How to Watch Movies Online For Free (15 Simple Ways)

How to Watch Movies Online For Free: There are different ways people watch all new & good movies online for free. Do you want to know how this is done? From kids to adults – everybody loves to watch movies. And these days you don’t even need to step out of your home to enjoy the experience.

The growing popularity of digital streaming services like Netflix and Amazon Prime Video has now made it possible for us to watch our favorite movies (and TV shows) sitting comfortably on our favorite couch/chair with a large bowl of popcorn for company.

But this convenience often comes with a price tag attached, and it’s not cheap by any means.

But what if I were to tell you it’s very much possible for you to watch your favorite movies online – at your home – with a bowl of popcorn – for FREE?

watch movies online free

15 Ways to Watch Movies Online For Free

Now that I have your complete attention, here’s a list of 15 ways/sites that you can use every time you’re in the mood to enjoy a flick online – without having to pay for it.

1. Popcornflix

This is a really cool place to watch free movies, foreign flicks and original web series online. And do you want to know why? Because they have a huge collection of movie titles – which you get to choose from.

So we are talking about classics like Sunset Boulevard and Hugo, action thrillers like Tactical Force, Recoil and There Will Be Blood and if you’re a horror film buff than you also get to choose from cult films like The Amityville Terror and Abomination – and they keep updating their collection all the time.

This website is backed by Screen Media Ventures, LLC, the biggest independent distributor of motion pictures, home video, digital and television both in the US and globally.

USP: No movie is more than two clicks away. You don’t even have to register – simply hit Play and enjoy.

2. SnagFilms

With a massive catalogue of over 2,000 movies, popular episodes of TV shows, fantastic documentaries and even original comedy shorts, Snagfilms is akin to nirvana for a movie geek.

And if you’re wondering about how long it could take to scan through their extensive catalogue of free movies – don’t worry. They have a nifty search feature too which allows you to search by genre, new titles, most popular and most reviewed.

They even have a cool – Before They Were Stars – category which features lesser known celluloid gems of popular Hollywood actors like Ian McKellan, Benedict Cumberbatch, Ryan Gosling, Kirsten Dunst, Jodie Foster and Naomi Watts to name a few.

USP: Their massive library of popular TV show episodes, documentaries and a hand-picked gallery of original comedy shorts which is sure to keep you in splits.

3. Tubitv

If you’re a big fan of flicks made by popular studios like Paramount, Lionsgate, MGM and Starz – than this is the site for you.

Tubi has a huge collection of movies from dozens of different genres – drama, comedy, romance and horror to name a few. Some of these you may have to rent, but a majority are absolutely free to stream.

Popular choices in the free-to-stream categories include; Ca$h, Gallowalkers, The Brothers Bloom, Beyond Borders and the hugely entertaining Violet & Daisy, featuring James Gandolfini, Alexis Bledel and Danny Trejo.

Tubi is available for watching free movies on a variety of devices which includes, Android, iOS, Apple TV, Roku and Amazon Fire TV. It can also be streamed on the Xbox, Samsung Smart TVs, Sony Smart TVs and PlayStations and the web.

USP: You get to pick titles from several unique genres that includes; Best of British, After Hours, Grindhouse, Women first and Wild Things (Nature).

4. Yidio

Short for Your Internet Video, Yidio is the premier cross platform search and discovery app for popular TV shows and movies on the web, your smart phone, tablet or Smart TV.

It allows you to easily search & discover popular TV shows and blockbuster movies across several premium free and paid content services like Netflix, Hulu & Amazon and over a 100 more services – on the web, your phone, tablet or Smart TV.

It’s also got an extensive collection of free movies which can be selected by genre (Drama, Animation, Thriller, Musical, Horror, Comedy, Western, Action etc.) and/or MPAA Rating (R/PG-13/PG/G/NR/NC-17).

Some of the blockbuster titles that we spotted in the free category include gems like Deadpool 2Jerry Maguire, Natural Born killers, Frozen Ground, The Pianist, The Dukes of Hazard and Lawless.

USP: You can also use this site to see where to rent or buy a particular movie title.

5. YouTube

You must have used YouTube thousands of times to watch all kinds of visual content ranging from popular music videos and How to Videos to the latest movie songs and funny videos – but did you know you can also watch a host of movies – for FREE – on it?

Yup, it’s true. Comedy, animation, thrillers, adventure, horror and classics are just some of the genres available in the free movies category here.

