Advertise on Your Car and Get Paid with Best Car Wrap Advertising Companies

Get Paid to Advertise on Your Car with Best Car Wrap Advertising Companies: Do you know that you can Get Paid to Advertise on Your Car with Best Car Wrap Advertising Companies? Surely you’ve seen ordinary people driving cars carrying all sorts of car warp advertising. It’s a common, everyday sight on any American road.

What’s the motivation to drive cars that looks perfectly out of sync with the driver’s personality, you may be wondering. I mean, driving a car with pictures, logos and all sorts of stuff printed over.

When I’d see such cars, my first thought would be these are employees of the company that’s advertising the stuff. A few enquiries led to an amazing discovery.

That these motorists are ordinary folk like you and I. And they’re driving cars with advertisements to make some really good money in a perfectly legit way.

Don’t they feel embarrassed driving a car that looks so garish? I doubt they do. Because it earns them a lot of money every month.

advertise on my car

Money? How Much with Car Advertising?

You can get paid between $50 and $1,000 per month to advertise on your car. It depends upon lots of things such as size of your car and where you’ll allow the company to advertise. How an advertiser displays on your car also decides the pay.

Money you make by car advertisement also depends upon your daily route and any regular, extra driving you would do as part of your work or while going out somewhere with family and friends.

You won’t get extra money for driving more. The advertisement is for displaying in a specific locality or route only.

To get paid to advertise on your car, it’s important to know about something known as car wrapping and other forms of advertising.

Understanding Car Wrapping

Car wrapping is a process that allows advertising companies to ‘wrap’ your car. The wrap is a large vinyl film that carries graphics, decals and other details in the form of an advertisement.

The advertising company will apply this wrap over the original car paint. The process takes a few hours. Car wrapping crew ensure there’s no glitches like air bubbles creeping in while applying the wrap.

They take care to see that every piece of the wrap fits perfectly on the right place on your car such as doors, bonnet, boot and roof.

A car wrap can be peeled off easily. This means, the original car paint doesn’t suffer any damage. Your car gets back its original look once the wrap is taken off.

Getting Paid to Advertise on Your Car

If this sounds interesting and you want to get paid to advertise on your car, follow these simple steps.

Step-1: Find Wrap Advertising Company

Obviously, the first step for getting paid to advertise on your car is by finding a good wrap advertising company that operates in your city. By any means, there would be at least one wrap advertising firm in your area.

Here’s a list of some top wrap advertising company websites in America.

  1. Carvertise
  2. Wrapify
  3. Pay Me for Driving
  4. Ads2Go
  5. Free Car Media
  6. Carbux
  7. Stickerride
  8. Referral Cars

Some of these wrap advertising companies operate with apps that you can download from Google Play.

Step-2: Provide Important Details

This is a very important step to get paid for advertising on your car.

A car advertising company will accept your car only if you meet their requirements. Therefore, provide correct information while applying. Details they want include.

  • Car details including make and year of manufacture.
  • Car registration details. The car you use has generally to be registered on your name
  • History of accidents.
  • Details of your driving license.
  • History of any deadly or serious accidents you’ve got into.
  • Vehicle insurance details.
  • Car mortgage details, if any.

A car wrap advertising company will store this data. If they don’t have


Step-3: Summary of Your Driving

Usually, wrap advertising is done by local businesses. Or when a large business wants to target a specific area in your city or town. Hence, a wrap advertising company seeks details about your driving habits. Some of these details would be:

  1. Your daily route between home and workplace.
  2. Time you spend on commuting between home and workplace daily.
  3. Other routes you drive upon such as dropping kids, shopping for daily stuff.
  4. Work related driving if any with frequency and routes.
  5. Areas where you park the car such as office and home parking lot, paid public parking areas and others.
  6. How you use the car on weekends such as going out of town or staying at home, socializing, visiting public places, among others.

These are single most important details a wrap advertising company looks for. The advertisement on your car should be seen by the largest possible audience. Hence, your answers will help the wrap advertising company to know what mileage they would get for paying you to advertise on your car.

Step-4: Getting Car Wrapped

Should your application to drive a wrap advertising car be successful, the company will ask you to hand over the vehicle at their premises for a few hours. They will sign a contract with you for wrap advertising on your car.

Once you hand over the vehicle, experts will wrap your car with the advertisement.

Your payment starts the moment you drive the car away from premises of the wrap advertising company.

Step-5: Maintaining the Wrap Advertisement

To get paid to advertise on your car, you’ll have to carefully maintain the wrap advertisement. This means, you’ll have to ensure it remains free of scratches, dents and other damages during the contract period.

