How You can View Facebook Archived Message

How You can View Facebook Archived Message. Do you know how to view archived messages? You archived some messages you now want to view again. One answer I found was to click ‘more’ next to the other (once clicking on messages) and then ‘view archived.

But there is no ‘more’ to begin with. Can anyone help? Keep reading for the necessary steps to achieve that.

How You can View Facebook Archived Message

How you can Check Archived Messages on Facebook App Android

The following are steps required to view archived message on Facebook

To retrieve your archived messages on Messenger do this:

1. Click on message icon on top menu by home icon

2. Click on other

3. New box opens click on more

4. Click on archives

You can also send the person a new chat message, you may see previous archived chat messages.

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I hope the steps above were helpful. Have fun and please share this post with how to View Facebook Archived Message.

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