PDP Presidential Election results 2023 – Results of the 2023 PDP Presidential General

Results of the 2023 PDP Presidential Election! Do you want to know who will represent the PDP(Peoples Democratic Party) as its flag bearer?  Do you want to know the Nigeria results of the primary election? 

People’s Democratic Party (PDP), a political party in Nigeria, was established in August 1998 by members of a variety of parties and organizations, including the G-18 and G-34 groups. Read more about the general election results below.

The party, which has a sizable political following, is in favor of a number of causes, including higher financing for health care and education, human rights, and economic liberalization.

On Saturday, candidates for the Peoples Democratic Party’s presidential ticket concluded the party’s presidential primary in Abuja, Nigeria’s capital. This page will update you on the results of the 2023 PDP Presidential Primaries as well as the primary election’s winner.

Winner of the 2023 PDP Presidential General Election

Atiku Abubakar, a former vice president, is the Peoples Democratic Party’s (PDP) nominee for president in the 2023 election.

With 371 votes overall, he was declared the winner.

In contrast to Nyesom Wike, governor of Rivers State, who received 237 votes, Atiku received 371 of the 767 valid votes.

When Atiku was nominated for president in 2022, he promised to prioritize national security and Nigerian unity.

For the sake of the party and Nigerians who have placed their hopes in the PDP, he pleaded with PDP members to band together.

This was what Atiku stated in his acceptance speech shortly after being declared the PDP’s officially chosen presidential candidate on Saturday in Abuja.

“Today, history was made,” he declared. History, in our opinion, will lead to significant modifications to our political process. In the history of our great party, this was one of the freest elections.

Abubakar’s presidential policy

The five-point development agenda of Abubakar’s presidential policy seeks to: restore Nigeria’s unity through equity, social justice, and cooperation; establish a strong and effective government that ensures the safety and security of life and property; build a strong, resilient, and prosperous economy that creates jobs and lifts people out of poverty; and promote a true federal system that will provide a strong federal government to ensure national

Abubakar will face off against Peter Obi, a former governor of Anambra State who defected from the PDP to run for president of the Labour Party in 2023. Conflicts between the PDP and Obi’s own convictions have been noted. Abubakar will compete against the APC presidential hopeful.

2023 PDP Presidential Election results

 Here is List of each vote’s breakdown for primaries 2022:

  •  Atiku Abubakar – 371
  • Nyesom Wike- 237
  • Bukola Saraki – 70
  • Udom Emmanuel – 38
  • Bala Mohammed – 20
  • Pius Anyim – 14
  • Sam Ohabunwa – 1
  • Olivia Tariela – 1
  • There were 12 void votes

Atiku’s Electoral Success

Abubakar served as Nigeria’s vice president from 1999 until 2007 under the Obasanjo government. According to Premium Times, he is debating between picking Governor Udom Emmanuel of Akwa Ibom State or Governor Ifeanyi Okowa of Delta State as his running partner.

Abubakar lambasted the ruling All Progressives Congress in his 2023 presidential platform, “My Covenant with Nigerians,” which he released on May 25. ‘ The APC-led administration has made it trendy to lay the blame for Nigeria’s economic troubles on the opposition and outside forces. The overwhelming weight of the evidence, however, points to leadership shortcomings in the management of the state as a major cause of the nation’s poor performance.

The APC-led administration lacks the necessary skills to develop and execute novel solutions to our challenges and carry out its mission with the intended impact, said Abubakar. In addition, Abubakar pledged to “promote a unified, safe, and wealthy Nigeria where all people may enjoy a happy, healthy, and productive life.”

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