How You Can Make Money With Crochet

How To Make Money With Crochet: do you Love crochet? Don’t you just love the idea of crocheting as much as you wish, any time you wish? But wouldn’t it be even better if you could make money out of it? You’re in luck then, because you can make money with crochet.

Your starting Point

Right at your very own home. As a startup business, you don’t need to get a commercial space to sell your stuff. In fact the basic tools required to start making money from this hobby are the crocheting materials that you will need to create your own products.

make money with crochet

If you’re not looking to establish a business selling your crochet work, you can still make money on the side by selling your items on an occasional basis.

Nothing beats the sense of fulfilment on being able to turn a profit from being a hobbyist. Later on, you might just get interested enough to turn it into a business.

When choosing the item to crochet for profit, think of something that would be easy to sell. It can be something that your buyer can use or give as a present.

You can choose a niche on which you can build a reputation as a quality maker of crochet items. For instance, you can choose to specialize in crocheted accessories like scarves and hats. When you have mastered this niche, you can move on to expand your specialization.

To make it even easier for you to begin, why not start with one particular item, like a sweater, hat, or scarf.

Let’s say you start with a scarf. Be a master in crocheting scarves and come up with different styles and colors and designs.

When you have more than one to offer, potential buyers will feel good knowing they can actually make a selection among your product line. That means bigger chances of a sale for you.

If you have built a reputation as someone who makes really good scarves, especially if your workmanship is excellent, then the succeeding products you will sell will be given the same regard.

When you feel confident enough to try another item, then you can explore a new type of crochet product to expand on and build a reputation around that too.


But where do you sell your crochet product?

A flea market is a great place to start. It is frequented by a wide demographic and some might just fancy your crochet works enough to buy them.

A flea market also sounds just the place to find unique crochet items those aficionados and collectors look for.

Be on the lookout also for craft shows and bazaars; these are some of the best places to exhibit your works to sell them.

If you happen to have a craft boutique or specialty store in your area, strike a deal with the owner to display your work for a fee, a mark-up, or a portion of every sale they make.

You have a higher chance of getting some buyers because these are precisely the places crochet lovers would look for to buy.

One of the best places to make money with crochet is to sell items online. People all over the globe go online everyday in search for something they want to buy.

You can become a seller on sites like eBayAmazonFlipkart etc. & sell your exclusive items through these sites.

The virtual marketplace is where people go to when they look for handmade items one will not normally find in a typical store.

When selling your crochet work online, aim to market excellent pieces of work that will easily find a buyer and will get a higher chance of repeat customers and even referrals. Unique crocheted items will surely be a hit among crochet lovers.

You can also opt to rent a place to display and sell your products, but that would entail a small investment on your part.

You can explore this option when your crochet business has taken a foothold and you have earned enough profit to expand your business.

To make your product stand out, why not give your crocheted items a brand name, something that is easy to associate with crochet.

Choose a name that would pique the interest of people, something easy to remember and fun to recall. Steer away from generic, forgettable names. You must be interesting, unique, and exude quality work.

If crocheting is something you are passionate about, it gives you a bigger sense of fulfilment to make money from doing what you love.

Do not forget, quality is imperative. Once your brand or products are known as having good quality, your crochet business might just give you more profit that you expected.

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