The wrap advertising company will usually provide you a free care kit and manual to ensure the advertisement on your car stays intact, is clean and easily visible.

Maintaining your car and its wrap advertising is vital. If your wrap advertising isn’t visible due to dust or any other reason, the company can refuse payment for breaching the contract. Therefore, be sure to read all terms and conditions of the contract before signing on the dotted line.

Contracts to Advertise on Your Car

Usually, the contract to advertise on your car will be between the wrap advertising company and you, as the vehicle owner.

You have the option of signing short-term and long-term contracts. Here I’ll explain how short-term contracts and long-term contracts work.

  1. Short Term Contracts: These contracts can have a duration of 30 days to 90 days. During this period, you’ll get paid for carrying wrap advertisement of one or two businesses only. Go for a short-term contract only if you don’t need a regular second source of income but need cash for some urgent purpose.

Usually, you’ll make between $300 and $500 per month on short-term contracts.

  1. Long Term Contracts: A long term contract is the best way to get paid to advertise on your car. There are several reasons I would suggest you to go for the long-term contract. Once you sign a long-term contract, you’ll be carrying ads for several advertisers over a period of a year. Additionally, you’ll get more money during festival seasons, public holidays and other events.

Long-term contracts give you a chance to make as high as $1,000 per month or even more.

Other Ways to Advertise on Your Car

If you don’t want to get your car wrapped, there are more options available to get paid to advertise on your car.

Advertising on Rear Windshield and Windows

Yes, you can offer the rear windshield of your car and rear windows for displaying advertisements. The advertising company will paste a sticker on your rear windshield and windows.

Usually, you’ll get paid between $50 and $100 per month to advertise on the rear windshield and windows.

Wrap advertising companies also do sticker advertising. Hence, you can approach any of above firms.

Additionally, smaller businesses look for people willing to carry their sticker advertisements on rear windshield and windows of their cars. These are independent operators. You might come across some in local newspapers or classifieds websites.

Carrying Digital Display on Car Roof

This is not a very popular form of advertising on cars due to road safety laws. However, there are ways to get paid to advertise on your car by carrying a digital display on car roof.

Here, the advertising company will fix a digital screen on your car roof. The car has to be parked at some public place during events. The digital screen will play video ads. You cannot drive a car while an ad is playing due to traffic safety rules.

Roof top digital display is an excellent way to get paid to advertise on your car if you are living in a city or town that hosts several major events such as fairs and games, among others.

This is an excellent opportunity to earn money very quickly. You can make up to $100 per day for simply parking your car with the display running at a public place during an event.

Free Car Promotions

Nowadays, these are a bit rare. But with some luck, you might stumble across something known as Free Car Promotion.

Here’s how it works: A company will pay you between $400 and $600 per month to drive their car with wrap advertising. Means, you get to use a car for free and get paid too.

To qualify for a free car promotion, you will need an excellent driving record. Often, companies offering these promotions also run background checks on applicants.

Others offer free cars with decals and car wraps to US Military veterans to act as brand ambassadors. And they pay for it too.

You can use the free car for duration of your contract. During this period, you can use the car to commute between home and work and perform other tasks permitted under the contract.

Also, you may have to drive to car to locations or park at specific places on certain days. These terms and conditions are decided by the company offering the free car promotion.

Avoid Car Wrap Advertising Scams

Since thousands of Americans make money from car wrap advertising, it’s but natural that scammers will enter the fray and try to cheat you.

Before you enter into agreement for wrap advertising, sticker advertising or car roof digital displays, ensure that the company is legit. The Federal Trade Commission has excellent guidelines about how you can spot a car wrap scam and steps you can do to prevent losses if you fall victim.

Driving for Uber/ Lyft

This is something several people ask: Is it possible to get paid to advertise on my car and drive for Uber or Lyft too?

No, you can’t drive a car with wrap advertisements for Uber, Lyft or any other taxi aggregator. To qualify as driver for Uber or Lyft, one of the conditions is that your car should be free of any prints, logos and graphics, except those of the vehicle manufacturer and anything necessary under law.

Final Thoughts

Getting paid to advertise on your car is a perfect way and legit for students, single moms and others who need extra cash but don’t have sufficient time for part-time work.

Americans spend average $523 per month on their new car by way of mortgage or car loan, finds a survey by credit ratings company, Experian.

Given this scenario, earning even $400 per month can take away a considerable size of your loan burden and help you pay off the mortgage faster.

And if you’re already a car owner, the extra money would prove useful to meet daily needs or even stash away as savings and investments.

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