Now though there may be tons of videos in these genres, but you won’t actually get to browse through them individually – since they all form part of YouTube’s massive video collection.

Instead what you could do is conduct a search for FREE movies using the FILTER option or follow this link – where YouTubers post links to free movies they find on this platform.

USP: Most free movies found on YouTube are available from 144p to 480p, but there are some that are as high as 720p and 1080p.

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6. Viewster

Ok now this site is not one of the biggies when it comes to its collection of free movies, but on the plus side it also offers a decent collection of popular TV shows that you can stream for free as well.

Action and gangster flicks seems to be the most popular genre in the free movie category here with flicks like Death Toll, Super Croc, The Wolf Brigade, Night on the Galactic Railroad and Fist of the North Star enjoying pride of place.

But for the record they do offer other genres that you could pick your movie from including, animation, sci-fi, horror, comedy, drama, classics and even a Korean drama section.

It is completely free to stream across all devices via their app on iOS, Android and desktop, in addition to Roku, Chromecast, Apple TV, Xbox 360 and smart TVs.

And yes, you may have to suffer through some ads – a small price you have to pay to get to watch movies for free.

USP: Its cool collection of Korean drama flicks – an acquired taste for sure. And yes, the one we checked out – Poison – did have English sub-titles.

7. Retrovision

As the name suggest, this site is all about classic movies and TV shows from the 40s-onwards. So what you get is a superb collection of old classics starring the likes of John Wayne, Bella Lugosi, Boris Karloff, Vincent Price and Bob Steele.

So if old Wild West spaghetti westerns and classic war flicks are your thing – you have come to the right place.

It’s also got a generous collection of movies and shows starring older acting legends like Lucille Ball, Mantan Moreland, Abbot and Costello, Richard Diamond and strangely enough, Flash Gordon and Popeye cartoons too.

But on the flip side, some movies available are split into several parts while the video quality is not so good with others – which can be expected since they are old flicks, after all.

USP: Easily its great collection of old classics and the few genres which makes navigating a breeze.


8. FreeMoviesCinema

FMC covers a wide territory in the free movie category. It includes a vast collection of hand-picked independent and public domain flicks spanning genres like fantasy, comedy, drama, horror, animation, adventure and of course the ever popular action category to name a few.

Once you have logged onto this site all you need to do is select the movie you want to watch, press play and sit back to enjoy it. Some of the popular free movie choices here include, Food for Thought (2016), Horror Express (1972), Voldemort: Origins of the Heir (2018) and Brick Novak’s Dairy (2011).

Yes, it’s really that simple – no downloads or membership required at all. Plus you also get to enjoy daily updates and fresh movies in HD quality (720p / 1080p) which are updated almost daily.

And believe it or not, they also have a section for best popcorn recipes – to take care of those hunger pangs when watching a movie.

USP: Downloading the latest blockbusters without registration and sharing them over email.

9. Classic Cinema Online

Again the name says it all. This site is all about the Hollywood films of yore – and many of them from before our time.

But then these are the classics that laid the foundation for the present action-packed, glamorous blockbusters that Hollywood churns out every so regularly.

So what you get – is pretty limited in terms of the choice actually. But all the same it’s pretty easy to navigate through it all and you are likely to find some old flick that you might want curl up by the fireplace and watch.

Like – Anything Goes, the completely delightful 1956 musical film which was directed by Robert Lewis, and starred legends like Bing Crosby, Donald O’Connor, Jean Maire and Mitzi Gaynor – which I found and sat through till the very end.

So don’t get your hopes up but keep an open mind – you may find an old lost gem that just isn’t out there anymore.

And if you really can’t find anything you can always settle for watching Captain America – the 1944 serial version actually. Am sure he will be pretty glad to still find an audience at his age.

USP: If you’re a fan of the old classics, pretty much everything they have to share.

10. Sony Crackle

When you drop in on a site like this which is owned by Sony Pictures – you know you won’t find anything short of the best of the best.

In this particular case, a treasure trove of full-length, free-to-watch movies that you can watch anytime you please.

And yes, we are not talking about the usual run-of-the-mill kind of flicks, but the pick of the lot, starring Hollywood’s A-list stars, the proverbial big fish.

Some of the big movie names found here include, Stealth, Priest, Resident Evil: Retribution, 30 Minutes or Less, The Zookeeper and The Social Network.

