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Seeking a Scholarship program in Poland? A lot of people who are interested in furthering their educational career but do not have the needed resources may be put into a dilemma on how to overcome this. Therefore this article will be of great help to you in giving you insight on how to sail through your financial fears with one of the Polish scholarships program.

This article will help you know those who are eligible for the scholarship programs in Poland, the different scholarship programs available in Poland, and how to get a Polish scholarship, this article will also help you know the scholarship programs which are fully funded and those which are partially funded by either the government of Poland or universities in Poland.

Poland students and international students who wish to study in Poland and wants to avoid cost of education can apply for various scholarship program which either exempt them from paying a tuition fee or serve as a financial support in covering their living expenses.

Polish government scholarships are awarded to young researchers and students on the basis of mutual agreement between countries as well as other organizations to encourage them to pursue their higher studies.The Scholarship eligibility requirements starting and closing date and how to easily apply for the scholarship program successfully are shown below.

Can I get a full scholarship in Poland?

Apply for the fully funded Poland scholarship of 2022/2023 academic session in all the Polish universities that offer a variety of degree courses each year. Students who wish to study in Poland can apply for a number of scholarships supported by the Polish government and polish universities.

Universities in Poland have a number of competitive programs that are taught in English. The Polish scholarship program offered differs and can be either fully funded or partially funded.

Does Poland give scholarships to international students?

Poland offers scholarship to students through the government, various foundation and the universities themselves. These scholarship are available to students of Polish origin, disabled applicants and to international students.

How can I get a scholarship in Poland 2023?

Foreign students who holds a card of pole will qualify for some scholarship programs. Other foreign students living in Poland on a temporary residence permit or Visa are not eligible unless they or their family members fulfill the required provisions of Polish law.

Students have to pursue studies at an academic level in Poland, but first all students must complete a second level education and have a leaving certificate for entrance into a university institution.

Equivalent leaving Certificate or diploma does not automatically qualify students to apply for a scholarship,Nostrification must be followed to establish authencity of certificates and diplomas by issuing countries and compliance with Polish law. Students must have a valid visa and a  medical checkup before entering into Poland.


List of scholarship programs in Poland 2023

  • Stefan Banach scholarship program for post graduate students:

This program aims at supporting the socio_economic development of developing countries through increasing the level of education and professional qualifications of citizens of eligible countries for participations in the program by way of offering them scholarship to undertake.

  • Poland Government Ulam NAWA programme for international scientist:

Application are now open for the Poland Government Ulam NAWA programme  2021 for international scientist. This program aims to increase the internalization of Polish institutions of science and higher education. The program will allow both recognized and promising scientist to live up to expectation.

  •  Banach 2022 scholarship program for international students in Poland:

The program offers the scholarship for full time second cycle studies conducted in Polish or English at the universities,supervised by the minister of education and sciences and in the field of engineering and technical sciences, agricultural sciences as well as natural sciences.

Government of Poland POLONISTA scholarship program 2022 for international students and scientist:

Polish national agency for Academic exchange announced recruitment in the POLONISTA scholarship program for students and scientist. The objectives of the program is to promote Polish language in the world by enabling foreigners who are interested in Polish language and culture to study it.

  • Lazarski  University scholarship:

Lazarski University foundation is offering scholarship to students who are dreaming to pursue their undergraduate or graduate degree from Poland but do not have enough resources to do so.

  • The Gen. Anders programme:

This scholarship is for the Polish diaspora groups overseas who wish to study in Poland. Those who are qualify are foreigners of Polish Origin.

  • Konstanty Kolinowski scholarship programme:

This program is coordinated by the center of East European studies at the University of WARSAW, this opportunity is for young people from Belarus who have been discriminated return back home for their political views.

  • Argnes K. missirian scholarship:

This program is open to those needing bachelor of degree and masters,it is a partial funding program open to all applicants of Armenia in all subjects.

  • Fullbright programme:

These are essentially grant for funding an exchange program between the United States and Poland to enable students,trainees,scholars,teachers instructors and professors for training in both countries. Funding is done by the Polish_Us fullbright commission.

  • Visegrad scholarship program:

These are 1_4 semesters scholarship program for masters and post masters degree. The program is administered by the head of international Visegrad fund.

  • CEEPUS Exchange programme:

The program involves 16 central and eastern European countries whose exchange students are exempt from paying tuition fee plus grants funded by hosting country.

If you wish to study in Poland and you do not have funds or resources to do so, you can apply for any of the above scholarship programs which can help you fully fund or partially fund your education career as the case may be.

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