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Internet banking is a method of doing a range of transactions via banking websites. It is both speedy and safe. While many consumers prefer to utilize a mobile application for checking or other transactions, the online alternative is also available.

Internet banking from Providus Bank immerses you in a world of endless possibilities. It is a strong channel built with cutting-edge technology that provides you with unrestricted access to your accounts and enables you to effortlessly complete the majority of your banking operations online in real-time.

This post will go through Providus Bank’s mobile app, where and how to get it, what transactions ProvidusMobile can help you with,how to check your Providus bank account balance through internet banking, and anything else we need to know.

How to Download/Install and Signup on ProvidusMobile

You must first have the app on your phone in order to use it. If you have an Android, you can utilize the Google PlayStore. If you have an iPhone, simply go to the iOS Store, search for ‘Providus Bank App,’ and install the app.

Ensure that your Providus Bank account is registered on the Providus ProvidusMobile App at the time of account opening. Once completed, your login details (Customer ID and default password) will be emailed to you.

After successfully downloading and installing the ProvidusMobile app, follow the steps below:

  • Start the app.
  • Fill up your new Customer ID.
  • Enter card information as needed.
  • Enter the default password Enter a new password (Your password must be alphanumeric and beyond 8 characters)
  • Enter your password again.
  • Submit

Advantages of  using Providus online banking

  • Allows you to access your account at any time.
  • Communication is more efficient, less expensive, and simpler for you.
  • Simple access to your account(s) from anywhere in the globe Real-time account monitoring
  • Convenience of financial transactions from the comfort of one’s own home or workplace
  • All of your online transactions are guaranteed to be secure.
  • Access to bank information and products is simple.


Transactions available through Providus Bank (ProvidusMobile)

  • Intra-bank transfers
  • Inter-bank transfers
  • Inquiry about the account balance
  • Airtime recharge
  • Cheque Book request
  • Account opening
  • ATM Card request
  • ATM Card blocking
  • Payment of bills
  • Payments for betting and lotteries
  • Payment for plane tickets …and so on

How to check your Providus bank account balance through internet banking

Internet banking is a means of executing multiple transactions online using the bank’s website. This procedure is both quick and dependable. Although many people prefer to utilize a mobile app for checking and other transactions, internet access is also a fantastic alternative. This section of the tutorial will walk you through the internet banking process.

To access the Providus bank internet banking facility, go to You can use the site whether you are a new or current registered internet user. Click “sign up” for new users and enter your Providus bank account information. Existing users should simply enter their Providus bank online account details (username and password).

Your complete account details will be displayed after you check in. Examine your account balance. Check the online banking choices of the site (when logged in) to retrieve the history or statement.

If you’ve forgotten your password, click the “forget password” icon and follow the instructions.

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