Ok, so you might have to sit through some short commercials every now and then, but that’s no big deal when you get to watch a Tom Cruise or Emma Stone flick for free, right?

USP: Their exhaustive collection of top-drawer, free-to-stream movie titles.

11. YUDU

So let’s begin with the bad news first. You do need to sign up for a user account to watch movies, even the free ones on Vudu.

But the good news is that registration is absolutely FREE and you get to watch movies upto 4K UHD and with Dolby Atmos Surround Sound.

You can also access literally thousands of free flicks – all of them worth a watch right this instant, no kidding.

Another good thing about the free movies on Vudu is that most of them are in 1080p – so you are assured of high quality streaming.

If you like to browse before you pick a movie you have categories like romance, action, family, comedy, crime & thrillers, inspirational and kids – to help you choose.

Once you have made your choice you might be asked to buy or rent it – but as long as you have found it through the Movies On Us page – you should be good. Or just use the Watch for Free button.

USP: Use the – New page – on the website to see the latest free movie titles added to their collection.

12. Big Five Glories

If you haven’t had your fill with some of the free classic movie sites mentioned earlier in this article then this is the site you can try out.

But a word of caution here. The movies you will find here are really, really old – from the early 1900s to the 1970s – so make sure you are in the mood to watch a golden oldie before logging on.

A few examples of some of the free movies listed here would include titles like The Scar, Reefer Madness, Grandma’s Boy, The Birth of a Nation and Sunrise: A Song of Two Humans.

Needless to add, most of them are of the silent variety and are in black and white. But on the plus side, you can select the film you want by silent/color film and year.

Some of the genres available here include, romance, war, sci-fi, westerns and thrillers.

USP: A great source for classic films with a separate category devoted only to silent movies.

13. Veoh

Based out of San Diego, California (US), Veoh is now part of Qlipso, the revolutionary social content sharing company.

This online platform allows viewers to search and enjoy content produced by major studios, independent productions and user-generated material as well.

It also has a solid collection of free movies across popular genres which includes Action, Music/Musicals, Cartoons, Crime/Mystery, Drama, Family, Horror, Romance, and Sci-Fi/Fantasy.

In addition to free movies it also has other categories which includes videos, TV shows and music across popular genres and a wide variety of channels covering entertainment, talk shows, sports & fitness, technology & gaming and travel & culture to name a few.

You do need to sign up to access the free movies available here, but some of the popular titles in the most watched category include flicks like The Collector, The Island at the Top of the World and The Desperados.

USP: The sheer variety of choice available here across most popular categories.

14. Putlockers Cafe

Not too many people know about this free movie streaming online platform yet, which is a pity because it has an excellent and exhaustive collective of free movies which can be enjoyed by all.

Some of the more popular titles that I spotted in their New Movies category included Harry Potter & The Philosopher’s Stone, Malevolent, Johnny English Strikes Again, The Padre, Beyond The Sky and the madcap comedy Night School.

And the best part is all of the above-mentioned flicks and most of the other titles here are all available in HD quality – which makes for much better viewing.

What’s more their new site is absolutely free and allows you to watch movies and TV series and sans any of those pesky pop-up ads either by simply signing up for free – which is really cool by the way.

USP: The best of Hollywood is available here, plus you can choose a movie based on its country of origin too like US/UK/India/France/Canada/Australia and Germany – so go ahead and take your pick.

15. House Movie

Again not a very well-known site, but features a nice collection of free movies across genres. You also get to choose from three main categories which include – Latest Movies, Popular Movies and New Movies.

This website features free movie streaming links shared by its users from open sources and they also include advertisements – that help maintain the site.

So don’t say I didn’t warn you. On the bright side though quite a few of them are in HD quality and the rest are clearly marked – so you can choose accordingly.

I clicked on the Latest Movies button and it showed me a fairly decent collection of flicks which included titles like Venom (2018), Incredibles 2, The Flash (2014) and the 2014 horror flick – Paranormal Activity: The Marked Ones, among several others.

USP: It’s very user-friendly and makes it fairly simple for a user to select and watch any movie of his/her choice.


There are loads of legal, free movie streaming platforms online – if you just know where to look. In this case we have made it all the more simple for you by listing 15 of the best options which you can consider.

A small word of advice though. Some internet providers can really hinder your movie streaming experience, so you might want to consider a VPN to kind of mask your traffic and optimize your speed – which will come in handy even if you decide to download some videos.

That just about wraps it up for me. See you at the movies.

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