teacher (For vocational education and training programs)
  6. Accounting Teacher
  7. Agricultural Science Teacher
  8. Islamic Religious Studies Teacher
  9. Guidance and Counselling Specialist
  10. Computer Science Teacher

Skills and qualifications needed for Ekiti State teaching positions in 2024

The qualifications and skills required for teaching jobs in Ekiti State in 2024 include:

1. Educational Qualifications:

  • A minimum of SSCE, NECO, or GCE with credits in at least five subjects, including Mathematics and English.
  • Higher education degrees such as B.Sc, B.Ed, B.A (Ed), HND, OND, or NCE in relevant subject areas.
  • For non-teaching roles, a Primary Six School Leaving Certificate may be required.

2. Professional Qualifications:

  • NYSC Certificate or a letter of exemption for B.Sc and HND holders.
  • Teaching qualifications like NCE, B.Sc. Ed, B.Ed, BA Ed., BSC/PGDE, BA/PGDE, B.Tech/PGDE, B.Eng/PGDE, HND/PGDE, NCE/BA, NCE/B.Sc, NCE/B.Tech, NCE/B.Eng in relevant subject areas.

3. Age Requirement:

  • Candidates should be between the ages of 18 and 45 years.

4. Other Requirements:

  • Nigerian citizenship.
  • Good behavior and composure.
  • Physical and mental fitness.
  • Certificate of State of Origin duly signed.
  • Local Government Identification.
  • No criminal record.
  • Birth Certificate from the National Population Commission or an Affidavit of Declaration of Age.

5. Skills:

  • Fluency in the English language.
  • Good communication and interpersonal skills.
  • Strong team spirit and excellent analytical skills.
  • Proficiency in teaching and pedagogical methods

What are the salary ranges for the teaching positions?

The salary ranges for teaching positions in Ekiti State in 2024 are structured across various grade levels as follows:

  • Grade Level 01: ₦19,500 – ₦27,000 per month
  • Grade Level 02: ₦21,000 – ₦29,500 per month
  • Grade Level 03: ₦22,000 – ₦32,000 per month
  • Grade Level 04: ₦22,500 – ₦35,000 per month
  • Grade Level 17: Up to ₦213,500 per month

These figures represent the minimum and maximum monthly salaries for each grade level, with the actual salary depending on the specific teaching position, qualifications, and experience

Are there any opportunities for foreign teachers in Ekiti State?

Yes, Ekiti State offers chances for international instructors. There are jobs available in the education industry for both academic and non-academic vocations through the inclusive Ekiti State Teachers Recruitment procedure.Applications from outside candidates are accepted for teaching positions, and the hiring process usually consists of many steps, including application submission, screening, and a computer-based test (CBT) for those who make the shortlist.

Foreign teachers who wish to apply should go to the official Ekiti State Teachers recruitment portal, select the teaching or non-teaching job option, and enter all of their personal information, including their full name, permanent address, date of birth, state of origin, nationality, marital status, academic credentials, institutions attended, and course of study.

What subjects are in high demand for teaching positions?

The application process for teaching jobs in Ekiti State for the year 2024 is as follows:

  1. Visit the Official Portal: Go to the Ekiti State Teachers recruitment portal at www.ekitistate.gov.ng/jobs/tescom/.
  2. Create an Account: Sign up on the portal using your active email address.
  3. Verify Your Email: Check your email for a verification link and confirm your account.
  4. Fill the Application: Start filling the application form with your correct personal and educational information.
  5. Upload Required Documents: Ensure to upload all the necessary documents such as your CV, educational qualifications, NYSC certificate, and any other relevant certifications.
  6. Review and Submit: Double-check your application for any errors or missing information, then submit your application.

After submission, shortlisted candidates will be contacted via email or SMS to proceed to the next stage of the recruitment process, which may include interviews or a Computer-Based Test (CBT).

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